Best dog food for senior dogs

As dogs grow old, many changes occur in their bodies which affect their health, physical functioning and medical conditions like renal failure, arthritis, dementia, loss of appetite and joint conditions set in. These medical conditions will require special nutritional food that can boost the senior dog health.

Mostly, pet owners who have aged dogs, do a lot of research online looking for the best dog food for senior dogs. Here is an example of questions they ask- what is the best thing to feed an old dog? What is the best senior dog food? What to feed an elderly dog? In this article, we will review soft dog food for older dogs and answer the above questions.

Preview Product Name Key Features Prize
Orijen senior dog food Orijen senior dog food Diet rich in protein to promote lean muscle mass
85% raw meat
Made in USA
Nourishes senior dogs
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Blue Buffalo Adult Wet Dog Food Support skin and coat health
Easy to digest carbonhydrate
Helps to maintain immune system
No allergies causing ingredients
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Diamond Naturals   Dry Dog Food Diamond Naturals Senior Dog Made in USA
Made from quality ingredients
Good source of vitamins
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Merrick  Small Dry Dog Food for adults Merrick Small Dry Dog Food for adults Grain free nutrition
Ingredient deboned chicken
Glucosamine And Chondroitin For Healthy Hips And Joints
Cooked in USA
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Instinct Raw Boost Healthy Weight Grain Free Recipe Instinct Raw Boost Grain Free Recipe Grain free
Made from real meat
Made in USA
25% less fat
Balanced nutrition
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How to pick a good senior dog food

Best dog food for senior dogs

If your dog has crossed adult age, there are factors that you should put into consideration when purchasing his food. Mostly, all dog food for older dogs should be cooked in a way that it can improve their health. Keep the following in mind:-

  • High protein to keep the pooch strong.
  • Low fat because most old dogs struggle with overweight.
  • Low calories-Senior dogs are less active compared with the younger ones therefore; picking dog food with low calories is the right way to go.
  • Easily digestible food because dog digestive systems change as they age.
  • Supplements for joint problems-As the dog ages, they suffer arthritis, supplementing his diet with glucosamine and chondroitin can boost his health and reduce arthritis problem.

Best senior dog food

Orijen senior dog food

Orijen senior dog food
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Old dogs need food that is filled with protein and meat in order to promote lean muscles mass and body weight. Origen senior dog food main ingredients are chicken, turkey, fish, and eggs, which are, deliver good nutrition to a senior dog.

Makers of Orijen dog food try their best to give an older dog the most appropriate and nourishing diet possible. The food is cooked in a privately owned Daystar kitchen. Ingredients that are used are delivered to the kitchen fresh and raw. Orijen is the makers of the best dog food for senior.

Reasons why you should purchase Orijen adult dog food.

  • Delivers a balanced diet rich in protein that promotes muscle mass growth.
  • Nourishes old dogs with 38% rich in protein.
  • All ingredients outsourced from trusted sources.
  • Made in the USA.

Blue Buffalo Adult Wet Dog Food

Blue Buffalo Adult Wet Dog Food
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Blue Buffalo is grain free wet dog food that is formulated to reduce food sensitivities that senior dogs experience while maximizing the nutritional value. Main ingredients in blue buffalo wet food is turkey, which has high protein and potatoes that are digested easily.

No ingredients like corn, wheat, soy or eggs that causes allergies in adult dogs. To help in digestion, Blue buffalo blends veggies and fruits. Omega 3, 6 and Fatty acids help the dog in maintaining the immune system, support skin and coat health. It is the best senior wet dog food available on the market.

Diamond Naturals Senior Dog

Diamond Naturals Senior Dog
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Ingredients that make Diamond natural are of high quality. They provide complete nutrition for senior dogs.

Why Diamond Naturals is the best dry dog food for senior dogs

  • Diamond natural senior dry food is made for optimal nutrition and digestive support.
  • Main ingredients used are chicken, egg, and oatmeal, which meets the health needs of an old dog.
  • Has optimal fat and protein levels for aging dogs.
  • Contains glucosamine and chondroitin, which help in supporting senior dog joints.
  • Added fiber and probiotics help in supporting digestion especially in dogs that are sensitive.

Merrick Small Dry Dog Food for adults

Merrick Small Dry Dog Food for adults
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This food is grain free. It is formulated to meet needs for small breed dogs. Merrick small breed food recipe starts with real meat and fish, which make a high protein meal. Other ingredients include Reasons why Merrick makes the best senior dog food small breeds 

  • Grain free with no gluten.
  • Cooked in USA kitchen.
  • Single serving designed to offer the right nutrition for small breeds.
  • Small kibbles that chewable easily.
  • Fewer calories and fat for aged dogs.

Instinct Raw Boost Grain Free Recipe

Instinct Raw Boost Grain Free Recipe
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Instinct Raw Boost is the best senior dog food grain free. Company kitchen is located in Lincoln, Nebraska. They make nutrition that is perfect for puppies and old dogs. Instinct belief that raw nutrition has power and it is capable of unlocking dogs potential to thrive.

What makes Instinct Raw boost Best dog food for senior dogs?

  • Combines high protein to boost old dog health.
  • Grain-free kibbles.
  • Balanced nutrition with 25% less fat.
  • Has 15% fewer calories.
  • Made from raw ingredients outsource around the world.
  • Made in the USA.

Can a senior dog eat puppy food

The answer is NO. The reason is that a puppy requires a special diet that will aid their physical development. Puppies are more active than senior dogs; therefore, puppy food has high calories, which provide more energy.

In case a senior dog eats puppy food, it is likely to gain more weight making your dog more obese leading to more complications.

When is a dog a senior

A dog is considered senior depending on its breed. For small dogs like terrier, pugs, Chihuahua and toy poodle become senior dogs when they are 10 to 12 years old. Large breeds like Neapolitan mastiff, Scottish Deerhound, Bordeaux, Newfoundland, English mastiff etc. are considered to be old dogs when they 5 or 6 years of age. It is clear that large dog breeds age quickly more than small dog breeds.


For your canine friend to age peacefully and live longer, he should have the best food that will boost his health. In case he has no appetite, there are ways in which you can make him eat. For example, making him exercise on a daily basis like taking a walk can increase metabolic rate in his body, which in turn will increase the intake of water and food.

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