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Exotic female dog names and meanings 2019|Experts Guide

Are you looking for a new name for your female dog? Do you want something that is unique, mundane and interesting for both you and the puppy? Consider going exotic. Look for the exotic female dog names can be hectic and you can go on ‘Wilde Gansjagd‘ meaning wild goose chase in English.

We have made it easy for you to name your female dog. We have sampled some of the top best exotic female dog names and their meanings.

Before we dive in female dog names, let first learn Dog naming tips also review Best dog training collars in the market today.

Finding cute Exotic female dog names

There are no rules for naming your new puppy, but below are some of the dog naming tips that you should look into.

  • Keep the dog name as simple as possible. Let the name be 2 or 3 syllables and end with a strong consonant. A short name will make your communication with the dog easy.
  • Ensure the dog name does not sound close to any commands. For example, if you name your dog as ‘kit’, that may sound to the dog as ‘sit’ command. To avoid confusing during dog training, don’t use such words as dog names.
  • Keep the name pleasant. Don’t use names that you will be ashamed to call out your dog in public. Using positive names for your dog will also help in bonding, building a strong relationship with your dog.

Best exotic female dog names and meanings.

Exotic female dog names can be a character inspired by movies, historical books, etc. You can also name your dog after foreign foods, popular foreigners or great rulers like Fidel-Cuban president, etc. Below is a sample of popular female dog names.

Top  120 Spanish female dog names and meanings

Spanish female dog names
Top 20 best spanish female dog names

Spanish female dog names sound funny and they are great for dog owners who want to be unique.

Why use Spanish dog names?

Spanish is a language which originated from  Spain. Currently, it has millions of native speakers in America and Spain. It’s the  2nd largest spoken language.

  1. Alejandra-Means perfect. She is Alejandra-She is the best.
  2. Alicia-means she is amazing, sweet, sexy, caring etc.
  3. Alma-means she is hilarious likes people and cute.
  4. Anita-means she is intelligent and honest. She makes a good friend.
  5. Beatriz-Means she is classy, cute and makes people happy.
  6. Bebe-Spectacular, amazing and she sticks around when things are rough. She is the best thing in your life.
  7. Belinda-She is strong, a fighter and also a lover.
  8. Bella-She is crazy, amazing, funny and cute.
  9. Blanca-She likes making merry and loves to smile.
  10. Bonita-She is a free soul, intelligent and caring.
  11. Brisa-This word means breeze in Spanish. She is sexy and attracts everyone.
  12. Carina-She is cute, amazingly funny and loyal.
  13. Carissa-She is smart and loves outdoor activities. She is warm when around people.
  14. Carlotta-She is funny and sarcastic.
  15. Carmen-She is cheerful.
  16. Catalina-She will do anything to make you happy.
  17. Charo -1970’s flamenco musician.
  18. Chica-She is hot, sexy and you’re proud of knowing her.
  19. Chiquita-She is petite/small.
  20. Cielo-She is pretty and crazy.
  21. Consuela-Cartoon actress.
  22. Cimaora
  23. Corazon-meaning heart in Spanish.
  24. Cornelia-She is social and intelligent.
  25. Cristina-She is funny and hilarious.
  26. Dahlia-She is both kind and funny.
  27. Damita-Means she is little noble.
  28. Delora-Means near seashore.
  29. Delores-She is savvy and sexy.
  30. Drina –She got a sense of humor.
  31. Eldora-She likes art.
  32. Elena-She is honest and supportive. Can rely on her.
  33. Elsa-She is there during hand times. She gives hope.
  34. Emelda-cute and amazing but keeps her secrets.
  35. Esmeralda-She likes to laugh and fun to be around her.
  36. Esperanza -She loves people easily
  37. Estrella-She is attractive and not afraid of expressing her feelings.
  38. Eva-She is amazing and trustworthy.
  39. Felicia-She gets all the attention.
  40. Fernanda-She is cute and faithful.
  41. Flor-She is sexy and shy.
  42. Frederica-Shy and hardworking.
  43. Frida-She pretends to be okay despite going through a lot.
  44. Fuensanta-
  45. Gabriela-She makes you laugh a lot. She is intelligent.
  46. Giselle-She is kind and loves to joke around with friends.
  47. Graciela-Talented and fun to be around.Amazing.
  48. Hada-She is sexy.
  49. Idola-
  50. Inez-Means pure.
  51. Inocencia
  52. Isabela-Shy at first but turns funny in the long run.
  53. Jacinta-She is innocent and pure.
  54. Jade-She is strong enough to face the world.
  55. Juana-She got no dull moments. She loves fun.
  56. Julia-She is there to offer support in time of needs.
  57. Justina-Intellectual and principled.
  58. Lalo-Nickname for Eduardo.
  59. Lareina-
  60. Lela-She is charming.
  61. Letitia-she is full of joy.
  62. Lita-cute, bold and brilliant.
  63. Lola-She is good looking and got a great personality.
  64. Loretta-bad girl, powerful.
  65. Lucia-Got stunning appearance and cares about others.
  66. Lucinda-She is funny and cute. Fall in love easily.
  67. Luisa-She is loving.
  68. Luna-Shy and cute. Always there to help you.
  69. Lupe-Kickass who loves to have fun and party.
  70. Luz-She is always nice unless you hurt her.
  71. Macaria-Always nice unless pushed to the wall, she reacts.
  72. Madrona-
  73. Magdalena-She plays hard to get and rarely trusts people or fall in love.
  74. Marcela-Kind and generous.Abit lazy but hardworking.
  75. Marcia-Loyal, Intelligent and hilarious.
  76. Margarita-She got an amazing heart. She has been hurt but does not like to show it.
  77. Maria-She is a good listener. Can give good advice. Easily trusts people.
  78. Marina-She is cute and smiley.
  79. Marta-Adorable, loving and caring.
  80. Melia-She is hot and sexy.
  81. Melosa-
  82. Mercedes-Amazing lady.
  83. Mona-She is full of love. Sensitive and get easily hurt.
  84. Mora-Means your girlfriend.Comes from Morena which means dark skinned lady.
  85. Natalia-She got nice hair with an amazing smile.
  86. Nelia-Mature, sexy and sociable.
  87. Neva-Independent, loyal and loving.
  88. Nieve-She got a blinding smile.
  89. Nina-She is hot funny and adorable.
  90. Nita-She cares about people. Sensitive and adorable.
  91. Olinda-She is sexy and loves to party.
  92. Paloma-Humble sweet person who loves to smile.
  93. Patia-Unique, simple and awesome.
  94. Perdita-Kind but holds a grudge.
  95. Presencia-
  96. Querida-Means darling in spanish.
  97. Reina-She is a queen.
  98. Ria-She is good luck and never lets you go.
  99. Rima-Caring, loving and beautiful.
  100. Risa-Loves to laugh and party.
  101. Rita-hot, sexy and beautiful.
  102. Roberta-Keeps secrets and love all people around them.
  103. Rocio-charming, friendly and got a great personality.
  104. Rosa-She beautiful amazing.
  105. Rosalinda-Nice, sweet and very cute. makes the best friend.
  106. Rosita-She loving.
  107. Sancha-freak in bed and does naughty things that a wife cannot do.
  108. Sancia-She is an amazing friend who you can trust.
  109. Santana-She is perfect and amazing. Hard to find such a lady.
  110. Savannah-She is kind and sweet. Quite during first days but get crazy when she knows you well.
  111. Senalda-Beautiful, amazing and intelligent.
  112. Sierra-She love good vibes and thinks she is ugly yet she is cute.
  113. Soledad-Loves people and she is social.
  114. Sonora-She is a very loud and cute girl.
  115. Tasia-Cool, pretty funny girl.
  116. Teresa-Caring person with a tough personality.
  117. Tia-She is a beautiful and best friend.
  118. Tierra-cute and got a promising future.
  119. Valencia-curvy, beautiful and playful.
  120. Ventura-Means very sexy.
  121. Vida-Pretty and cute.

Top 50 German female dog names and meanings

German female dog names
Top 20 German female dog names and meanings

Below are top 50 popular German female dog names that you can give your German shepherd. They are exotic dog names that are unique. Pick one and give your dog a new exotic name.

  1. Ada—sexy, wife material, noble, lovable and kind.
  2. Annika—hilarious, graceful and full of life.
  3. Aubrey—talented, noble and beautiful.
  4. Beate—big-hearted, happy and smiles a lot.
  5. Berta—intelligent, flirty and gorgeous.
  6. Britta—reliable, Strong and steady.
  7. Dagmar—smart, funny famous and sexy.
  8. Elsa—amazing and big-hearted.
  9. Fräulein—hungry blonde.
  10. Frauke—fake and cannot be trusted.
  11. Frieda-Means peaceful, funny and cheeky.
  12. Gretchen/Greta—pearl
  13. Gerda-protected and darkest.
  14. Heidi -Cute, funny and energetic.
  15. Helga-vibrant and very determined.
  16. Hulda-Unique and hard to understand.
  17. Ida-cute and careless.
  18. Irmalinda-soft, tender, gentle
  19. Kaja-alive, loving and witty.
  20. Katrin-great beauty
  21. Leona-best friend and sister.
  22. Liebe-love
  23. Liesel-hot and stunning.
  24. Lorelei-alluring, adorable and cute.
  25. Lotti-pretty and funny lady.
  26. Matilda-blonde, small, hilarious and intelligent.
  27. Mareike—Amazing and hilarious.
  28. Milla—smart and cute.
  29. Nia-honest and outgoing.
  30. Nadja—hot and beautiful girl.
  31. Norberta—blonde.
  32. Petra—strong and some you can really on.
  33. Raina—courageous.
  34. Romey—cute and gorgeous.
  35. Sigrid—loyal and cute.
  36. Sascha—cute and lights up a room.Funny.
  37. Schatzie—sweetheart, loving.
  38. Sonje—German girl name. Means wisdom.
  39. Trudi—strong spear warrior.Awesome person.
  40. Tilli—lovely and jumpy.
  41. Ula—lovely and kind person.
  42. Ulrika —wolf ruler
  43. Vala—super sexy.
  44. Vera—curvy and intelligent.
  45. Wilhelmina—crazy and funny person to hang out with.
  46. Winola—funny and hilarious friend.
  47. Winifred—cute and shy friend.
  48. Zelda
  49. Zenzi

 Top 50 Japanese female  dog names and meanings

 Japanese female dog names
Top 50 Japanese female dog names and meanings

Japanese female dog names are unique, funny and perfect for dog owners who want to remain unique in the park when you call your dog name. Below are some of the top best Japanese female dog names with their meanings.P ick one and name your new puppy.

  1. Akira –crazy but loving.
  2. Kiko –  cute and adorable.
  3. Kimi – sweet, loving and caring.
  4. Chieko –  Japanese actress and singer.
  5. Chika –  Amazing personality.
  6. Chiyo –  hot and talented.
  7. Yuina – flirts with anyone. Kinky and a slutty.
  8. Yuka – wonderful and smiley.
  9. Chiyoko –  elegant and amazing.
  10. Tomiko –  fun and energetic.Hilarious.
  11. Tomomi
  12. Ceiko
  13. Emi –  amazing and caring.
  14. Emiko –  sweet and lovable.
  15. Eri –  Japanese feminine given name.
  16. Hanako –  caring and lovable.
  17. Haru –  funny and crazy.
  18. Akemi –  Beautiful.
  19. Akiko –  gorgeous and beautiful both inside and out.
  20. Haruko –  obsessed with power.
  21. Haruna –  tall and firm.
  22. Hideko –  shy and sweet.
  23. Aiko –  kind-hearted and gorgeous.
  24. Airi –she is nice
  25. Hikari –  light and true love
  26. Hina –  cute and hilarious
  27. Hiro –  generous and amazing.
  28. Hiroko –  generous and big-hearted.
  29. Hiromi – cute, hilarious, generous
  30. Hisako –  loves life.
  31. Mana –  means love
  32. Manami –  loving, caring and  beautiful
  33. Masa –  just /true, caring and trustworthy.
  34. Hitomi – popular songwriter in Japan.
  35. Hoshiko –  celebrity
  36. Mao –  evil china ruler.
  37. Mariko – sexy, half Asian, adorable.
  38. Hotaru – introvert.
  39. Izumi –  Japan pornstar.
  40. Kamiko – cute girl and clumsy.
  41. Katsumi –  victorious and cute
  42. Kazuko –  loves peace.
  43. Kazumi – cute and loves peace.
  44. Keiko – blessed and respects people.
  45. Miwa –  cute and amazing.
  46. Miyako –  beautiful, born in the night.
  47. Miyu – beautiful, cute and gentle
  48. Kimiko –  beautiful inside and out.
  49. Kiyomi –  pure beauty, loving and caring.
  50. Kumiko – adoring, loves people and caring.

Top 15 Mexican female dog names and meanings

Below is a list of top 15 Mexican female dog names. These names are unique and they are the best for your puppy.

  1. Gitana-She is beautiful.
  2. Maria- cute and loves life.
  3. Juana-Fun loving and hilarious.
  4. Verónica-Kinky and naughty.
  5. Leticia-cute and sexy
  6. Gabriela-intelligent and cute
  7. Josefina-got brown eyes, cute latina princess.
  8. Rosa-beautiful and amazing.
  9. Francisca-hot and gorgeous.Got brown eyes.
  10. Yolanda-sweet and kind.
  11. Adriana-Amazing and adorable.
  12. Silvia-cute woman.
  13. Gloria-look cute.
  14. Araceli-stunning and breathtaking.
  15. Luisa-sweet and loving.

Top 20 Italian female dog names and meanings

Italy is an amazing country that is rich in culture. Their food is amazing. Its one of the best tourist destination.Below some of the top popular Italian female dog names that you can explore when naming your new puppy.

  1. Rosario-Cute, young and attractive.
  2. Sofia-cute and strong-minded.
  3. Giulia-sweet and amazing.
  4. Giorgia-very talented.
  5. Martina-sweet, funny and comforting.
  6. Chiara-gorgeous and beautiful.
  7. Francesca-funny and cute.
  8. Alessia-great sense of humor.
  9. Giada-amazing and cute.
  10. Ginevra-intelligent and great.
  11. Ludovica-hot, crazy and smart.
  12. Carlotta-cute and amazing
  13. Margherita-lover and a good friend.
  14. Federica-lovely and funny.
  15. Bellissa-cute and charming.
  16. Antonia-adorable and amazing girl.
  17. Caprice-cute and clever.
  18. Giovanna-shy and introvert.
  19. Stella-got a big smile.
  20. Aria-Annoying and pretty.

Top 20 British female dog names and meanings

British female dog names
Top 20 British dog names and meanings

Below are top 20 British dog names that you can name your new puppy. These names are popular among the British Isles and Ireland dog breeds like Terriers, Spaniels, retrievers etc. Explore them and pick one for your new puppy.

  1. Bree-bold and courageous
  2. Alma-All fine.
  3. Fiona  -Pure
  4. Bowden –committed.
  5. Keira Meaning: got black hair.
  6. Neala Meaning: victor.
  7. Briann Meaning: Bold
  8. Moira Meaning: Angry and bitter.
  9. Meryl Meaning: Loyal and good friend
  10. Kerry Meaning: Attractive.
  11. Bridget Meaning: Loves life.
  12. Quinn Meaning: Witty.
  13. Rhiannon Meaning: Nice and caring.
  14. Winnie Meaning: Amazing and hard worker.
  15. Nell Meaning: Caring.
  16. Iona Meaning: Amazing person.
  17. Maeve Meaning: Creative and funny.
  18. Ethne Meaning: Good friend and amazing loyal one.
  19. Delia Meaning: Pretty good.
  20. Diva Meaning: Fierce.

Top 20 French female dog names and meanings

If you’re looking for a unique and romantic dog name for your dog, you should consider picking a French dog name. French dog names are sophisticated, unique and stylish. Below is a list of top best French female dog names and their meanings.

  1. Adelaide-loyal.
  2. Adrienne-smart and funny.
  3. Adieu-goodbye.
  4. Agathe-love to have fun.
  5. Agnès-dumb girl.
  6. Aimée – a friend, loyal.
  7. Alair – jovial and playful.
  8. Amélie -hot girl and perfect one.
  9. Anaïs-french lady.
  10. Anastasie-warm hearted, loving.
  11. Angeline-shy short girl.
  12. Antoinette-sweet, kind and gorgeous.
  13. Audrey-noble and full of energy.
  14. Aurélie-
  15. Babette-great personality and loves herself.
  16. Babou
  17. Bearnaise-elegant.
  18. Éclair – pastry
  19. Edith-smart and got a bitchy attitude.
  20. Élise-cute and hilarious.

Top 20 Greek female dog names and meanings

Greek female dog names are perfect if you’re associated with great greek heritage. There are several ideas that can help you give your female dog a Greek name, for example, Naming your puppy using popular locations, great personalities etc.

Below are the top best greek female dog names.

  1. Eleni (Helen) –nice and amazing.
  2. Aiketerine (Catherine) – caring, friendly and innocent
  3. Baslikike / Vasiliki – courageous, good leader
  4. Sofia – educated and intelligent.
  5. Aggeliki (Angelica) – crazy and loving.
  6. Georgia – farmer, cute and girl from the south.
  7. Anastasia – gorgeous, reborn and loving.
  8. Evangelia / Evangeline – spreads the good news
  9. Demetra – goddess of great harvest
  10. Eirene / Irene –brings peace.
  11. Anna – Name was given to a king. Wise person.
  12. Panagiota – Someone holly.
  13. Ioanna (Joanna) – God-given gift.
  14. Kefalonia-Largest Greek Island.
  15. Konstantina (Constance) – pretty and modest
  16. Despoina – big hearted lady.
  17. Calliope – wise
  18. Alexandra – strong and patient.
  19. Kyriake – means Lord.
  20. Paraskevi – the day of preparation.

Top  20 Scottish female  dog names and meanings

Scottish female  dog names
Top  20 Scottish female  dog names and meanings

If you’re looking for Scottish female dog names, you have plenty of ideas. Scotland is a country with a lot of history. Better know for whiskey and golf. Below is a list of top Scottish female dog names their meanings.

  1. Cait-Nice, clever and great friend.
  2. Caitlan-Intelligent and gorgeous.
  3. Adair-crazy and smart.
  4. Davina-cute and pretty.
  5. Deidra-Smart and talented.
  6. Nora-young and strong.
  7. Paisley-got stunning eyes and amazing personality.
  8. Aileen-cute, adorable and unique.
  9. Ainsley-freaky and amazing.
  10. Alice-caring and smiley girl.
  11. Bretta-funny.
  12. Cassidy-Quite.
  13. Teagan-attractive.
  14. Tyra-attractive and intelligent.
  15. Whitney-fine and cute.
  16. Cora-Caring and loyal.
  17. Cori-pretty and cute.
  18. Crichton-attractive and cool.
  19. Crissie-pretty and stupid.
  20. Dacey-caring and straightforward.

Top 20 Irish female dog names and meanings

Irish female dog names are unique. Instead of naming your dog with the traditional old names, consider picking Irish dog name to celebrate Irish great culture and heritage.

  1. Kira – cute and elegant.
  2. Erin – amazing listener. Loves to laugh.
  3. Sheena – Kind and modest.Willing to help.
  4. Rosalyn –funny and unique.
  5. Aoife –funny and kind-hearted.
  6. Orla – shy and crazy.
  7. Lia – smart and very talented.
  8. Muriel – hot with a great sense of style.
  9. Glenda – cute and sexy girl.
  10. Breana – strong, good friend and cute.
  11. Cadie – cute, sweet and charming.
  12. Shanna – cute kind young lady.
  13. Sybil – gorgeous amazing lady.
  14. Sinead – cute both inside and out.
  15. Bidelia – strong and relaxed.
  16. Eimear –amazing.
  17. Ciara – sexy and pretty.
  18. Clodagh – amazing, great sense of humor.
  19. Deirdre – sorrowful
  20. Eileen – hardworking and sexy lady.

If still, you cannot find a perfect name for your dog, try using Dog name generator and find perfect exotic female dog names for your puppy.


The Top 30 Best dog training collar reviews for 2019

best dog training collar reviews for 2019
Best dog training collar reviews for 2019-Buyer’s Guide

Finding the best dog training collar also know as e-collar or dog shock collar can be tedious because there is a variety to choose from. There are several popular top dog training collars, For example:-

  • Dogtra collars
  • Sportdog collars
  • educator collars
  • Petrainer collar
  • Made4pet dog collar
  • Petsafe collar

In this article, we have the top 30  best dog training collars review for 2019.

Dog training collars are safe and very effective training tools. They can be used to teach recall commands, solving dog behavior problems, teach your dog not to bark to visitors and hunting training.

There are different types of collars, but we will only review the best e collar dog training. Note that our editors independently did the research and carried out tests before recommending our readers on the top best products.

Table of 10 best dog training collars,

Preview Product Rating Prize
Garmin alpha 100 Best GPS hunting dog collar Check Prize on Amazon
Made4Pet Dog Collar Best bark collar Check Prize on Amazon
Educator E-Collar Remote Dog Trainer Best high tech Dog Collar Check Prize on Amazon
PETINCCNP690 Dog Shock Collar Best dog training collar for the money Check Prize on Amazon
Petsafe remote dog trainer Best remote dog training collar Check Prize on Amazon
Sportdog sd 425 field trainer Best dog training shock collar Check Prize on Amazon
Pet Resolve Dog Training Collar Best dog training collar for small dogs Check Prize on Amazon
iSPECLE Dog Training Collar Best 2 dog shock collar Check Prize on Amazon
ieGeek Dog Training Shock Collar Best dog walking training collar Check Prize on Amazon
Dogtra 1900S Best waterproof dog training collar Check Prize on Amazon


Below is the list of the top best dog training collar. The picks are based on Amazon sales data at the time of writing this article.

The Amazon top picks

Best shock collars for dogs: Top 3 Best Sellers 

Sold By Brand Customer Rating
DogCare Dog Shock Training, E-collar  4.3
ipet Store Petrainer PET998DRB Dog Training Collar Rechargeable and Rainproof  3.6
i-Tronics Petrainer 100% Waterproof and Rechargeable Dog Shock Collar  3.8

Best remote dog training collar: Top rated

Sold by Brand Customer Rating
PESTON PESTON Dog Training Collar with Remote Long Range up to 1500ft  4.5
BESTHING BESTHING Shock Dog Collar 5.0
instecho instecho Dog Training Collar, 100% Rainproof Rechargeable  4.0

Best training collar for dog: Most wished for

Sold By Brand Customer Rating
Puss&Pooch Puss & Pooch Dog Training E-collar 3.9
Vrchne Vrchne Training Dog  E-Collar  4.4
safe purchase THZY  Dog Training E-collar  3.2

Note that the customer rating is based on Amazon data at the time of writing this article and they are subject to change with time.

Top 30 Best dog training collar reviews of 2019

Our editors did a deep analysis of the top rated best dog training collar. We hope you will find one that will suit your puppy.

Dog training collars -Editors Top Picks

Best GPS hunting dog collar: Garmin alpha 100

Best Gps hunting dog collar
Best Gps hunting dog collar: Garmin alpha 100


Check Prize on Amazon

Key Features

  • Best GPS hunting dog collar with an  ability to track up to 20 dogs.
  • Can send the location area for an emergency.
  • Preloaded mapping.
  • It has a color touch screen.
  • Able to view each dog data,i.e speed, distance, and direction.
  • It has 18 levels of variable static stimulation.
  • Options to train with either tone or vibrations.

More about Garmin dog training collars

It’s the best field tool that can help you achieve excellent results from sporting dogs.It combines both GPS tracking and Tri-tonic technology which  makes it the best training collar for dog

Other Garmin dog training collar options

Garmin T5 GPS Dog Collar

  • Train up to 15 dogs
  • Has GPS -Glonass.
  • Locator beacons with lights.
  • Options to train with tone or vibration
  • 9 miles range color.
Check Prize on Amazon

Best bark collar : Made4Pet Dog  Collar

Best bark collar - Made4pet dog collar review
Best bark collar -Made4Pet collar review

Check Prize on Amazon

There are different types of dog training collars depending on what you want to train your dog. Barking collars are used to curb excessive dog barking.

Made4pet collar is the best anti-barking collar which detects when your dog bark and immediately sends feedback. You don’t have to use transmitters to detect barking. The signals sent are not harmful to your dog.


  • It’s well priced compared to other options.
  • It’s built with silicon which prevents skin from getting damaged.
  • The collar fits most of the dogs.
  • It’s best for gentle training because it has no pain or any other side effects.
  • It’s 100% risk-free. It comes with user instructions that guide you on achieving perfect results.
  • 1-year warranty and 24/7 support once you activate the collar on sellers website.
  • Its outer housing is made of soft cover that is able to absorb shocks.
  • It’s easy to use. All the parts are preassembled.
  • Its built-in Li-ION battery 300 MHA can run for long before recharging.
  • It’s waterproof.


  • The collar is made for barking so it may not respond when the dog howls at night.

Best high tech Dog Collar : Educator E-Collar Remote Dog Trainer

Best high tech Dog Collar - educator collars review
educator e-collars review

Check Prize on Amazon

Educator E-Collar is suitable for dog owners who don’t prefer buying traditional collars which use sharp shocks. It uses a stimulation technology that has no effects on the dog.

Educator E-Collar reduces dog stress and its very effective in dog training. It doubles as the best training collar for dog and best high tech dog collar.


  • Each collar is fully assembled and tested before being released for sale.
  • Built with the highest quality standards.
  • Made to withstand extreme environmental conditions which may occur during dog training sessions,i.e it has a waterproof receiver and transmitter.
  • It’s able to resists shocks.
  • Its battery is made of Lithium-Polymer which is rechargeable it can go for 2 hours when fully charged.
  • Educator E-collar has a dual charger.
  • Easy to track your dog because the collar has a light.
  • It has selectable user stimulation with levels in between 1 -100. The user can boost the stimulus from 1-60.
  • It comes with two contact’s points.
  • It has a stopwatch which is Mini ergonomic which is suitable for small hands.
  • Used for one dog with a range of 1/2-mile range.
  • It has a tracking light which makes your dog visible.


  • Can only be expandable for two dogs.
  • It’s quite expensive compared to other collars.
  • It has no vibration.
  • Best dog training collar for big dogs only.

Best dog training collar for the money: PETINCCNP690 Dog Shock Collar


best dog training collar for the money
PETINCCN P690 Dog Shock Collar-Best on price

Check Prize on Amazon

If you want to start dog training and you’re tight on the budget, there are several best dog training collars that are below 50 USD.

Even though you won’t get the best, they are good for basic training. Afterward, you can buy more expensive dog training collars that are high tech dog collar and even have a GPS tracker like Garmin GPS shock collar for dogs

PETINCCN P690 is the best dog training collar for the money. Below are some of the key features this collar has.

Key features

  • 2000ft remote dog training.
  • Waterproof.
  • Rechargeable.
  • 16 level’s beep vibrating and shock.
  • One electric collar for dogs between 8-100lbs.
  • Three different dog training modes i.e static shock, beep, and vibration.
  • Ideal for small ,large or medium sized dogs.


  • The remote dog training collar with dual support for 2 dogs training at the same time.
  • Remote range training up to 600 yards.
  • Designed with RF433MHZ technology which makes it possible to train the dogs in the park.
  • Separate shock, vibrations, and sound buttons make it easy to use.
  • Easy to switch between modes with a single button pressing.
  • 1 to 16 adjustable shock vibration and beep mode.
  • It’s 100% rainproof and waterproof making it suitable for dog training in all environmental conditions.
  • The receiver can be charged the same time with the transmitter.
  • No worries when your dog is swimming because receiver collar is IPX7 water-resistant.
  • It has a shock which can be used for punishment while beep and vibration can act as a warning or reminder to the dog.
  • Can be used to train a dog on obedience.
  • Can be used also to curb Barking to visitors, Walking, Leash Training, Sitting, Aggression.
  • Each Shock collar has Lithium-Polymer battery that charges for 2-3 hours and can stay for more than 15 days making it suitable for camping and hunting.
  • 24/7 customer support after the sale.
  • A fault training system can be replaced or refund is processed immediately from the supplier.


  • Dog tolerance to pain varies hence difficult to determine the strength of shocks to be used.

Best remote dog training collar : Petsafe  remote dog trainer

Petsafe yard & park remote dog trainer
Best remote dog training collar-Petsafe  remote dog trainer

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Petsafe  remote dog trainer  is the safest and best e collar dog training tool for every dog owner has a vision of having a perfect dog. 

Petsafe collars are the best for managing dog behaviors and other activities like jumping, running in the yard and barking before they get uncontrollable.

Using  shock collars for dogs

When used in an appropriate way, static shocks are very effective in dog training. Great advancements have been made in static technology by Petsafe. They use low-output signals that are less harmful but effective.

Petsafe products are designed with different signal strengths that can be increased until your dog is aware of the signal. When starting the training for the first time, make sure you set it at the lowest level.

Why use  Petsafe remote trainer collars

Petsafe has been there since 1991 and it has sold millions of collars across the globe. They partner with high learning institutions which do research on pet behaviors Therefore they are able to advance their technology. Moreover, Petsafe is a company made of pet lovers.

Petsafe remote trainer  Key features

  •  400 yards remote range.
  • Remote and collar can be charged at the same time using wall adaptor.
  • Made of rubber coating that is waterproof and durable.
  • Comes with a warranty.
  • 24/7 support for USA customers.

Behavior problems  Petsafe remote trainer can solve

  • Train your dog to come when called with one button. Makes it easy to keep your dog in the range.
  • Stop the dog jumping behavior.
  • Stop the dog on an emergency.
  • Train your dog walking beside you.
  • Teaching new obedience commands.


  • Best for indoor training and outdoor mountain hiking with your dog with 800 yards range.
  • Different adjustable levels.2 tone levels for teaching commands and static stimulation for correcting bad behavior.
  • Can fit all dog sizes. Neck size can be up to size 28 and over 8 lb dogs.
  • Purchases made from the authorized dealer come with a warranty.
  • Both remote and collar have batteries that are rechargeable and replaceable.
  • The collar is waterproof, making it the best for outdoor activities like swimming.
  • Train up to 3 dogs at the same time with additional collars.


  • The battery has low life.
  • It’s prone to malfunction.

PetSafe Stubborn Dog  Collar: Best training collar for stubborn dogs

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Petsafe Stubborn dog collar is the best collar for large dog that pulls and stubborn ones. The collar is waterproof with  5 levels of shock stimulation. It also has 9 volts batteries that can last up to 6-9 months.

Best dog training shock collar : Sportdog sd 425 field trainer

Sportdog sd 425 field trainer
Best dog training shock collar : Sportdog sd 425 field trainer

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Key Features

  • Waterproof.
  • 500-yard range.
  • Rechargeable collar.
  • Can use vibration, tone or shocks

About  Sportdog sd 425 field trainer collar

Sportdog sd 425 field trainer is the best dog training shock collar for hunting and other field activities. It uses  DryTek technology which makes waterproof hence best waterproof dog training collar. You can train your dog in any kind of environmental conditions or terrain.


  • Using SportDOG Brand collars you can train your dog in 500-yard range.
  • One remote transmitter can train 3 dogs same time if you buy two extra collars.
  • Collars are able to fit 8 pounds dog i.e neck sizes of 5-22.
  • The transmitter has 7 levels of static stimulation(medium or high range) which can be select instantly. The buttons also allow you to train your dog with vibration or beeps.
  • The collar receiver and transmitter both use   DryTek technology which makes them waterproof. Can be submerged in 25 feet water level.
  • It has Lithium-ion batteries which are rechargeable. When fully charged for 2hours it can last for 50-70hours.
  • Using split-end charger, both remote and collar can be charged at the same time.
  • Low battery indicator both in transmitter and receiver notifies you when a charge is less.
  • Once you buy SportDog Brand trainers, you will access 6 days a week free training guide and other support.
  • SportDog brands are the best for tracking and training because they are designed in all environmental conditions like heat, dusk, snow, etc.

 SportDOG Brand additional products for customers

1.Sportdog training collar batteries

2.Sportdog training collar charger 

SportDog Dog training collar
Additional products-SportDog Dog training collar
Sport dog Additional  Collar 30 ft Check Cord Locator Beacon NoBark Collar Plastic Dummy Replacement Collar Strap

 Best dog training collar for small dogs : Pet Resolve Dog Training Collar

Best dog training collar for small dogs : Pet Resolve Dog Training Collar
Best dog training collar -Pet Resolve Dog Training Collar

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Key features

  • Train up to 3 dogs at the same time.
  • Removable shocks.
  • It has beep and vibration modes.
  • Its the  best dog training collar for small dogs, large and medium
  • Range 3/4 mile.
  • It’s also the best waterproof dog training collar.
  • Comes with Warranty.

About Pet Resolve Dog Training System

PetSolve is the home of best dog training products. For the past 2 years, PetSolve has developed a wide range of unique products that work consistently producing the best results. Their customer support is unbeatable compared to other companies.


  • The new version 4.7 is extra long, it has the option to remove the shock.
  • No standby mode, always ready to begin training.
  • Can train 3 dogs at the same time for desired behaviors.
  • It has a memory thus able to save previous settings.
  • The best dog training e-collar for long ranges up to 3/4-mile range or 1312 yards.Therefore, best hunting collar.
  • Made of high-quality material, unlike other e-collars that use cheap plastics that break when dropped.
  • It has 10 levels of variable shock. You can shock the dog by holding down the button for 1-8seconds. Best to use during emergencies.
  • Different vibration levels which are suitable for teaching your dog different commands.
  • 100 % waterproof. Does your dog love to swim or run out in the rain? This is the perfect e-collar for your dog. It will not fail when rained on. Your dog will swim all year round without fail.
  • Comes with a rechargeable Li-ion battery that takes 2 hours to fully charge allowing you to train for long without changing batteries.
  • Customers get free training ebook,2 years warranty and 6 days a week customer support.

What else PetResolve customers buy?

Normally, customers who buy Pet Resolve Dog Training Collar with Remote buy:-

  1. COLLAR 6V batteries.

  2. Extra Pet Resolve Collar 


Best 2 dog shock collar : iSPECLE Dog Training Collar

Best 2 dog shock collar 2019
iSPECLE Dog Training Collar

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Key Features

  • Waterproof.
  • Rechargeable.
  • 2500ft remote range.
  • LED Light.
  • Beep, Vibration, and Shock.
  • Best 2 dog shock collar.
  • Shock collar for medium and large dogs.
  • Neck Lanyard.

iSPECLE Package

iSPECLE Package has -one transmitter,1 a receiver, two collar belts, one charging cable, one charger adapter, one testing bulbs, four touching points, Detailed dog training tips manual, free Neck Lanyard for hands.


  • 875 yards range makes it possible to train your dog anywhere i.e backyard or park.
  • Effective in training dog leashing, sitting, walking, correcting barking and other behavioral obedience.
  • The collars have soft silicone touch points that protect the dog’s neck skin.
  • Its Waterproof dog training collars hence can be used to train a dog in the rain or other water activities like swimming. Kindly note that the transmitter is not waterproof.
  • It has different training modes. These are LED light mode helps you find your dog in the dark.0-99  adjustable levels of vibration and shock modes. Always use shock as the last result of a misbehaving dog, instead, use sound mode to warn your dog.
  • Able to adjust the soft dog collar between 18cm to 65cm.Suitable for medium and large dogs(20lb and above).
  • Designed for building a good relationship between the dog and the owner.
  • 1-year warranty.
  • 100% refund for unsatisfied customers.

Best dog walking training collar   : ieGeek Dog Training Shock Collar

Best dog walking training collar
Best dog walking training collar : ieGeek Dog Training Shock Collar review 2019

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Key Features

  • Shock collar for two dogs.
  • Rechargeable.
  • Waterproof.
  • 1960 ft remote range operation.
  • It has tone and vibration modes.
  • It’s the best dog walking training collar.
  • Shock for all dog sizes i.e small, medium and large dogs.


  • It has 0-16 levels of adjustable beep, shock, and vibration hence suitable for correcting barking, jumping on people, leash training, etc.
  • Remote range of 660 yards make is easy to train a dog in the yard or park.
  • Its uses advanced RF434Mhz technology.
  • Comes with 2 in one charge making it possible to charge both transmitter and collar same time.
  • The battery is made of 3.7V lithium polymer. It has a longer standby time of more than 14days.
  • IeGeek Dog collar is 100% water repellant making it suitable for all weather training.
  • IeGeek offers 60 days money back and 3 years warranty.
  • Customer support after buying.
  • All products have unique traceble serial numbers.

Best waterproof dog training collar : Dogtra 1900S 

Dogtra 1900S collar review
Best waterproof dog training collar -Dogtra 1900S Dog Training Collar

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Key Features

  • Collar and transmitter waterproof.
  • Adjustable vibration stimulation and shock levels of 0-127.
  • Small receivers for dogs with less than 25 pounds.
  • Vibration modes are constant and non-stimulant.
  • Its the best waterproof dog training collar
  • Rapid battery charging (only  2 hours).
  • LCD battery indicator.
  • 3/4-mile range.


Best training collar for dog : Dogtra 200C Training Collar

Dogtra 200C collars review
Best training collar for dog – Dogtra 200C Training Collar

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Key Features

  • Varying power stimulation(low to medium).
  • Single hand operation collar.
  • Best training collar for dog
  • Charges quickly(2 hours).
  • Contact points are enhanced.
  • Better for small dogs (10lbs).

Best collar for large dog that pulls : Dogtra 280C  E-collar 

Dogtra 280C  collar review
Best collar for large dog that pulls – Dogtra 280C  E-collar

Key Features

  • Perfect adjustable stimulation levels (0-127).
  • Small collars for one dog size(15lbs).
  • Both the collar and transmitter are  100% water repellant.
  • Vibration mode is non-stimulant.
  • Its the best collar for large dog that pulls.
  • Constant vibration.
  • A small transmitter which is pocket size.

  Best training collar for puppies: Dogtra 282C  Shock collar

best training collar for puppies -Dogtra 282C Remote Training Collar System review
Dogtra 282C  -best dog training collar

Key Features

  • Perfect adjustable stimulation levels (0-127).
  • Small collars for one  15lbs dog, therefore, best training collar for puppies
  • Collar and transmitter 100% water repellant.
  • Vibration mode is non-stimulant.
  • Constant vibration.
  • A small transmitter which is pocket size.

Other Dogtra Dog training collars to check out:-

Best dog training collar under 100 : Petronics Shock Training Collar

Petronics Shock Training Collar 2019 review
Best dog training collar under 100 -Petronics Shock Training dog e collar

Key Features

  • A rechargeable shock collar.
  • Best for use with large dogs.
  • Best dog training collar under 100
  • It has vibration, beep, light and static.
  • 330 yards range.


  • 5 years warranty and money back guarantee for unsatisfied customers.
  • Suitable for correcting barking, walking and leash training.
  • A remote training collar with blue backlight for the dog.
  • A faster connection between transmitter and receiver(only 10 seconds).
  • Comes with 14 to 23 inches nylon strap suitable for all dog sizes.
  • 300 yards remote range.
  • Operates in 4 modes:-vibration, static, beep and light modes.

Best training collar for dogs : PetTech PT0Z1 Premium Dog Training Shock Collar

 best dog training collar 2019
PetTech PT0Z1 Premium Dog Training Shock Collar

Key Features

  • Easy to pair.
  • Its the best training collar for dogs.
  • 100% waterproof.
  • 1200ft range.


  • 100% water-resistant E-collar.
  • Easy to use by first-time dog owners or expert trainers.
  • Can be used to correct dog barking, leash training.
  • Adjustable levels of static stimulation and vibration between 1 to 100.
  • Different training modes. Tone Beep gives an audible warning. Shock for emergency situations. Its recommended never to use shock for positive training.
  • When not in use, Auto Power Protect Mode conserves your battery.
  • Comes with Lithium-Ion battery that has a long lasting life.


  • Tiny collar holding can break easily.


Best e collar dog training device  : BuddiPets Dog Training Collar

 best e collar for dogs
Best e collar dog training device  – BuddiPets Dog Training Collar

Key Features

  • 100% water resistant.
  • Reflect light for safety.
  • 2600ft remote range.
  • The best e collar dog training device.
  • Remote LED light.
  • Tone Vibration.
  • Best for use with medium or large dogs.


  • Best for training your dog in the backyard or park with a remote range of  875 yards.
  • Suitable for correcting dog barking, leash training, walking etc.
  • The collar is waterproof, best for training the dog in the rain or other water activities like swimming.
  • Touchpoints are made of soft silicone which protects dog neck skin.
  • It has  4 training modes:-LED light, Tone, Shock, and Vibration.
  • The collar is adjustable therefore can be used to train medium and large dogs.
  • 12 months warranty.


  • The transmitter not waterproof.

Best dog training collar with remote : WDFZONE Dog Shock Collar Training

Best dog training collar with remote
Best dog training collar with remote

Key Features

  • Waterproof.
  • Rechargeable.
  • Best remote dog training collars.


  • 4 Different working modes with adjustable levels between 0-99.
  • LED light helps locate the dog in the dark.
  • Sound mode sends warning alerts to the dog.
  • Long soft silicone touch points make it suitable for long and short haired dogs.
  • Can train up to 3 dogs same time.
  • Water-repellent collars best for training the dog in the rain or other water activities.
  • An adjustable strap that can fit any dog size.
  • Dual charger cords can charge both receiver and transmitter at the same time.
  • The receiver enters safe mode when not in use, saving battery life.
  • Comes with built-in large capacity battery.
  • Money-back guarantee for unsatisfied customers.


  • The transmitter is not waterproof.

Best rated dog training collars : Veckle Dog Training Collar

Best rated dog training collars
Veckle Dog Training Collar -Best rated dog training collars

Veckle dog training collar is one of the top  best-rated dog training collars you can find on the market.They are safe and humane which are capable of training up to 3 dogs.They are among the best dog training collar under 100.

Key Features

  • Remote range-2600ft.
  • They are best-rated dog training collars.
  • A rechargeable shock collar.
  • Can train up to 3 dogs both large and small.
  • If you only have two dogs to train, you can buy Veckle collar for 2 dogs.
  • It has 4 different training modes.


  • Its a remote range dog training collar,up-to 2600ft.
  • Can train 3 dogs are at the same time.
  • The collar is  7.1 to 25.6-inch size, perfect for training all dogs.
  • Different training modes with adjustable stimulation levels between 0-99.
  • It’s best for correcting dog barking.
  • Suitable for leash training, walking and behavior changes.
  • Made of Li-Po battery which is rechargeable and has a long life.
  • Receiver collar is waterproof therefore suitable for training dog how to swim.
  • Contact points are made of soft rubber which is skin friendly and humane for the dog.
  • Customer support service easy to reach.
  • 1-year warranty.


  • The receiver cannot be left in water for long.

Best dog training shock collar : LINNSE Shock Collar 

best dog training shock collar
Best dog training collar reviews-LINNSE Shock Dog Training  Collar

Key Features

  • 1650ft remote range.
  • 100% water resistant.
  • It’s the best dog training shock collar.
  • A rechargeable shock collar.


  • Waterproof shock collars, best for training dog how to swim in the beach.
  • Four different training modes:-LED light, Vibration, Shock and Tone Mode.
  •  Adjustable vibration and shock stimulation levels between 0-99 hence best dog training shock collar
  • It has a remote range of 1500ft  making  Linnse shock collar best for training dog in the park or backyard.
  • Uses Micro USB charging port compatible with most mobile devices.
  • Both transmitter and receiver have rechargeable batteries which take 2 hours to fully charge.
  • Receiver and transmitter enter safe mode when left idle hence saving power.
  • Linnse collars come with 1-year warranty.100 % money back for unsatisfied customers.
  • Suitable for training all dog sizes, large and small.


  • You have to change the mode to use another function

YISENCE Dog Training Collar

YISENCE Dog Training Collar review
YISENCE Dog Training Collar

Key Features

  • 2500ft remote range.
  • IPX7 waterproof.
  • Rechargeable batteries.
  • Beep levels of 99.
  • 4 training modes.
  • Trains small, medium and large dogs.


  • Best for correcting barking, leash training, sitting etc.
  • Popular among expert trainers and first-time dog owners.
  • 100% waterproof hence dog can use it even when bathing or swimming.
  • 800 yards remote range, suitable for training dog in the backyard or in the park.
  • Takes 2 hours to fully charge and can go for 10 days of intense training.
  • Several training modes(Beep, vibration, flashlight, and shock).
  • Adjustable collar 7-26 inches hence suitable for all dog sizes.
  • 1-year warranty.


  •  Delay when the button is pushed and collar reaction.

PetSafe Elite Remote Trainer

PetSafe Elite Remote Trainer -Dog training collar review 2019
PetSafe Elite Remote Trainer

Key Features

  • Trains small and medium size dogs.
  • It has tone and static modes.
  • waterproof.
  • Rechargeable.


  • Best for indoor and outdoor training with 1000-yard range.
  • Suitable for teaching dog commands with 15 levels of adjustable stimulation.
  • A water-repellant collar for activities such as swimming.
  • Buying additional collars, you can train up to 2 dogs at the same time.
  • Its suitable for large and small dogs.
  • Warranty for customers who buy from authorized dealers.

Kungber Dog Training Collar

Kungber Dog Training Collar review
Kungber Dog Training Collar

Key Features

  • A rechargeable shock collar.
  • 1800ft remote range.
  • Waterproof.
  • Use Beep, shock, vibration and light modes.
  • Suitable for small and medium size dogs.


  • It has an independent button mode which is perfect for correcting behavior immediately you hit the button.
  • 0-100 adjustable levels of shock, beep, and vibration stimulation.
  • The collar can go to save mode hence protecting your dog from shock.
  • The 1800ft remote range makes it suitable for training your dog in the backyard or park.
  • Made of  Lithium-Polymer batteries that takes 2 hours to fully charge and can go for 15-20 days without recharging.
  • Its made of high-quality material. You will have lifetime replacement for fault shock collars.

FUNSHION Shock Collar 

FUNSHION Shock Collar  review
FUNSHION Shock Collar

Key Features

  • IPX7 waterproof.
  • Rechargeable.
  • 800 yards range.
  • 4 training modes.
  • All dog sizes.


  • 800-yards remote range makes this collar best for controlling the dog.
  • The collar is 100% waterproof. You don’t have to worry when your dog swims or runs out in the rain.
  • Touchpoints made of metal covered with silicone which is safe for your dog.
  • Four dog training modes. Shock and vibration have adjustable levels between 0-99. Beep is used for warning the dog.LED light helps locate your dog in dust or foggy environment.
  • Support USB charging.
  • Shock collar size (8 inches to 24.5 inches) fits all dogs sizes.
  • Receiver and transmitters go into standby mode in 5 minutes of idleness.
  • 1-year warranty.


  • The remote transmitter is not waterproof.

Moer Sky Dog Training Collar

Moer Sky Dog Training Collar review
Moer Sky Dog Training Collar

Key Features

  • An upgraded version of 2019.
  • Waterproof.
  •  875-yard remote range.
  • 4 different training modes.
  • All dog sizes.


  • 875 yards range make Moer Sky dog collar best for training the dog in the park or backyard.
  • Rainproof dog shock collar hence best for water activities.
  • Collar made of soft material that won’t irritate the dog.
  • Adjustable soft PU collar makes it best for all dog sizes.
  • The transmitter and collar can be charged at the same time. It takes only 2 hours to fully charge and can go for 3-6 days without recharging.
  • LED light mode helps in tracing the dog in the night. Beep mode can sound warnings to the mode. Vibration and shock mode have adjustable levels between 0-99.
  • The battery is made of a lithium-Ion battery which allows rapid charging and its long lasting

Frequently bought together Items

Moer Sky Dog Training Collar
Moer Sky Dog Training Collar review

F-color Dog Training Collar

F-color Dog Training Collar review
F-color Dog Training Collar

Key Features

  • 2600ft remote range.
  • Both receiver and transmitter rechargeable.
  • Waterproof collar.
  • 4 training modes.
  • Best for medium and large dogs.


  • Its a  dog training collar with 4 training modes.Can be used to correct dog behavior.
  • It has 100 levels of adjustable shock and vibration stimulation.
  • The 2600ft range makes it possible to train your dog anywhere.
  • It’s 100% waterproof.
  • Both collar and remote can be charged at the same time.
  • Soft silicone contacts points protect dog skin from getting damaged.
  • The collar is adjustable made of PVC material. Neck size (7.1 to 25.6 inch) therefore can fit a dog above 20lbs.
  • 1-year warranty.
  • Packaged with a manual and detailed training guide for dog owners.


  •  Long-time wearing may cause skin damage.

ZIYOR Dog Training Collar

ZIYOR Dog Training Collar review
ZIYOR Dog Training Collar

Key Features

  • Shock collar.
  •  waterproof.
  • 850 yards remote range.
  • Best for small and medium size dogs.


  • 850 yards remote range is effective for stopping the dog bad behavior.Can work across the wall.
  • Depending on the dog, you can customize training at different levels between 0-99.
  • It’s 100% water resistant. Perfect for training the dog on the beach.
  • An additional collar can be used to train second and third dogs.
  • LED lights help to trace your dog in the night.
  • Both collar and remote can be charged at the same time, hence no delay in the training process.
  • Collar made of Nylon. It’s adjustable and can fit dogs up to 20.4-inch neck size.


  • Power saving mode does not activate automatically unless when triggered.

TOKEGO Dog Training Collar

TOKEGO Dog Training Collar review
TOKEGO Dog Training Collar

Key Features

  • A rechargeable shock collar.
  • Waterproof.
  • Different training modes.
  • Suitable for small and medium size dogs.


  • 3 training modes with different levels of stimulation.Static Shock (1-16) and Vibration(1-8) levels and tone mode for warning the dog.
  • Can control the dog in 1,000 yards remote range.
  • Comes with a Li-Ion Battery with extra amazing capabilities.
  • Water repellant.Suitable for all water activities like swimming or beach evening walks.
  • It has easy to access button hence it easy to use.

Petutor  Dog Training Collar 

Petutor  Dog Training Collar  review
Petutor  Dog Training Collar

Key Features

  • Waterproof and Rechargeable.
  • 1800ft remote range.
  • 4 training modes(shock, beep, vibration and LED light).
  • E-collar for large,medium and small dogs.


  • Its safe dog training collar with electric leakage protection.
  • 100% water resistant.
  • LCD has backlight suitable for day and night training.
  • The 1800ft remote range makes it perfect for outdoor activities.
  • Comes with Lithium-Ion Battery which is long lasting.
  • Automatic Power Save mode helps you conserve battery life when the collar is not in use.
  • Best for training dog behavior obedience.

PETDIARY Remote Dog Static Shock Training Collar

PETDIARY Remote Dog Static Shock Training Collar review
PETDIARY Remote Dog Static Shock Training Collar

Key Features

  • 1970ft remote range.
  • 4 training modes.
  • Water-resistant.
  • Rechargeable.
  • Neck size 8.5-24 inches.
  • Dog size 10lbs to 100lbs.


  • 4 different training modes. Vibration and shock are in 8 levels. Beep is used to warning the dog while Light keeps the dog traceable in the dark.
  • 660 yards remote range makes the collar suitable for hunting and other outdoor activities.
  • One transmitter can be used with 2 receivers i.e can train two dogs at the same time.
  • 100% waterproof hence suitable for training in the rain.
  • Fits most dogs. The collar is adjustable.

Ace Teah Dog Training Collar

Ace Teah Dog Training Collar review
Ace Teah Dog Training Collar

Key Features

  • A rechargeable shock collar.
  • 100% waterproof.
  • 2600ft remote range training.
  • Suitable for small, medium and large dogs.
  • Different training modes.


  • 2600ft remote range, Ideal for backyard or park training.
  • One remote can train 3 dogs.
  • 4 safe and effective training modes, beep, vibration, shock and LED light.
  • Adjustable vibration and shock levels between 0-99, making dog training effective.
  • 100% waterproof, ideal for water activities like swimming and beach walks.
  • The strap is adjustable, Therefore, can be used to train medium and large size dogs.
  • Contact points made of soft silicone which is safer and does not damage dog skin.
  • Lifetime customer support.
  • 1-year warranty.
  • LED light makes it possible to trace your dog in the night.

Tips for choosing the best dog training collars

  • Look at customer reviews-Take sometime to go through comments from genuine customers. Learn how they feel about the product.
  • Cover-trust companies that put a cover and add a face to their products.
  • Usage environment conditions-Most of the collars are used for hunting, therefore they should be able to withstand all kind of harsh environmental conditions and terrain.
  • Easy to use-Go for collars that are easy to use provided they do what is required of them.
  • Memory capability-To avoids reconnecting or reprogramming every time, go for collars that are able to save previous usage settings. They will save you a lot of time.
  • Collar range-Dog training collars with a short range will not be suitable for hunting because they will not work. They only work when the dog is in front of you or yard. When determining your collar range, think of the places where you will be going with your dog or the activities you will be doing. For hunting activities, pick long range collars.
  • Water-resistant-Depending on where you live or dog activities like swimming can help you determine if you need water-resistant collars. I think you should always buy waterproof collars because you cannot determine when it will rain. Collars that are not water-resistant will break easily when exposed to water. Some waterproof collars can stand 25 feet water submersion.
  • Cost -You will get what you pay for. Normally, lack of cost means low quality, that what I believe in. Most collars that malfunctions are the cheap one. It’s your choice now. Below are two types of collar model.

Comparison between a cheap  and Expensive E-Collar

Wiscky Dog Training Collar  Vs  Educator E-Collar Remote Dog Training Collar

  • Batteries: Buy E-collars that have rechargeable batteries because you will save a lot of money in the long run.
  • Standby Mode vs  No Standby Mode: Its true that standby mode will save the battery life, However, you cannot deactivate standby mode instantly.No Standby mode means they are ready to use them anytime you need them. Buy collars that have no standby mode.
  • Sound mode: If your dog requires sound or beep to stop bad behavior, consider buying collars that have sound.
  • Training options: Some collars have tone while others have vibration training modes.
  • 1-10 Correction Levels: Choose collars that have less room for errors and are easy to use.


Dog training collars related questions

What are the best dog training collars?

Find the best dog training collars means reading a lot of best dog training collar reviews for 2019. Dog training collars are of different sizes, training modes, features and used for different activities. You can also find your best dog training collar for the money i.e the money you are willing to spend on the dog training collar.

Best dog training collars for different categories

Do shock collars hurt your dog?

The answer is No. Dog shock collars are not made to hurt your dog. They are made for punishing the dog positively for behavior change. All shock collars that are approved delivers a mild static shock to get dogs attention so that he can stop what he is doing.

What is the best dog shock collar?

My top pick for best dog shock collar is TBI Pro 2019 Dog Shock Training Collar.

Key Features 

  • Its a long range training collar with up to 1600ft.
  • Water-proof collar.
  • Shock levels between 1-100.
  • LCD controllers with different buttons.
  • 4 training modes.

Other top reviews

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Best dog beds for labs


Gundog training tips

Gun dog training Guide:Tips you need to know

gun dog training tips are important because training should start from the day it’s at home. Even though you have hired a private trainer, some basic gun dog training tips should be handled by you. This will help you bond well and also be able to tackle behavior problems (existing ones or future ones).

Before we dive into gun dog training tips, it’s important to look at some of the reasons why you should train your gundog.

Importance of training your gun dog

  • Building relationship-Understanding how your gun dog learns and using positive training can help to build a bold relationship. Successful training doesn’t use “who is the boss” method. Who is the boss is a method where you establish yourself as the dominant. The approach is both physically and physiologically damaging to your dog.
  • Teaching life skills-Many dog owners think that domestic dogs have an easy life compared to wild ones but living among humans comes with a lot of challenges. Teaching your dog basic manners will prevent them from developing stress-related behaviors.
  • Increase dog sociability-Training your dog will increase her social interaction and this will help in dealing with domestic life pressure.
  • Avoiding problem behaviors-You will avoid behaviors problems if you spend more time teaching your dog how to live among humans. Having a language to communicate with your dog means more comfort and security.

Gun dog training can be overwhelming and a big project to tackle if you are a first-time gun dog owner. If done step by step, it’s pretty easy a task to take head-on. Here are top 20 gun dog training tips that can be helpful. Make sure also you grab the best dog training collar 

Gun dog training tips

1. Choose a short name ending with a strong consonant.

When picking your new puppy name, make sure you keep it short and end it with a strong consonant. This will be helpful during training because when you call his name he will hear you clearly.

If he is an old gundog, don’t hesitate to change his name. This is because it means a new life, a fresh start if he had a rough time where he lived before. He will start responding to his new name very first because gundogs are easily adaptable.

Remember also to keep the name pleasant. Let the name be about great things he thinks about in his life e.g.Candy, Biscuit, Peanut, Pebbles etc. Read more about Gun Dog names. Avoid unpleasant names that will make you look bad to your gun dog.

2. Determine ‘house rules’

To avoid confusion when the gun dog comes home, you need first to determine house roles, i.e., what the gun dog can do, and places he can access.

The main reason for determining ‘house rules’ is to avoid confusion between both of you.

Example of house rules are:-

  • Which parts of the house are no access?
  • Will the gun dog have his own chair?
  • Is he allowed in your bed?
  • Is he allowed in the sitting room?
Should I allow my gun dog in bed?
dog in bed
Should I let the dog sleep in my bed?

Allowing your gun dog in bed has a lot of implications. It’s a tough decision which has its repercussions. Accepting your dog to sleep in your bed will corrupt his mind and he will not view as the boss, thus no respect for you.

Allow him to sleep on your bed on invitation only.

3. Let him have his own private place.

 It is important to set up a den for your puppy or gun dog that is not used by any other family member or pet. A special room will give him comfort and have his own time to relax in a safe place. Reward him any time he remains silent in his den which is normally a crate. A crate is an important tool for your gundog. Buy it before he arrives at home.

4. Let him relax once he arrives at home

If your puppy comes from a busy shelter where he had litter mates, you have to ensure he gets comfortable in his new home. Have a ticking clock and warm hot water in a bottle in his sleeping area is advisable. This too will act as heartbeat and warm from his littermates.

Ensure he is calm and relaxed before starting any training because he won’t be productive.

Now that he has a name, and a private place for him and in a relaxed state, begin teaching him basic concepts.

5. Train him to come or respond immediately when you call

This is the most important first command your gun dog should learn. It’s a command that can save your gundog’s life. Think of a situation where he is chasing a hare across the dog and a truck is coming down towards him. You yell ‘Come Candy’ and he fails to respond. What will happen? Definitely, you know the answer, He will be hit and die instantly. Don’t wait for such a situation.

Ask yourself, ‘Does my gun dog come when called for the first time?’ If the answer is No, it’s critical, you need to do something, a lifesaving skill for your gundog.

Training gun dog  ‘come or recall command. 

  • Don’t tell your gun dog to ‘come’ and lock him in his crate or punish him. Let him learn that ‘come’ command means a great time with you. Play with him whenever you call him or give him food.
  • Use a new recall command word if you have used ‘come’ command before punishing your gun dog several times. It’s much easier to train the dog to use a new recall command than changing his perception about a ‘come’ command.
  • Avoid using gundog’s name with a negative association. For example Yelling ‘Candy No’, or ‘Candy Stop’. This makes your dog reluctant when called.

6. Give a reward whenever he behaves well

Always remember to reward your puppy anytime he behaves well. Rewards can be in form of praises, toys, food or treats. Rewarding the gun dog or puppy will offer positive reinforcement and he will know he is getting it right in what he is doing.

Never reward the gun dog or puppy for bad behavior, because he will get confused and he won’t know right and wrong. One mistake that gun dog owners make when rewarding is forgetting rewards or offering rewards more frequently. We will look into details about ‘Rewards’ topic another day.

7. Make your gun dog exercise on a daily basis

Gun dog exercise is very important. A short walk on daily basis is not enough for a gundog. Lack of exercise makes abored unhealthy gun dog with aggressive behavior.

There are 3 things you should consider when drawing your gun dog exercise timetable. These are:

  • Size-Overweight gun dog needs exercise to help them shed excess fats. Make sure you start with simple exercises and advance as time goes.
  • Age-Young dogs have more energy for vigorous exercise compared to older ones.
  • Breed-Some breeds like Pug, Boston Terriers may have a difficult time when breathing if they do intensive vigorous exercise.

8. Always be consistent in your gun dog training

It’s important to be consistent during training. Always remember to reward your gun dog whenever he is right, punish him when wrong. The ‘house rules’ you set on the first day let them not be changed.

All family members should be on the same page when it comes to dog training. They should use the same cues and methods of training. If one family member tells your dog to ‘sit ‘ and another tell him to ‘sit down’ it will take years for your dog to understand or he may never.

Family members’ interactions with the gun dog should be consistent. If some family members allow the dog to jump on them and others don’t, it will be hard for the gun dog to stop jumping on people even strangers because he doesn’t know what to do.

9. Pay no attention to your gun dog ‘Jumping up’ behavior

Dog jump
Discourage dog jumping behavior

Puppies love to jump whenever you great them. Ignore this behavior and wait till he relaxes.

Never encourage gun dog jumping by panting him or praising him. Always pay no attention whenever he is in jump position, by doing so it will discourage his ‘ jumping’ behavior.

10. Reinforce what he has learned during his fun time

Puppies like having fun moments. They easily forget something they have learned few minutes ago. Never hesitate to correct him whenever he does wrong because repeated correction will reinforce what he has learned.

11. Dissuade his biting or nipping behavior

dog aggression biting
Discourage dog biting behavior

One way of dissuading biting behavior is to act as if you’re in great pain when he bites you. He will be amazed and quickly he will stop.

If this does not work for you, give him a chew toy or bone when he bites. This trading in trick will teach him it’s wrong to bite.

12. Complete training sessions with a positive annotation

Always congratulate him on wonderful training sessions. You can praise, pet or offer treats. Let him know you are very pleased by his performance. The positive annotation will make him more willing to show up for the next training class happy and ready to learn.

That all about gun dog training tips. Don’t forget to share.