Best training collar for huskies 2019 review

Best training collar for huskies
Top 5 Best training collar for huskies 2019 review

Picking the best training collar for huskies from a pet supplies store cannot be a walk in the park. The task requires prior research on husky collars or other best dog-training collars available on the market.

In this article, we will review the best training collar for Siberian husky. There are different types of dog collars and each has its own use. For example:

  • Martingale collar.
  • Flat and Rolled Collars.
  • Head Collars.
  • Choke Collars
  • Prongs collars
  • No-Bark Collars
  • Shock Collars

In each category of dog collars, we will review the top collar that is suitable for huskies. However, before that let answer below question.

What size and type of collar does a husky need?

Choosing the right training equipment for your husky require you to consider several factors. The fact that there are several types of dog collars makes it more complicated. Below are some of the factors you put into consideration when purchasing Best training collar for Huskies:-

  • Husky size-Some collars are for training either small, medium, large or all dog sizes. If you own a puppy, consider picking a collar that can accommodate large dogs because your puppy will grow with time.
  • How are you going to use the collar with your husky? Different collars serve different purposes. Determine the exact use of the collar you are intending to buy. Some collars are best for walking, running or stopping your dog excessive barking.
  • Husky behavior. If your dog loves to pull, there are specific collars that are for dogs that love to pull on the leash. Other behaviors that you can control using collars are excess barking, aggressiveness during training etc.
  • Are you going to use the collar to pull objects with the husky? If the answer is yes, pick a collar that will protect your dog neck and cause no injury.
  • Do you want to make it easy to control your dog while moving around? If the answer is yes, pick choke collars, they will help you gain total control of your dog

Best training collar for huskies in each category

Martingale collar for Siberian husky

Martingale collars are similar to a flat collar, the only difference is that they tighten themselves when the dog pulls. Most dog owners like martingale collar because they cannot slip over the dog neck nor can they strangle the dog. Our pick for best martingale collar for Siberian husky is blueberry collars for dogs.

 Blueberry Martingale Collars for Dogs

best Martingale collar for Siberian husky
Blueberry Martingale Collars for Dogs
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Key Features

  • Blueberry collar does not stretch. It designed for all dog breeds but it is popular among dog owners who have Siberian husky. For non-sight hounds, buy a collar that is large and can slip over the head.
  • This collar provides control over the dog with no choking effect. It is perfect for preventing the dog from escaping.
  • This collar is comfortable whenever the dog is not pulling against the leash.
  • Made using high-density webbing to add durability.

Best Flat and Rolled Collar for Husky

The best flat and rolled collar for husky is Mighty Paw Dog Collar.

Mighty Paw Dog Collar.

Best Flat and Rolled Collar for Husky
Mighty Paw Dog Collar
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Key Features

  • This collar is for athletic dogs. It allows the dog to run, jog and hike with comfort.
  • This collar is durable. Made using tough material that can withstand any climatically conditions.
  • Neoprene padding is a feature that provides cushion and comfort for your dog. It is the best dog collars for walking
  • Reflective stitching makes the collar visible during the night.
  • If the collar is not the best or does not meet your needs, you have a money back guarantee

    Best head collar for husky

Head collars are perfect for controlling dog and keeping up with speed training. Head collars are the best for huskies that love to pull because they go around the dog nose making it hard for your husky to pull you during training. Our pick for the best head collar for husky is

PetSafe Gentle Leader Head Collar

PetSafe Gentle Leader Head Collar
PetSafe Gentle Leader Head Collar
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What makes PetSafe Gentle leader head collar husky dog collar

  • The collar is perfect for dogs that love to pull. Pulling is a common problem among all dog breeds.
  • This collar is best for controlling dog aggression and other disorders. Both neck strap and nose loop are adjustable. You do not have to worry about husky collar size when purchasing this collar model.

Choke Collars for husky

Choke collars are perfect when you combine them with the best lead to stop husky pulling. You can easily control your dog when walking and correct dog when he/she displays unwanted behavior. Editors pick for best choke collar for husky is Abaxaca Luxury Dog Collar

Abaxaca Luxury Dog Collar

Abaxaca Luxury Dog Collar
Picture of Abaxaca Luxury Dog Collar
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Key Features

  • Perfect collars for Huskies of all sizes.
  • Made using 316L stainless steel.
  • It has a metal touch that makes this collar excellent for walking and training.
  • Money back guarantees with 60 days after the sale.

Prongs collars for husky

Prongs collars are just like choke collars although they have prongs that point inwards. They press the dog neck when it pulls. Prong collars are perfect for aggressive dogs. Editors pick for best prong collar for husky is Mayerzon Dog Prong Collar.

Mayerzon Dog Prong Collar.

Mayerzon Dog Prong Collar
Picture of Mayerzon Dog Prong Collar
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Key Features

  • The best prong collar, which protects dog sensitive areas and trachea.
  • Made using high-quality stainless steel and prongs with rubber tips.
  • Available for all husky sizes- medium, large and x-large dogs.
  • This collar is an effective training tool for aggressive dogs, which are difficult to control.
  • It has a quick release buckle.

No-Bark collars for Huskies

If your Siberian husky barks, uncontrollably when you are not around, No –bark collars are the best for stopping excess barking. Best no-bark collar for husky is PetSafe Dog Anti-Barking Spray Collar.

PetSafe Dog Anti-Barking Spray Collar

PetSafe Dog Anti-Barking Spray Collar
Picture of PetSafe Dog Anti-Barking Spray Collar
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Key Features

  • Can go for 25-30 sprays after refill.
  • Perfect for all husky sizes.
  • This collar has a sound sensor that detects when your husky barks.
  • The collar is water-resistant therefore can withstand any climatic conditions.
  • The collar comes with a 6-volt alkaline battery.

Best shock collar for husky

Shock collars also known as e collars or electric collars are used to deliver static mild stimulation to the dog. They are perfect for enforcing already learned commands. Our pick for best shock collar for husky is SportDOG  FieldTrainer 425S. See my full review of the  Best SportDog collar models.

Sport DOG Field Trainer 425S

Best shock collar for husky
Picture of Sport DOG Field Trainer 425S
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Key Features

  • Can train up to 500-yard range.
  • Both transmitter and receiver are water-resistant and submersible up to 25 feet.
  • Made for stubborn dogs.
  • SportDog 425S is best for hunting and field or yard training.
  • It has different training modes, stimulation, tone, and vibration.
  • Different levels of static stimulation up to seven.

Questions related to Huskies collars

Are shock collars good for Huskies?

This is the question of a person who loves his husky must ask himself or herself before deciding to use shock collars for training. The Answer is yes. There are several reasons that make shock collars good for huskies. For example.

  • Shock collars are made using approved, tested and tried standards. The shock levels that are delivered to the dog are mild and cannot cause any harm to your husky or any other dog breed.
  • E-collars have different levels of stimulation. They can be used with any husky size even small puppies that require little shock levels.
  • Electric collars have other training modes for example beep, tone or vibration. If your dog is obedient, you can rarely use shock during training.
  • Shock collars are for enforcing already learned commands that means they are rarely put into use if your husky is an obedient friend.
  • Depending on your dog behaviors, there are specific shock collars for every dog. If you own a stubborn husky, choose a collar that is specifically made for stubborn dogs.

With the above factors, you should not have any doubt that shock collars are not good for a husky, however, how you use the shock collar can determine how effective and impact it will have on your dog.

Do shock collars work for Huskies?

Shock collars are not made for any dog breed. They can train any type of dog and correct their behavior. According to SCHCA, huskies are dogs that are known to have a desire to run.

There is one final characteristic of the Siberian Husky which we must point out — their desire to RUN. There are many breeds of dogs which, when let out in the morning, will sit in the front yard all day. Not the Siberian Husky. His heritage has endowed him with the desire to run and his conformation has given him the ability to enjoy it effortlessly. But, one quick lope across a busy street could be the last run that he enjoys, ever. Because of this, we strongly urge that no Siberian Husky ever be allowed unrestrained freedom. Instead, for his own protection, he should be confined or under control at all times. Sufficient exercise for proper development and well-being may be obtained on a leash, in a large enclosure, or best of all, in harness. If you feel that it is inconvenient or cruel to keep a dog thus confined, then the Siberian husky is not the breed for you. Source (Siberian husky club of America)

That means you should only use a harness or leash to train your husky, however, scientific study shows that shock collars can work with any dog breed even husky because pain is the biggest motivator.

If you want to get husky attention do not use shock collars, consider using a whistle. Shock collars can be used in containment fences such as wireless dog fence.



Can dogs eat jicama

Can dogs eat jicama ?

Can dogs eat jicama? That a common question among dog owners. In this article, we will look into details all about Jicama i.e. how to eat jicama, its health benefits and answer the big question is jicama good for dogs.

First, let start by defining what is Jicama.

What is Jicama

Jicama, scientifically known as Pachyrhizus Erosus, is a Mexican Yam. It belongs to the bean family. Jicama other names include Mexican potatoes or Mexican turnip.

Can dogs eat jicama?

Can dogs eat jicama? The answer is yes; however, dogs can eat not all parts of jicama. Some Jicama parts are very toxic if consumed while other parts are safe and edible.

Just like humans, some dogs may be allergic to certain foods. If your dog is allergic to Jicama, below symptoms you will detect.

  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Skin problems

It is also important that you should consult a vet officer before feeding your dog with Jicama. New dog food variety should be introduced to the dog slowly and not gradually.

Gauge your dog reaction after feeding on jicama. If the canine did not like the food or caused above symptoms, don’t prepare it again but in case your dog like the food, prepare a large quantity next time but don’t go over excess or replace jicama with regular dog’s food.

How to prepare jicama for dogs

Dogs can feed on raw jicama even though most dogs like it when cooked because it is soft and can be chewed easily.

The edible part of jicama is root. You should slice it the root into pieces that the dog can swallow. Above ground, jicama parts and seeds are unsafe for the dog or even human consumption. You have to be vigilant when preparing jicama so that you do not add poisonous parts.

Is jicama good for dogs?

Yes, Jicama is very good for dogs. There are several health benefits of eating jicama in both humans and dogs. For example

  • Jicama has a low amount of calories and fats making it a perfect meal for your dog.
  • The high fiber content in jicama makes it best for a healthy dog stomach.
  • Vitamin C, Potassium and Iron help to keep the dog immune system strong.
  • Jicama also has Inulin, which is prebiotic, and help dog to digest its food.


Jicama is very nutritious but should be consumed in moderation. Always remember only the bulb is safe for consumption. Leaves, stem, seed, and skin are very unsafe. All dog breeds like French bulldogs can feed on jicama. Treat your dog with this sweet food after training with the collar

In case your dog consumes the toxic parts, consult a vet.