Best harness for Boston terrier

Best harness for Boston terrier
Detailed Boston harness review

Boston terrier dogs have a short and square like body structure. Just like pugs, these dogs have a short head that is also square. They make perfect family dogs for taking walking around the park, therefore, you will need to have the best harness for Boston terrier.

You may be at crossroads between what you should purchase between Boston terrier harness vs collar. In this article, we will review some of the top best Boston terrier harness available in the market and answer some of the questions you may need answers but before that, below is a table of our top picks.

Harness Image Product name Features we love Check Price
Ruffwear harness Ruffwear harness Lightweight harness
18 leash attach points
Padding for comfort
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Ecobark harness review Ecobark harness Double layer mesh for breathing
Recycled Straps with padding
Strong buckle for pulling dogs
Comfortable harness
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Chai's choice dog harness Chai's choice dog harness Made from Oxford material which is scratch resistant
Easy putting on and taking off
Reflective material for safety
Soft padding sponge
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Gooby harness Gooby harness Can be washed with machine
Adjustable strap made of synthetic
Micro Suede trimming
Choke free dog harness
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Expawlorer dog harness Expawlorer dog harness Two points for leash attachment
Light weight
Soft sponge padding
Sturdy handle for attaching safety belt
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poy pet harness review Poypet no pull dog harness All day activity harness
Durable material
Chest and belly padding
Comfortable and high quality
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Juxzh soft front dog harness Juxzh soft front dog harness Ergonomic design
Large loading lightweight Draflex Buckle
Comfortable with padding
Reflective material for visibility
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kurgo dog harness reviews Kurgo dog harness Quick release buckle
Comfortable walking leash
Front D-ring for dogs that pulls
Five adjustable points
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Puppia soft dog harness review Puppia soft dog harness Machine washable harness
Adjustable neck and chest harness
Made using Polyester
Comfortable padding neck opening
Check Price on Amazon
Rabbitgoo Dog Harness  review Rabbitgoo Dog Harness Large dog harness
No pulling and choking
Reflective strips for safety
Durable nylon
Check Price on Amazon

Generally, Boston terrier loves to pull on the leash and purchasing a collar can injure their neck or choke them. Dog harness comes into Boston owners rescue by providing a safe way of controlling their dog while walking, running or taking a walk in the public. Even vet officers recommend using a harness for training because this equipment address dog health concerns.

There are several dangers of using neck collars attached with a leash. For example, you risk injuring your dog neck when he pulls, nervous system malfunction and thyroid gland traumatizing.

Before you purchase a dog harness for Boston terrier, there are several factors you should put into consideration for you to select the right one. Below is the guide.

What to look for when buying Boston terrier harness

Here are key components you should look into when purchasing a harness for your lovely pooch:-

  • Ability to breathe-If you live in warmer areas we recommend you purchase a harness that enables your Boston to breathe. It should have a mesh with straps that are light. In case you go for a dark harness with a heavy coat, your dog can overheat and have difficulties in breathing. The fact that these dogs have short snout they have difficulties in cooling down compared with other dog breeds.
  • Rear attachment handle-The handle where you attach a leash or safety belt is very important. It can be used in situations where your dog is in danger to totally have control over him. For example, your dog is running across the road and there is a car approaching with great speed, if the rear handle is perfect you will be capable of pulling your dog and be in control to avoid the accident.
  • No-pulling features-A dog harness with no pull ring can be a great feature that can constrict the Boston chest whenever he pulls. This ring can help in correcting no pull behavior because these dogs sometimes get excited and tend to pull.
  • Padding materials-Generally, Boston’s have a thin coat that can suffer skin irritation if you purchase a wrong size harness without padding. A Harness with soft padding ensures your dog is safe from skin irritation even when the harness is tightened correctly.
  • Weight distribution-A harness that does not distribute weight away from Boston’s neck risks your dog suffering from brachycephalic syndrome, which is a respiratory complication. Best harness for Boston terrier should be capable of distributing the weight towards the dog chest and back.

Top 10 Best dog harness for Boston terrier review

Ruffwear harness

best front range harness
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If you are looking for a harness that is easy to put on and which ensures your dog is comfortable, Ruff wear harness is the right one. This Front Range harness is perfect for a dog that is puller and is good for all-day activities and adventures.

The front leash attachment ensures your Boston terrier keeps in pace with you while walking. Apart from the front leash attachment, this harness has also a rear handle that is perfect for safety belt attachment in the car while taking a ride.

This harness also has an adjustable fit, which has 4 points; therefore, it is the best harness for Boston terrier puppy because it can be adjusted to any size. If you love hiking with your dog, Front Range harness Ruff wear is best because it has soft pads on the chest and belly, which prevent Boston skin from irritation.


  • ID tag pocket for keeping dog documents.
  • Reflective trim which makes your dog visible even at night.
  • Two leash attachment points, which have reinforcement.
  • Lightweight and durable.
  • Easy on and off.
  • Equal weight distribution.
  • Aluminum V-ring at the back ensures no pulling.


  • Elastic no matter how tight.

Ecobark harness

No Pull Adjustable Dog Harness
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For someone who love bright colors and different styles in a no- pull dog harness, you should purchase eco bark harness. This harness is made using ecologically friendly materials that are recycled. It is also known as harness hug because it always fits in the dog chest like a hug and does not choke.

There are several reasons why people love. It has a double mesh layer of fabric, which is durable and lasts longer. The harness is also stronger and ensures your dog can breathe with ease. This harness protects the dog from getting strap cuts with custom stitching on its cover. Before you purchase to make sure you check ecobark harness size chart to pick the right size for your dog.


  • Harness size chart for checking correct fit for a dog.
  • Double-layer mesh, which is breathable.
  • No choke and no-pull harness.
  • Anti-rub technology with custom stitch cover which prevents skin irritation.
  • Built with ecologically friendly material that is durable.
  • Different colors perfect for outdoor activities.
  • Long-lasting safety buckle for highest strength.
  • Does not constrict trachea


  • The clasp popping open.
  • The wrong choice on size chart you can end up getting the one that your dog slips out.

Chai’s choice dog harness

Best Outdoor Adventure Dog Harness
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Chai’s choice harness is an outdoor activity harness that is durable and comfortable on a terrier. An everyday Boston harness that eliminates the possibility of spine, neck and windpipe damage. It is a premium quality harness that is scratch-resistant, lightweight and has a large duraflex buckle with high loading capacity.

Another feature I love in this harness made by Chai’s choice company is ergonomic design, which makes it easy to putt on and take it off. If you live in a warmer climate, Chai’s choice harness has a mesh lining on the chest and belly, which ensures your dog, can breathe comfortably.

This harness also comes with straps that are adjustable so that they can allow custom fit on any dog size.

In case you have a dog, that has injuries or handicapped, this is the right harness because it gives the dog the required support while walking, climbing uphill or standing. Chai’s choice dog harness also comes with great safety features like reflective material, which ensures your dog is visible at night.


  • Made using durable and Stylish Oxford material that is scratch resistant.
  • Lightweight buckle with high loading.
  • Harness ergonomically designed therefore easy to put on and off.
  • Mesh lining with padding on the dog belly and chest.
  • Fits any dog size because it has adjustable straps.
  • Reflective material for good visibility.
  • Sturdy handle for securing your dog on the safety belt.
  • Double attachments points on the back of the harness.


  • It is pricey compared with others.

Gooby harness

small dog harness
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Gooby is a short form of ‘Gooby Boy’, which is a company founded in 2002, and they specialize in making harness and dog apparel that are simple to use and functional. Unlike other harnesses, Gooby harness is made using synthetic lambskin strap, which is soft.

These harness edges have suede, which minimizes scuffing on the dog skin, which is very sensitive. To ensure your dog is not choked when pulled, Gooby has an X frame that is panted to have a V shape opening which ensures your dog is safe.


  • Neck and strap, which is adjustable.
  • Ease to wear and take off.
  • Can be washed with a machine.
  • Microsuede trimming which ensures no arm or neck rubbing.
  • Does not choke the dog.
  • Comfortable dog harness while walking.
  • Do not only check the dog weight but also measure your pet before you purchase.
  • Different colors.


  • It is pricey compared with others.

Expawlorer dog harness

cheap no pull harness
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If you want to give your dog a durable quality harness, go for an expawlorer escape-proof dog harness, which is made using soft material. This harness gives you total control of your dog more than any other harness available in the market.

Connecting harness and leash is more firm because there is a 2.5-inch leash ring. This harness also has a handle, which helps in controlling the dog during any emergency. To avoid rubbing and chafing on your dog skin, this harness has heavy-duty nylon, which has a soft lining. Mesh fabric also allows free airflow that is capable of reaching the dog skin.

For someone looking for the best Front Range dog harness, this is the right one because it eliminates all the pressure on the dog neck, therefore, no possibility of neck or spine injury while hiking or taking a walk.


  • A gentle way of discouraging dogs that pulls.
  • Perfect for small and medium-size dogs.
  • Best for securing your dog in the car seat while traveling.
  • Great for outdoor walking, hunting and hiking.
  • Best reflective dog harness for night walks.
  • Draflex buckle which is lightweight and can put up with large loading.
  • Ergonomically designed therefore fits well on the dog and it is easy to put on/take off.
  • Has soft padding on the belly and chest to ensure your dog is comfortable.
  • Dual leash attachment points.


  • Horrible customer support.
  • Not perfect for strong dogs that pull.

Kurgo dog harness

Walking Harnesses for Pets
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Taking a walk with dogs that loves to pull can be a hard task. You need to have the right no pull dog harness and leash that will give you total control over your dog without hurting him.I recommend you to purchase Kurgo dog harness because it is super easy to put on an take it off.

To choose the right size for your dog, you have to follow the below procedure:-

  • Measure your dog neck girth.
  • Then measure chest girth.
  • The harness should be able to fit two fingers under the strap.
  • Make sure you set aside one on the lower and upper limit.


  • Has a reflective feature, which makes your dog visible at night.
  • Two hooks for attaching leash with one at the front and one at the back.
  • Soft handle for training your dog, which allows you to control your dog.
  • Mesh pocket for adding dog information
  • Every day use harness for walking, hunting, etc.
  • Easy to put on and take off.
  • Quick-release buckles.
  • No choke collar.
  • Good customer support.
  • Front attachment for discouraging pulling and back attachment for walks.


  • It is expensive.

Rabbitgoo dog harness

No-Pull Pet Harness
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This is a dog harness with handle, which is for dogs that love to pull when excited or meeting other furry friends. The no-pull design ensures you have good control pooch by using the front attachment point with the leash.

If the dog pulls while he has Rabbit goo harness, he/she will be turned around instead of pulling you forward. The harness also has a soft padding material that is breathable and snugly fits around the dog chest making him more comfortable while taking a walk.

Materials used to make Rabbitgoo dog harness orange in color is of good quality, therefore your dog will look like a champion.

This harness also comes with user instructions that guide you on how to put on and adjust it for a custom fit on any dog size.


  • Has front ring, which adds no pull feature.
  • Black D-ring is perfect for walking and hiking trained dogs.
  • Perfect for any dog size because it has two neck and chest straps.
  • Sliding adjuster for tightening and loosening the harness.
  • Side buckles prevent your dog from slipping out of the harness.
  • Easy to put on and take off because it is an overhead harness.
  • Made using durable Nylon Oxford.
  • Has soft padding for comfortable walks.
  • Ensure your dog body is cooled with breathable mesh.
  • Reflective strip keeps your dog safe during the night walks.
  • It’s cheap compared with other no pull dog harness


  • The strap can loosen easily.
  • Reflective material can disappear inside the harness.

Puppia soft dog harness

 lightweight soft dog harness
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Puppia harness is a lightweight soft dog harness, which is made using durable material to ensure your dog gets perfect comfort. This harness is designed to comfortably fit on your pooch chest and neck.

If you have a hard time choosing the right choice for your dog, there is a size chart provided by Puppia, which are actual harness dimensions. The chest belt is adjustable and has a buckle, which also has a soft padding material.


  • Quick-release buckle.
  • Made using 100% polyester material.
  • Machine washable harness.
  • Adjustable around the neck.
  • Lightweight buckles.
  • Air mesh material, which is water repellant and ensures your dog, can breathe.
  • Dual coating rings cannot corrode.


  • Poor customer support.
  • Worst return policy.

We have not reviewed the last two best harness for Boston terrier i.e Juxzh soft front dog harness and Poypet no pull dog harness because they have similar features with some of the harnesses we have reviewed above, however, you can check the purchase links on the table.

Dog harness related questions.

Best Dog Harness For Boston Terrier
Buying a dog harness

Dog owners looking forward to purchasing a harness for their lovely pooches have various questions they ask themselves. We have answered some of them for you.

Which is better? Dog collar vs harness

Wondering is a collar or harness better for a dog? Automatically you love your pooch and you want the best for him/her. You do not want to purchase something that will hurt your dog.

Doing a quick comparison between the two, harness is safer than a dog collar. The reason is that the load distribution in harness is even whereas in a collar it is only on the neck. The harness fits on the dog chest and belly making it perfect for dogs that are prone to the brachycephalic syndrome. However, a harness is not best for dogs that have long hair like Afghan Hound, Yorkshire Terrier, Komondor, Havanese dog, Maltese dog, etc. because it will not fit properly.

You can consider purchasing a collar for such dogs however, it is not the best if your dog loves to pull because it can increase the risk of a neck injury. Considering the above factors harness is perfect for your dog. You can check out different types of dog collars and leashes in a post we wrote earlier.

Which no pull dog harness is best?

There are key features to look for in a good no pull dog harness. The harness should have two leash attachment points. These are-

  • Rear attachment point-Back attachment points are perfect for well-trained dogs that do not pull. It can be used for attaching on car safety belt while riding or relaxed walks in the part.
  • Front D-ring attachment point-This is for dogs that pull. When the dog pulls, he is turned around discouraging them from pulling.

A no-pull harness should also have safety features like a reflective wrapping, which ensures the dog is visible during the night. The harness should also have ergonomically designed to give you total control over your pulling dog. The material should be durable and premium quality to withstand dog-pulling force. I recommend you purchase Kurgo dog harness because it has the above features.

What material are dog harnesses made from?

A dog harness is made using different material. Some are made using polyester, leather, synthetic material like nylon or cotton. However, the choice of dog harness material depends on the dog size, behavior and climatic conditions of the place you live.

Most harnesses are made using nylon, which is not the best choice for dogs that have allergies issues like French bulldogs. The leather harness is perfect for all dog sizes and types. They are more durable and strong therefore they are perfect for heavy strong canines that pull. The leather harness also does not require washing but polishing.

If you live in cold areas, harness with some cotton on it will ensure your dog stays warm while taking a walk.


It is my hope that this article about the best harness for Boston terrier will help you get the right harness for your pooch. Remember to check your dog chest girth and neck before you pick a harness. Don’t forget to share and leave a comment with your choice of Boston harness.

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