Can dogs eat jicama

Can dogs eat jicama ?

Can dogs eat jicama? That a common question among dog owners. In this article, we will look into details all about Jicama i.e. how to eat jicama, its health benefits and answer the big question is jicama good for dogs.

First, let start by defining what is Jicama.

What is Jicama

Jicama, scientifically known as Pachyrhizus Erosus, is a Mexican Yam. It belongs to the bean family. Jicama other names include Mexican potatoes or Mexican turnip.

Can dogs eat jicama?

Can dogs eat jicama? The answer is yes; however, dogs can eat not all parts of jicama. Some Jicama parts are very toxic if consumed while other parts are safe and edible.

Just like humans, some dogs may be allergic to certain foods. If your dog is allergic to Jicama, below symptoms you will detect.

  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Skin problems

It is also important that you should consult a vet officer before feeding your dog with Jicama. New dog food variety should be introduced to the dog slowly and not gradually.

Gauge your dog reaction after feeding on jicama. If the canine did not like the food or caused above symptoms, don’t prepare it again but in case your dog like the food, prepare a large quantity next time but don’t go over excess or replace jicama with regular dog’s food.

How to prepare jicama for dogs

Dogs can feed on raw jicama even though most dogs like it when cooked because it is soft and can be chewed easily.

The edible part of jicama is root. You should slice it the root into pieces that the dog can swallow. Above ground, jicama parts and seeds are unsafe for the dog or even human consumption. You have to be vigilant when preparing jicama so that you do not add poisonous parts.

Is jicama good for dogs?

Yes, Jicama is very good for dogs. There are several health benefits of eating jicama in both humans and dogs. For example

  • Jicama has a low amount of calories and fats making it a perfect meal for your dog.
  • The high fiber content in jicama makes it best for a healthy dog stomach.
  • Vitamin C, Potassium and Iron help to keep the dog immune system strong.
  • Jicama also has Inulin, which is prebiotic, and help dog to digest its food.


Jicama is very nutritious but should be consumed in moderation. Always remember only the bulb is safe for consumption. Leaves, stem, seed, and skin are very unsafe. All dog breeds like French bulldogs can feed on jicama. Treat your dog with this sweet food after training with the collar

In case your dog consumes the toxic parts, consult a vet.

Wired vs Wireless dog fence: Which type is the best for your dog?

Wired vs Wireless dog fence
Wired vs Wireless dog fence: Which type is the best for your dog?

Wired vs Wireless dog fence: Which type is the best for your dog? .This is the question every dog owner asks whenever he or she wants to confine the best four-legged friend in a safe place. For people living in the city where yards and parks are shared, using a leash is the only option; however, this is different for people who have their own yards. You can consider using a wooden or chain fence.

In case you have some vegetables or want to restrict your dog from accessing some areas of the yard, you will have to partition the dog area using either a wired or wireless dog fence.

Today you can spend a few dollars to purchase the best wireless dog fence, unlike olden days when people used to build walls.

Mostly widely used dog fences are wireless pet fence and wired in-ground or underground dog fences. To make the right decision, you need to compare between the two. Below is detailed comparison wireless vs wired dog fence systems.

Wired vs Wireless dog fence

Types of collars

Wireless fence collars     

  • They are heavier than wired collars.
  • Have two pairs of contact points for long and shorthaired dogs.
  • The collars have different stimulation levels up to five.
  • Different training modes.

Wired fence collars

  • Wired fence collars are lighter.
  • They come with one pair of contact points.
  • No variable static shock stimulation levels.

Purchasing cost

Quality wireless fence such as extreme dog fence or Pet Safe Wireless dog fence will cost you not less than $200.In case you will need to contain more dogs in the system, you will be required to purchase more collars. You will also spend more on buying batteries.

Wired fences will you almost the same amount but you will not incur more cost of purchasing extra dog collars or replaceable lithium batteries. Therefore, between the two-wired vs wireless dog fence In terms of purchasing cost, a wired fence is cheaper.

Installation cost and ease

Wireless dog fences are easy to install and require no cost. They are DIY and you set them anywhere even in a public park or a yard. This is not the same for wired dog fences. If you will prefer burying the wired fence in the ground so that it does not damage, you will incur an extra cost of paying people to dig the trenches. The cost will vary depending on the place where you live.


If you are looking for a dog fence that is portable and can be carried anywhere, wireless dog fences are the best. They are light and you can carry them inside your bag. Consider purchasing wired fence if you have a permanent resident with your own backyard.

Maintenance cost

Maintaining a wireless fence system is cheaper. If the collar or receiver has problems, repairing is a few dollars. In addition, some of the best dog training collars come with a 1-year warranty and 24/7 customer service support. I always recommend my readers to buy Sport Dog collars because they are versatile and easy to use them for puppy training or gun dog training.

A small problem with a wired dog fence may require you to dig the whole wire and replace it with a new one because tracing the place with a problem can be hard.

Signal strength

Signal strength and interference can be a problem when it comes to using wireless dog fence. Several wireless fences in the same surrounding can interfere with each other because their frequency will overlap. Error margin in a wireless fence system is 0.5 to 2 for a 200-diameter area.

Wired pet fence error margin for the whole boundary is around 0.25%. There is no signal interference if you install wired underground dog fences.

Containment area

Pet owners, who have no knowledge about wireless pet fence, search for rectangle wireless dog fence or wireless dog fence rectangular yard when they want to make a purchase. What they do not know is that most wireless fence systems cover a circular area up to 250 feet depending on the mode. However, you can cover more area and create any shape using extra transmitters. For example, if you are using Pet safe wireless fence systems, you can combine two or more transmitters.

Wired in-ground pet fence or wired underground pet fence can cover a large area and can be made to take the shape of your yard or land. The wired dog fence is best for covering a large area. Therefore, comparing wired vs wireless dog fence in terms of the area contained, wired pet fence is the best for large yards.

Featured top best dog fence reviews

wooden dog fence
Dog peeping through a wooden fence: Credits  Janko Felic:

It will be unfair if I do not review at least one of the best wireless fence for dogs and one best-wired fence for dogs.

Best wireless dog fence

We considered a dog fence that has GPS when we choose the best wireless dog fence. Gps capability makes it possible to track your dog location in the containment area. Below is our pick for the best GPS wireless dog fence.

Editor's pick for Best GPS Wireless Dog Fence.

Dog Expedition Patrol GPS System 

Best GPS wireless dog fence
Review of Dog Expedition Patrol GPS System which is the best GPS wireless dog fence on the market
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Dog Expedition Patrol GPS System   Key Features

  • This is the perfect for dog owners who want to track their dog location in a containment system.
  • It is a portable system and 100 % wireless.
  • The fence operating range is up to 800-yards.
  • The best for use at the camp, home, park or trips to any place.
  • The Dog Expedition Patrol GPS system also has abilities for remote training your dog.
  • It’s the best GPS wireless dog fence because it gives a piece of mind and your dog is free to roam.

Best wired dog fence

Editor's pick for Best-wired Dog fence

Sport DOG In-Ground Fence System

Best wired dog fence
SportDOG In-Ground Fence System review. This system is the best-wired dog fence.
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Key Features in SportDog In-ground dog fence

  • It has different levels of shock stimulation up to four.
  • Two training modes i.e. tone and vibration.
  • It can cover up to 1 1/3 acres including wire and flags.
  • The fence system is expandable up to 100 acres.
  • The collar receiver is 100% water-resistant.
  • You can include any number of dogs if you buy extra collar receivers.
  • It has Anti-linger feature.

Related Questions

Here are questions related to wired vs wireless dog fence topic.

How effective are wireless dog fences?

Every pet owner who loves his pooch must ask this very important question before buying a wireless dog fence. Statistics show that wireless dog fences are 70% effective. Some people argue that invisible electric dog fences have visible effects on the dog. It makes the dog more aggressive because of the shock.

In addition, an electric wireless dog fence does not prevent other animals from invading the containment area. They cannot be used to confine dogs that are less than 6 months. The transmitter also does not have lightning protection Therefore it risky to operate on a rainy season.

Despite their drawbacks, a wireless dog fence has its advantages. First, they are portable and easy to set up.

In conclusion, how effective wireless dog fence can depend on how you will be using the system. Depending on your needs, a wireless fence can be effective or ineffective

What is the best wireless dog fence?

There are several types of wireless dog fences. Depending on your needs and budget, there are several options for you; therefore, you have to a checklist to pick the best wireless dog fence. For example,

Choosing best wireless dog fence guiding factors

  • The number of transmitters supported.
  • Wireless dog fence range.
  • Correction levels.
  • Training options.
  • The number of dogs the system can contain.

Do wireless dog fences work on hills?

The answer is yes.

Wireless dog fences can work in any type of terrain. All you need to do is just adjust the transmitter position and the system will work fine.


Your choice between wired vs wireless dog fence should be factor driven. Pick the system that best suits your needs. Also remember your dog safety and comfort is paramount, that the reason why we take time to review best dog products. Here are some other review posts.

Irish dog names

Irish dog names -Top 300+ awesome female and male dogs names

Are you searching for an exotic dog name for your new puppy? Going for  Irish dog names will be perfect for you. Irish dog names are unique, fun and awesome. But why use Irish dog names while there are other exotic females and male dog names?

Why pick  Irish dog names?


Ireland national flag
I love Ireland

Img credits:

Ireland is a green country rich in culture. Therefore, there are several funny Irish dog names inspired by culture. Your new puppy name can be inspired by the following:-

  • Irish celebration holidays.
  • Beer brands.
  • Popular towns and cities in Ireland.
  • Irish traditions.
  • Famous Irish people.
  • Culture or Gaelic Dog Names

You don’t have to come from Ireland or have British Isle breeds to use cute Irish dog names. You can name any dog breed provided the name won’t sound like a command to the dog. Therefore, making puppy training manually or with e-collars hard.

In this article, we have compiled top Irish female dog names, Irish male dog names, cute Irish dog names, unique Irish dog names, Irish culture dog names, location and drinks Irish dog names.

Top best female Irish dog names and meanings

  • Alma -Uplifting spirit.Always happy.
  • Aideen-Irish girl name meaning: jealousy.
  • Bree -Means strong.
  • Bowden -Can refer to several things, even though in our case here means Messenger.
  • Colleen-A Irish girl name meaning intimidating,but a special and unique girl.
  • Claddagh– Irish design which shows loyalty, true friendship.
  • Dorren -A person who is warm-hearted.
  • Darcy-Cute in and out.A person who is loved by many people.
  • Darby -A caring friend.
  • Deirdre-A cute Irish name with an amazing history behind it.
  • Eileen-An Irish name which means hard working, go-getter and open minded.
  • Emerald-A sweet and caring girl who is shy.
  • Enya -A brilliant and multitalented girl.
  • Ethne -Good friend.
  • Eveleen -beautiful, smart and cool girl.
  • Eve -Amazing strong girl who helps you pick up from hard moments of life.
  • Fiona– Irish name which means: Easygoing girl, shy and laid back.
  • Gillian -Feminine version of male Julian.
  • Iona -Type of Scottish dove.
  • Keelin -A slim and gorgeous lady.
  • Keely -Looking cute.
  • Keira– Got black hair, looking good.
  • Kerry-A loyal and trustworthy lady.
  • Maeve-A creative cute girl.
  • Maire -Irish name which is a version of Mary
  • Maureen -Irish name -Gaelic version of Mary.
  • Meara-Amazing loving girl.
  • Moira -Loving, loyal and caring girl.

Cute Irish female  dog names

cute irish dog names
Hey. Do I look cute? I deserve cute Irish dog name.

gif source:

  • Nainsi -Gracious.The Gaelic version of Nancy,
  • Neala -Victor, a champion.
  • Noreen-Irish word.A version of Nora.
  • Peggy -Short form of Margaret which means pearl.
  • Quinn– A wise and intelligent person.
  • Riona-Loving, caring and friendly.
  • Rosin– Means little Rose.
  • Roiso
  • Siobhan-Irish Gaelic version of name Joan. (Gaelic Version of Joan)
  • Tara
  • Winnie -Amazing girl who loves deeply.

Top best male Irish dog names and meanings

  • Aghy -Irish baby name meaning a friend of roses.
  • Aidan -Means fiery.
  • Angus-Irish baby boy name meaning one choice.
  • Anlon -Gaelic Irish name meaning champion or a victor.
  • Brady -A good friend.
  • Brendan -Awesome, great and an amazing guy.A good friend.
  • Brody-A independent person who is strong and ambitious.
  • Carbry-Means Charioteer. Therefore, it’s a name given to boys and girls.
  • Carrick-Means a Carraig which is a  rock.
  • Cedric-Supercool person.
  • Clancy -Unique Irish baby boy name.Means a red-haired soldier’s
  • Conall /Connell- means mighty.
  • Covey– Irish boys name which means  Hound of the Plains
  • Cowan -An Irish male name which means a valley in a hill.
  • Cullen -Irish name meaning something holly.
  • Declan -Means: Full of Goodness.
  • Dermot-A boy name meaning a free man.
  • Donnelly-Male descendant.
  • Eamon-Means guardian.

Cute Irish male  dog names

  • Eloy-A Irish boy name which can be used as a male dog name meaning  Red-Haired Youth.
  • Evan -Means: little Swift One.
  • Fergus-Scottish or an Irish baby boy name which means angry one.
  • Finley -A Gaelic personal name which means hero or warrior.
  • Finn -Irish origin baby boy name meaning fair.
  • Finnegan -Comes from an Irish name Fionnagáin or Fionnagán which means fair-haired.
  • Finnian -Means little fair one. Borrowed from Irish.
  • Galen -Comes from the Gaelic origin. Means calm.
  • Gerard -Courageous.The one who carries a spear.
  • Grady-Means: illustrious.
  • Griffin -Bad and Dangerous person.
  • Ian -Its a Gaelic name for John.
  • Keiran– Means: Black-haired.
  • Kelly-Means: intelligent.
  • Leary -Gaelic name which means: calves keeper.
  • Liam -Means a strong protector.
  • Lorcan -Irish male given name which means crazy one or fierce one.
  • Maguire -Means son of the brown haired one.
  • Mannix -Boys name which means a monk.
  • Nolan-Means: A proud boy.
  • Norris – Scottish name which means a person living in the north.
  • Paddy – Name was given to the pet. Translated from  Name of Patrick.
  • Quinn -Great knowledge.
  • Riley -Clearing.
  • Rogan -Means red-haired.
  • Ronan -Means little seal.
  • Sean -Means gift from God.
  • Sorley -Person who loves to travel in summer.
  • Tiernan -Means Lord, master.

unique Irish dog names

There are several unique Irish dog names which you can choose from. Irish cities and locations, popular drinks and popular icons inspire some of the dog names.

Irish dog  names  inspired by  cities and towns

  • Blarney-Its a small town in  County Cork, Ireland.
  • Burren- Popular region on County Clare that has cliffs, caves, and fossils.
  • Cavan-County in Ireland.
  • Cashel-A small town located in south Ireland.
  • Cork- The largest city in the Ireland south.
  • Dublin-Capital city of Ireland.
  • Donegal- An amazing historic city in North Ireland.
  • Ennis-Clare county town.
  • Fingal-Count in Ireland.
  • Galway-Harbour city in Ireland. Located in West Coast.
  • Kerry-County in the south west of Ireland.
  • Kilkenny- Small town located in southeast Ireland.
  • Tyrone-Among 32 counties of Ireland.
  • Wexford-Town located in southeast Ireland.

Irish dog names inspired by   popular drinks

Do love Irish Whiskey or wine? Image src:
  • Bailey-Irish whiskey manufactured in Diageo.
  • Guinness-Originated from the brewery of Arthur Guinness-Dublin.
  • Shandy-Irish drink that mixes both beer and soft drink.
  • Whiskey-Irish fermented grain mash drink.

Gaelic Dog Names

Dogs are very important creatures in Irish Gaelic culture. They are normally used to represent courage and boldness in the society. The name of a dog in the Gaelic language is ‘madra’.Below are some of the best Gaelic dog names.

  • Aislinn -A baby girl name.
  • Bran
  • Dermot
  • Felan
  • Keeva-Meaning: gentle.
  • Rogan -Means red-haired.
  • Saoirse
  • Seamus
  • Selkie -Name for a black dog.
  • Sullivan

There are also other Gaelic dog names that can make a good name for your puppy.


From the above collection of unique, cute and Gaelic Irish dog names, we hope you find the one that suits well your new puppy.

Choosing a name for your puppy before starting any training either obedience training or gun dog training is very important. The puppy will get used to the name during training.

You can give a new name to a dog after buying or adopting him because it will mean a new life. Don’t also forget to grab the best dog beds before he arrives. Let him have his own comfortable place.



How to train a dog with a shock collar to come |A Beginner’s Guide

Shock collar lessons are essential for any dog owner, particularly because the call training establishes trust. A good and dependable response to your call will enable you to engage in adventure with the pet. It allows both to navigate through environments filled with people, other pets, traffic, and wildlife. This article is a definitive guide, highlighting the steps on how to train a dog with a shock collar to come.

Steps on how to train a dog with a shock collar to come

Step 1# Fit the Shock Collar Properly

shock collar training
Fitting shock collar

Prior to starting this training, ensure you find the kind of shock collar that fits the dog properly. Familiarize the dog with the collar to avoid frightening it because this is the first and most essential training step. Fit the collar gently after treating the dog properly, using its most favorite meal. Put the collar on and off severally to desensitize the dog, such that it concentrates on the training.

Step 2# Train the Dog its Name

This is important for new pets because they can barely respond to the owner’s call unless they know their name. Refer to the dog using its name multiple times and reward it whenever it looks at you. Over time, the dog will associate the name with a reward, before learning to respond voluntarily.

Step 3# how to train a dog with a shock collar to come: The Basic Training Call

Learning how to train a dog with a shock collar to come should begin with the understanding that the shock is a minor jolt. It is meant for correctional purposes, and not a punishment for the dog. Any time that the dog approaches you, therefore, call it by the name and mention the term ‘come.’ In case it changes direction along the way, apply the shock to send a correctional message to the dog. Check out some of the best dog training collars that you can buy.

Step 4# Introduce Distractions

Transition the practice environment into areas where there are potential distractions for the dog, including food and play toys. Mention the name and add the word ‘come’ in this altered environment. As the dog races towards you, it will come across potential distractions that will prompt it to either stop or change direction. Once this happens, apply the shock. The dog will eventually learn to respond to this call. Reward any successful execution of this exercise to reinforce the behavior.


In summary, it is relatively easy to use this guide on how to train a dog with a shock collar to come whenever it is a new puppy compared to older dogs. Nonetheless, with the right strategy, you will succeed with older dogs as well. For better results, find a properly fitting shock and only use it as a deterrent, and not a punishment.


Puppy Training Tips : Complete Guide for Beginners

Puppy Training Tips : Complete Guide for Beginners

Do you have a new puppy in your home? If so, starting off the puppy in the correct manner is crucial to its upbringing. People usually wonder at what point should they begin following puppy training tips. The answer is simple: as soon as possible. The following article contains key puppy training tips. The tips provide the path to training and keeping a balanced and obedient dog right from the beginning. New owners of puppies usually make the error of constantly worrying about using the correct accessories, food, or bed. A key fact to note is that one should spend a minimal amount of time reasoning about what or how they will train their puppy. Whereas puppies need safe and warm shelters, comfortable dog beds and nutritious food, there are also other things to consider. This puppy training tips guide will reveal them.

A puppy owner should know how crucial good behavior and socialization is for a household pet. On that notes, these puppy training tips enable one to maintain the puppy well right from the start. In addition, the puppy training tips guide you on how to develop a bond between the dog and family. With that stated, let us start with the fundamentals.

Effective Puppy Training Tips

 Puppy Training Tip 1: Obedience Training

Obedience training enables the puppy to learn his role in the home and the outside world. It will assist him to earn the skill he requires to associate with other dogs and with family members. Moreover, he will learn to relate to people from outside. This is the initial step to reinforcing healthy behaviors and mitigating the ones which might lead to negative behavior. Usually, dogs start their training by becoming familiar with easy commands like “stay” and “fetch”. Such simple commands will enable a dog to train in more specific ways. For instance, he can learn to sit in a designated section without grumbles or how to rest peacefully while the owner cooks.

The most effective part of training the dog at home is that the owner can personalize the training efforts to match his/her lifestyle and the pet. There are no correct or incorrect skills that one should begin with. It means that the most crucial thing is teaching the skills the puppy requires to become a good listen and adhere to instructions.

Also remember when naming your puppy, don’t use words that the dog can confuse to command. Use exotic dog names which are unique fabulous.

Puppy Training Tip 2: The Behavior’s an Owner Should Observe

It is crucial to identify what kind of issues one is looking to evade to enable one to teach his/her pet positive habits from the beginning.  Some owners want to reduce unnecessary barking, while others worry about the puppy chewing non-edible stuff (like shoes or hazardous electronics). Other behaviors that an owner should look out for include biting, urinating, digging, and begging as these acts are just troublesome.

Puppy Training Tip 3: Embrace Short Training

Training should be kept short since puppies have extremely short attention spans. One should maintain short puppy training sessions. An owner should practice a single command for less than ten minutes, and then later on when the chance for outside training sessions arises. A dog can only perform a single task at any given time. The owner should focus on one skill and then move to another after it is ingrained in the dog. One should always conclude the training positively to enable the puppy to be excited about the proceeding lesson.

Puppy Training Tip 4: Consistency

When one is starting school, what helps a person to learn spelling and simple mathematical tasks like adding and subtracting? Practice. This illustration highlights that consistency is important to train the new pet. A puppy not only needs to practice commands constantly with the owner, but he also needs the owner to adopt a consistent approach. This entails always support his training, even if one is busy or feeling lazy. For instance, if one is preparing a meal and the puppy is giving out signs that he wants to go outside to discharge, one should simply turn off the stove and immediately guide him outside. In addition, one should use similar command terms when teaching him simple stuff such as “stay”, “no”, or “sit.” This enables the owner to reinforce the notion that a certain term is related to a specific command that he/she wants the dog to follow.

Puppy Training Tip 5: Practice Training at All Locations

Any owner desires a puppy which is able to respond to him/her in different locations and scenario. On that note, one should be keen not to restrict training to one room of the house or the backyard. An owner should practice commands throughout the house, yard, park, surrounding neighborhood, the woods, as well as any other location one goes with the puppy. There are numerous noises and smells that can distract a dog in a novel location. One has to be certain that the pet can still do what he knows in these locations. Likewise, every member of the member should train the dog. It is crucial that everybody takes part in the training process. This will enable the dog to know where it falls in the order of the pack. It also enables the puppy to follow commands by any human rather than just one person.

Puppy Training Tip 6: Reward the Puppy

It is apparent that rewards and praises motivate dogs. One should develop positive reinforcements for the puppy. This is after he adheres to commands by giving him a healthy dog treat or encouraging him through words. Indeed, such reinforcements not only make the training more joyful for the pet, they also give him the motivation to train. The owner should be keen to ensure the treats do not constitute more than 10% of his daily calorie intake. This ensures that he does not gain weight unnecessarily.

Dogs get a certain motivation when they please their owners. Similar to human beings, they seek opportunities for rewards and praise.  One should simply make sure to stop giving the dog a treat once he begins to master a certain command. Such a move will instill the confidence to make the dog perform commands on his own. It will also show him that not every good action leads to a treat.

Puppy Training 7: The Owner Needs to be the Pack Leader

Dogs have the natural inclination to follow the pack leader. By definition, a pack leader is consistent, robust and stable. These are characteristics that most new owners of puppies tend to forget.  A puppy can sense the confidence level of the owner. If so, he will exert authority if they view the owner as weak. As this occurs, negative behaviors like chewing, pulling the leash, excessive barking, or even anxiety will start to develop.  The crucial thing an owner needs to achieve is to become the pack leader of the puppy. This role does not start when the puppy behaves badly or when he is six months old. Instead one should maintain it throughout the entire training program. By showing that the owner is the leader, the dog will grow healthy and balanced.

Puppy Training Tip 8: Veterinarian Visits

One of the foundations of good health for a dog is frequent veterinary care. It is important that a puppy adheres to a nutritional diet and workout schedule to stay balanced and healthy. Further, a vet can advise on measures one can take to care for the puppy effectively.

Puppy Training Tip 9: Consider Professional Training 

Some pet owners still decide to enlist their puppy in socialization training once they have finished home training.  Classes tailored for puppies usually enlist dogs aged between eight and ten weeks. There are classes which enroll dogs up to five months old. Such classes enable dogs to practice the positive behavior skills the owner has taught at home with other puppies and humans. Early socialization with other dogs and adults will assist the puppy to learn what is accepted in the outside world.

Likewise, if one is facing problems with obedience training at home or would just desire some guidance from a person with professional experience, a dog trainer can step in and help. Prior to hiring someone, it is important to conduct background research to ensure he/she has the needed credentials. Further, one should talk to him/her about his/her training notion. This ensures their program matches with one’s plan for the pet’s education. If one needs a referral, he/she should contact a veterinarian. He/she can also seek a person who recently underwent professional training with his/her puppy.

On a final note, the owner should understand that patience is a key skill that one requires to engage in this process. This is whether one trains the puppy at home on his/her own or if he/she seeks professional training. It is inevitable that the puppy will make mistakes and have accidents from time to time. The pet needs the owner’s support during such moments. One should kindly and clearly correct the action or behavior. He/she should also support the training command learned by the puppy. By following this puppy training tips, teaching a dog can be an exciting and fruitful venture.

Puppy Training Tip 10: Buy best dog training collars.

Also, remember to purchase best dog training collars because they are important, they can help in controlling the dog around the backyard, no barking control and also hunting training.

Read also best Sportdog collar models to buy

exotic female dog names

Exotic female dog names and meanings 2019|Experts Guide

Are you looking for a new name for your female dog? Do you want something that is unique, mundane and interesting for both you and the puppy? Consider going exotic. Look for the exotic female dog names can be hectic and you can go on ‘Wilde Gansjagd‘ meaning wild goose chase in English.

We have made it easy for you to name your female dog. We have sampled some of the top best exotic female dog names and their meanings.

Before we dive in female dog names, let first learn Dog naming tips also review Best dog training collars in the market today.

Finding cute Exotic female dog names

There are no rules for naming your new puppy, but below are some of the dog naming tips that you should look into.

  • Keep the dog name as simple as possible. Let the name be 2 or 3 syllables and end with a strong consonant. A short name will make your communication with the dog easy.
  • Ensure the dog name does not sound close to any commands. For example, if you name your dog as ‘kit’, that may sound to the dog as ‘sit’ command. To avoid confusing during dog training, don’t use such words as dog names.
  • Keep the name pleasant. Don’t use names that you will be ashamed to call out your dog in public. Using positive names for your dog will also help in bonding, building a strong relationship with your dog.

Best exotic female dog names and meanings.

Exotic female dog names can be a character inspired by movies, historical books, etc. You can also name your dog after foreign foods, popular foreigners or great rulers like Fidel-Cuban president, etc. Below is a sample of popular female dog names.

Top  120 Spanish female dog names and meanings

Spanish female dog names
Top 20 best spanish female dog names

Spanish female dog names sound funny and they are great for dog owners who want to be unique.

Why use Spanish dog names?

Spanish is a language which originated from  Spain. Currently, it has millions of native speakers in America and Spain. It’s the  2nd largest spoken language.

  1. Alejandra-Means perfect. She is Alejandra-She is the best.
  2. Alicia-means she is amazing, sweet, sexy, caring etc.
  3. Alma-means she is hilarious likes people and cute.
  4. Anita-means she is intelligent and honest. She makes a good friend.
  5. Beatriz-Means she is classy, cute and makes people happy.
  6. Bebe-Spectacular, amazing and she sticks around when things are rough. She is the best thing in your life.
  7. Belinda-She is strong, a fighter and also a lover.
  8. Bella-She is crazy, amazing, funny and cute.
  9. Blanca-She likes making merry and loves to smile.
  10. Bonita-She is a free soul, intelligent and caring.
  11. Brisa-This word means breeze in Spanish. She is sexy and attracts everyone.
  12. Carina-She is cute, amazingly funny and loyal.
  13. Carissa-She is smart and loves outdoor activities. She is warm when around people.
  14. Carlotta-She is funny and sarcastic.
  15. Carmen-She is cheerful.
  16. Catalina-She will do anything to make you happy.
  17. Charo -1970’s flamenco musician.
  18. Chica-She is hot, sexy and you’re proud of knowing her.
  19. Chiquita-She is petite/small.
  20. Cielo-She is pretty and crazy.
  21. Consuela-Cartoon actress.
  22. Cimaora
  23. Corazon-meaning heart in Spanish.
  24. Cornelia-She is social and intelligent.
  25. Cristina-She is funny and hilarious.
  26. Dahlia-She is both kind and funny.
  27. Damita-Means she is little noble.
  28. Delora-Means near seashore.
  29. Delores-She is savvy and sexy.
  30. Drina –She got a sense of humor.
  31. Eldora-She likes art.
  32. Elena-She is honest and supportive. Can rely on her.
  33. Elsa-She is there during hand times. She gives hope.
  34. Emelda-cute and amazing but keeps her secrets.
  35. Esmeralda-She likes to laugh and fun to be around her.
  36. Esperanza -She loves people easily
  37. Estrella-She is attractive and not afraid of expressing her feelings.
  38. Eva-She is amazing and trustworthy.
  39. Felicia-She gets all the attention.
  40. Fernanda-She is cute and faithful.
  41. Flor-She is sexy and shy.
  42. Frederica-Shy and hardworking.
  43. Frida-She pretends to be okay despite going through a lot.
  44. Fuensanta-
  45. Gabriela-She makes you laugh a lot. She is intelligent.
  46. Giselle-She is kind and loves to joke around with friends.
  47. Graciela-Talented and fun to be around.Amazing.
  48. Hada-She is sexy.
  49. Idola-
  50. Inez-Means pure.
  51. Inocencia
  52. Isabela-Shy at first but turns funny in the long run.
  53. Jacinta-She is innocent and pure.
  54. Jade-She is strong enough to face the world.
  55. Juana-She got no dull moments. She loves fun.
  56. Julia-She is there to offer support in time of needs.
  57. Justina-Intellectual and principled.
  58. Lalo-Nickname for Eduardo.
  59. Lareina-
  60. Lela-She is charming.
  61. Letitia-she is full of joy.
  62. Lita-cute, bold and brilliant.
  63. Lola-She is good looking and got a great personality.
  64. Loretta-bad girl, powerful.
  65. Lucia-Got stunning appearance and cares about others.
  66. Lucinda-She is funny and cute. Fall in love easily.
  67. Luisa-She is loving.
  68. Luna-Shy and cute. Always there to help you.
  69. Lupe-Kickass who loves to have fun and party.
  70. Luz-She is always nice unless you hurt her.
  71. Macaria-Always nice unless pushed to the wall, she reacts.
  72. Madrona-
  73. Magdalena-She plays hard to get and rarely trusts people or fall in love.
  74. Marcela-Kind and generous.Abit lazy but hardworking.
  75. Marcia-Loyal, Intelligent and hilarious.
  76. Margarita-She got an amazing heart. She has been hurt but does not like to show it.
  77. Maria-She is a good listener. Can give good advice. Easily trusts people.
  78. Marina-She is cute and smiley.
  79. Marta-Adorable, loving and caring.
  80. Melia-She is hot and sexy.
  81. Melosa-
  82. Mercedes-Amazing lady.
  83. Mona-She is full of love. Sensitive and get easily hurt.
  84. Mora-Means your girlfriend.Comes from Morena which means dark skinned lady.
  85. Natalia-She got nice hair with an amazing smile.
  86. Nelia-Mature, sexy and sociable.
  87. Neva-Independent, loyal and loving.
  88. Nieve-She got a blinding smile.
  89. Nina-She is hot funny and adorable.
  90. Nita-She cares about people. Sensitive and adorable.
  91. Olinda-She is sexy and loves to party.
  92. Paloma-Humble sweet person who loves to smile.
  93. Patia-Unique, simple and awesome.
  94. Perdita-Kind but holds a grudge.
  95. Presencia-
  96. Querida-Means darling in spanish.
  97. Reina-She is a queen.
  98. Ria-She is good luck and never lets you go.
  99. Rima-Caring, loving and beautiful.
  100. Risa-Loves to laugh and party.
  101. Rita-hot, sexy and beautiful.
  102. Roberta-Keeps secrets and love all people around them.
  103. Rocio-charming, friendly and got a great personality.
  104. Rosa-She beautiful amazing.
  105. Rosalinda-Nice, sweet and very cute. makes the best friend.
  106. Rosita-She loving.
  107. Sancha-freak in bed and does naughty things that a wife cannot do.
  108. Sancia-She is an amazing friend who you can trust.
  109. Santana-She is perfect and amazing. Hard to find such a lady.
  110. Savannah-She is kind and sweet. Quite during first days but get crazy when she knows you well.
  111. Senalda-Beautiful, amazing and intelligent.
  112. Sierra-She love good vibes and thinks she is ugly yet she is cute.
  113. Soledad-Loves people and she is social.
  114. Sonora-She is a very loud and cute girl.
  115. Tasia-Cool, pretty funny girl.
  116. Teresa-Caring person with a tough personality.
  117. Tia-She is a beautiful and best friend.
  118. Tierra-cute and got a promising future.
  119. Valencia-curvy, beautiful and playful.
  120. Ventura-Means very sexy.
  121. Vida-Pretty and cute.

Top 50 German female dog names and meanings

German female dog names
Top 20 German female dog names and meanings

Below are top 50 popular German female dog names that you can give your German shepherd. They are exotic dog names that are unique. Pick one and give your dog a new exotic name.

  1. Ada—sexy, wife material, noble, lovable and kind.
  2. Annika—hilarious, graceful and full of life.
  3. Aubrey—talented, noble and beautiful.
  4. Beate—big-hearted, happy and smiles a lot.
  5. Berta—intelligent, flirty and gorgeous.
  6. Britta—reliable, Strong and steady.
  7. Dagmar—smart, funny famous and sexy.
  8. Elsa—amazing and big-hearted.
  9. Fräulein—hungry blonde.
  10. Frauke—fake and cannot be trusted.
  11. Frieda-Means peaceful, funny and cheeky.
  12. Gretchen/Greta—pearl
  13. Gerda-protected and darkest.
  14. Heidi -Cute, funny and energetic.
  15. Helga-vibrant and very determined.
  16. Hulda-Unique and hard to understand.
  17. Ida-cute and careless.
  18. Irmalinda-soft, tender, gentle
  19. Kaja-alive, loving and witty.
  20. Katrin-great beauty
  21. Leona-best friend and sister.
  22. Liebe-love
  23. Liesel-hot and stunning.
  24. Lorelei-alluring, adorable and cute.
  25. Lotti-pretty and funny lady.
  26. Matilda-blonde, small, hilarious and intelligent.
  27. Mareike—Amazing and hilarious.
  28. Milla—smart and cute.
  29. Nia-honest and outgoing.
  30. Nadja—hot and beautiful girl.
  31. Norberta—blonde.
  32. Petra—strong and some you can really on.
  33. Raina—courageous.
  34. Romey—cute and gorgeous.
  35. Sigrid—loyal and cute.
  36. Sascha—cute and lights up a room.Funny.
  37. Schatzie—sweetheart, loving.
  38. Sonje—German girl name. Means wisdom.
  39. Trudi—strong spear warrior.Awesome person.
  40. Tilli—lovely and jumpy.
  41. Ula—lovely and kind person.
  42. Ulrika —wolf ruler
  43. Vala—super sexy.
  44. Vera—curvy and intelligent.
  45. Wilhelmina—crazy and funny person to hang out with.
  46. Winola—funny and hilarious friend.
  47. Winifred—cute and shy friend.
  48. Zelda
  49. Zenzi

 Top 50 Japanese female  dog names and meanings

 Japanese female dog names
Top 50 Japanese female dog names and meanings

Japanese female dog names are unique, funny and perfect for dog owners who want to remain unique in the park when you call your dog name. Below are some of the top best Japanese female dog names with their meanings.P ick one and name your new puppy.

  1. Akira –crazy but loving.
  2. Kiko –  cute and adorable.
  3. Kimi – sweet, loving and caring.
  4. Chieko –  Japanese actress and singer.
  5. Chika –  Amazing personality.
  6. Chiyo –  hot and talented.
  7. Yuina – flirts with anyone. Kinky and a slutty.
  8. Yuka – wonderful and smiley.
  9. Chiyoko –  elegant and amazing.
  10. Tomiko –  fun and energetic.Hilarious.
  11. Tomomi
  12. Ceiko
  13. Emi –  amazing and caring.
  14. Emiko –  sweet and lovable.
  15. Eri –  Japanese feminine given name.
  16. Hanako –  caring and lovable.
  17. Haru –  funny and crazy.
  18. Akemi –  Beautiful.
  19. Akiko –  gorgeous and beautiful both inside and out.
  20. Haruko –  obsessed with power.
  21. Haruna –  tall and firm.
  22. Hideko –  shy and sweet.
  23. Aiko –  kind-hearted and gorgeous.
  24. Airi –she is nice
  25. Hikari –  light and true love
  26. Hina –  cute and hilarious
  27. Hiro –  generous and amazing.
  28. Hiroko –  generous and big-hearted.
  29. Hiromi – cute, hilarious, generous
  30. Hisako –  loves life.
  31. Mana –  means love
  32. Manami –  loving, caring and  beautiful
  33. Masa –  just /true, caring and trustworthy.
  34. Hitomi – popular songwriter in Japan.
  35. Hoshiko –  celebrity
  36. Mao –  evil china ruler.
  37. Mariko – sexy, half Asian, adorable.
  38. Hotaru – introvert.
  39. Izumi –  Japan pornstar.
  40. Kamiko – cute girl and clumsy.
  41. Katsumi –  victorious and cute
  42. Kazuko –  loves peace.
  43. Kazumi – cute and loves peace.
  44. Keiko – blessed and respects people.
  45. Miwa –  cute and amazing.
  46. Miyako –  beautiful, born in the night.
  47. Miyu – beautiful, cute and gentle
  48. Kimiko –  beautiful inside and out.
  49. Kiyomi –  pure beauty, loving and caring.
  50. Kumiko – adoring, loves people and caring.

Top 15 Mexican female dog names and meanings

Below is a list of top 15 Mexican female dog names. These names are unique and they are the best for your puppy.

  1. Gitana-She is beautiful.
  2. Maria- cute and loves life.
  3. Juana-Fun loving and hilarious.
  4. Verónica-Kinky and naughty.
  5. Leticia-cute and sexy
  6. Gabriela-intelligent and cute
  7. Josefina-got brown eyes, cute latina princess.
  8. Rosa-beautiful and amazing.
  9. Francisca-hot and gorgeous.Got brown eyes.
  10. Yolanda-sweet and kind.
  11. Adriana-Amazing and adorable.
  12. Silvia-cute woman.
  13. Gloria-look cute.
  14. Araceli-stunning and breathtaking.
  15. Luisa-sweet and loving.

Top 20 Italian female dog names and meanings

Italy is an amazing country that is rich in culture. Their food is amazing. Its one of the best tourist destination.Below some of the top popular Italian female dog names that you can explore when naming your new puppy.

  1. Rosario-Cute, young and attractive.
  2. Sofia-cute and strong-minded.
  3. Giulia-sweet and amazing.
  4. Giorgia-very talented.
  5. Martina-sweet, funny and comforting.
  6. Chiara-gorgeous and beautiful.
  7. Francesca-funny and cute.
  8. Alessia-great sense of humor.
  9. Giada-amazing and cute.
  10. Ginevra-intelligent and great.
  11. Ludovica-hot, crazy and smart.
  12. Carlotta-cute and amazing
  13. Margherita-lover and a good friend.
  14. Federica-lovely and funny.
  15. Bellissa-cute and charming.
  16. Antonia-adorable and amazing girl.
  17. Caprice-cute and clever.
  18. Giovanna-shy and introvert.
  19. Stella-got a big smile.
  20. Aria-Annoying and pretty.

Top 20 British female dog names and meanings

British female dog names
Top 20 British dog names and meanings

Below are top 20 British dog names that you can name your new puppy. These names are popular among the British Isles and Ireland dog breeds like Terriers, Spaniels, retrievers etc. Explore them and pick one for your new puppy.

  1. Bree-bold and courageous
  2. Alma-All fine.
  3. Fiona  -Pure
  4. Bowden –committed.
  5. Keira Meaning: got black hair.
  6. Neala Meaning: victor.
  7. Briann Meaning: Bold
  8. Moira Meaning: Angry and bitter.
  9. Meryl Meaning: Loyal and good friend
  10. Kerry Meaning: Attractive.
  11. Bridget Meaning: Loves life.
  12. Quinn Meaning: Witty.
  13. Rhiannon Meaning: Nice and caring.
  14. Winnie Meaning: Amazing and hard worker.
  15. Nell Meaning: Caring.
  16. Iona Meaning: Amazing person.
  17. Maeve Meaning: Creative and funny.
  18. Ethne Meaning: Good friend and amazing loyal one.
  19. Delia Meaning: Pretty good.
  20. Diva Meaning: Fierce.

Top 20 French female dog names and meanings

If you’re looking for a unique and romantic dog name for your dog, you should consider picking a French dog name. French dog names are sophisticated, unique and stylish. Below is a list of top best French female dog names and their meanings.

  1. Adelaide-loyal.
  2. Adrienne-smart and funny.
  3. Adieu-goodbye.
  4. Agathe-love to have fun.
  5. Agnès-dumb girl.
  6. Aimée – a friend, loyal.
  7. Alair – jovial and playful.
  8. Amélie -hot girl and perfect one.
  9. Anaïs-french lady.
  10. Anastasie-warm hearted, loving.
  11. Angeline-shy short girl.
  12. Antoinette-sweet, kind and gorgeous.
  13. Audrey-noble and full of energy.
  14. Aurélie-
  15. Babette-great personality and loves herself.
  16. Babou
  17. Bearnaise-elegant.
  18. Éclair – pastry
  19. Edith-smart and got a bitchy attitude.
  20. Élise-cute and hilarious.

Top 20 Greek female dog names and meanings

Greek female dog names are perfect if you’re associated with great greek heritage. There are several ideas that can help you give your female dog a Greek name, for example, Naming your puppy using popular locations, great personalities etc.

Below are the top best greek female dog names.

  1. Eleni (Helen) –nice and amazing.
  2. Aiketerine (Catherine) – caring, friendly and innocent
  3. Baslikike / Vasiliki – courageous, good leader
  4. Sofia – educated and intelligent.
  5. Aggeliki (Angelica) – crazy and loving.
  6. Georgia – farmer, cute and girl from the south.
  7. Anastasia – gorgeous, reborn and loving.
  8. Evangelia / Evangeline – spreads the good news
  9. Demetra – goddess of great harvest
  10. Eirene / Irene –brings peace.
  11. Anna – Name was given to a king. Wise person.
  12. Panagiota – Someone holly.
  13. Ioanna (Joanna) – God-given gift.
  14. Kefalonia-Largest Greek Island.
  15. Konstantina (Constance) – pretty and modest
  16. Despoina – big hearted lady.
  17. Calliope – wise
  18. Alexandra – strong and patient.
  19. Kyriake – means Lord.
  20. Paraskevi – the day of preparation.

Top  20 Scottish female  dog names and meanings

Scottish female  dog names
Top  20 Scottish female  dog names and meanings

If you’re looking for Scottish female dog names, you have plenty of ideas. Scotland is a country with a lot of history. Better know for whiskey and golf. Below is a list of top Scottish female dog names their meanings.

  1. Cait-Nice, clever and great friend.
  2. Caitlan-Intelligent and gorgeous.
  3. Adair-crazy and smart.
  4. Davina-cute and pretty.
  5. Deidra-Smart and talented.
  6. Nora-young and strong.
  7. Paisley-got stunning eyes and amazing personality.
  8. Aileen-cute, adorable and unique.
  9. Ainsley-freaky and amazing.
  10. Alice-caring and smiley girl.
  11. Bretta-funny.
  12. Cassidy-Quite.
  13. Teagan-attractive.
  14. Tyra-attractive and intelligent.
  15. Whitney-fine and cute.
  16. Cora-Caring and loyal.
  17. Cori-pretty and cute.
  18. Crichton-attractive and cool.
  19. Crissie-pretty and stupid.
  20. Dacey-caring and straightforward.

Top 20 Irish female dog names and meanings

Irish female dog names are unique. Instead of naming your dog with the traditional old names, consider picking Irish dog name to celebrate Irish great culture and heritage.

  1. Kira – cute and elegant.
  2. Erin – amazing listener. Loves to laugh.
  3. Sheena – Kind and modest.Willing to help.
  4. Rosalyn –funny and unique.
  5. Aoife –funny and kind-hearted.
  6. Orla – shy and crazy.
  7. Lia – smart and very talented.
  8. Muriel – hot with a great sense of style.
  9. Glenda – cute and sexy girl.
  10. Breana – strong, good friend and cute.
  11. Cadie – cute, sweet and charming.
  12. Shanna – cute kind young lady.
  13. Sybil – gorgeous amazing lady.
  14. Sinead – cute both inside and out.
  15. Bidelia – strong and relaxed.
  16. Eimear –amazing.
  17. Ciara – sexy and pretty.
  18. Clodagh – amazing, great sense of humor.
  19. Deirdre – sorrowful
  20. Eileen – hardworking and sexy lady.

If still, you cannot find a perfect name for your dog, try using Dog name generator and find perfect exotic female dog names for your puppy.