What are the best indoor swimming pool for dogs

What Are The Best Indoor Swimming Pool For Dogs
Complete guide on dog swimming pools.

On a hot summer day, we human beings love to cool our bodies by swimming in a pool. Do you know also dogs feel the heat and they can enjoy swimming in a pool? Most dogs like French bulldogs huskies and pugs love to swim a lot and they can really be happy if purchase them a swimming pool.

It is important to note that an outdoor or indoor swimming pool for dogs are designed in a way they are safer for your pets because chances of them drowning are minimal. Pets should not be allowed to swim in deep pools constructed for human beings.

Instead of looking for indoor swimming pools for dogs near me, I opted to purchase a pet pool and I really saved a lot of money. Very few pet owners know that there is a dog swimming pool that is portable and can be kept indoors for your dogs and cats to play around with the water safely.

In this article, we will review some of the best dog swimming pools available in the market. Our reviews are based mainly on customer reviews at the time of writing this article.

If you’re in hurry below are our top five pools for dogs in our list

Image Name Key Features Check price
picture of Jasonwell foldable dog pool Jasonwell foldable dog pool Foldable pool that is easy to store
Slip resistant
Made using tough pvc material
Check Price on Amazon
picture of Frontpet foldable dog pool Frontpet foldable dog pool Large dog and kiddie pool(50 inches diameter and 12 inches deep)
Long lasting pool
Easy to transport.
Made using strong plastic material
Check Price on Amazon
All for paws dog pool All for paws dog pool Does not need inflation
Anti-slip floor
Portable and easy to fill
Large dog pool which is 63-inch diameter
Check Price on Amazon
Furryfriends foldable dog pool photo Furryfriends foldable dog pool Best dog pool on the market
Portable with fordable panels
Large to fully submerse all dog size
High grade material
Check Price on Amazon
Kopeks outdoor dog swimming pool Kopeks outdoor dog swimming pool Made using high grade pvc material
Easy to fold dog pool
Easy to use
Extra large dog pool for all pet size
Check Price on Amazon

Factor to consider when purchasing dog swimming pools

When looking for dog swimming pools you can get overwhelmed by many great choices that you may come across. Having key guiding factors is the only way you can choose the right indoor swimming pool for dogs and small kids. Below are some of the key guiding features that we looked for when we picked our top ten dog pool choices.


Dog pools are made using different materials like PVC, plastic, metallic, etc. A dog pool should have strong, durable and tough material that is capable of withstanding strong nails especially if you have large dogs.

Some dogs also love to chew and if the pool is made using a soft material, the pets will chew the pool walls and it will collapse.


Storage method of a pool is very important. The fact that dog pools are only used during hot summer, they will have no use in winter, therefore, every dog owners want a pool that can be folded easily for storage.

If your dog pool is very large and does not fold to store in the garage, then the material will be subjected to harsh conditions, which will make the pool to tear.

Most swimming pool for dogs can be folded up and they come with storage bags for easy carrying. Make sure the model that you are going to purchase is easy to store otherwise you will not be able to carry the pool when going for a vacation.


Dogs are of different sizes and when choosing a swimming pool for them, the pool size matters a lot. If your dog is large and strong, you will require a heavy-duty large pool that can completely submerge your big pet.

Large pools are also the best because if you have kids they can join your pets and have great fun playing. There are different pool sizes, therefore, make sure you choose correctly what is right for your pet and kids.

Pool drainage

Most pools have drainage spout where you can completely drain out the water that you had filled in the pool. Drainage spout is very important especially for dog owners who carry their pools when on vacation because you can easily drain the water and fold up your pool for transportation.

However, this is different for someone who has permanent storage for the pool. For example, if a dog loves to chew the drainage spout and water drains out, it can flood your garage and destroy your property. Therefore, you need to determine if you really need a pool with drainage spout or not.

10 best dog pools

Jasonwell foldable dog pool

Jasonwell foldable dog pool picture
Click this image to check price

If you are looking for an extra-large dog pool round in shape Jasonwell is the best for you. This dog pool comes in different sizes i.e. medium and extra-large for all pet sizes. Not only your pets can enjoy playing inside this pool if you have little kids and toddlers they can also join your dogs for real fun.

Despite this being a large dog pool, it is can be folded into a small size to make storage easy and portable to carry anywhere you go with your dog. Some pools for dogs are hard to inflate and setting them is not easy however, with Jasonwell foldable dog pool you do not need to inflate it. You just need to unfold and add water and in a few minutes, your dogs will be enjoying the pool game.

You can also easily drain the water with the bottom side drainage spout. Sides of this pool are made using extra-tough PVC material, which is durable. The bottom is thicker with a slip-resistant material, which prevents this pool from skidding when kept on a slippery floor. The material used to make Jasonwell pool is environment-friendly therefore, you will feel more responsible once you purchase this dog pool.

Actually, this is was most rated and reviewed dog pool at the time of writing this article. Comparing this pet pool with other brands, it is more studier, durable and comes in different sizes. You will not regret acquiring this pool for your pets.

Other Jasonwell Foldable Dog Swimming Pool key features

  • Simple to use. You do not have to inflate before adding water.
  • Easy to store and carry.
  • Comes with a carrier bag.
  • Thick side and thick bottom for slip-resistant.
  • Made using environmentally friendly material.

Frontpet foldable dog pool

Frontpet foldable dog pool
Click this image to check price

When summer is around the corner we all get excited and purchase our beachwear ready for all-day swimming. If you have pets, they also need a way they can beat the summer heat in style. Purchasing them Front pet dog pool will be a good idea.

Frontpet dog pool is for the dogs that love being outdoors. It is designed in a way that your dogs and cats will enjoy hot summer days outside swimming and playing with your kids without worrying about tear or leakage.

Maybe you are wondering if Front pets are soft or hard plastic dog pools? These pools are not made using ordinary plastics. They have hard plastic that can last for years.

In case you have big dogs or small kids who love playing inside the water, this pool is very large measuring 12” deep and 50” in diameter meaning your dogs can comfortably get submerged inside the water when sitting or standing.

One thing I love about this portable dog pool is the ability to fold and pack easily when empty. Setting the pool is a very easy process. All you need to do is to ensure the draining plug is closed. Place running water inside the pool until it fills the pool to your desired depth.

You can place a hard surface on the bottom for added protection if you are going to use the pool on a surface that is very hard.

Key features

  • Large dog pool for extra-large dogs and kids.
  • Made using long-lasting material that is durable.
  • Perfect pet toy for the cooling body during summer.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Easy to carry from one place to another.
  • Does not need inflation.
  • A durable bottom that cannot puncture or rip off.

Furryfriends foldable dog pool

Furryfriends foldable dog pool
Click this image to check price

Everyone even dogs love to cool dip inside water on a hot summer day. In another way, dipping your dog inside a pool full of water is a way of washing your lovely friend clean. Furry Friends dog pool is designed for easy use and adaptability.

You do not require inflating this pet pool to use it. Made using durable high-grade material this is not your standard cheap dog pool.

While watching your pup play inside the water jumping in and out of the water, you will have peace of mind knowing that the pool will not leak or tear due to the impact. The pool is deep enough to accommodate large and small dogs i.e. they can completely get soaked.

Dog owner looking for a portable and foldable pool that is easy to carry even when taking a vacation this is the right one for you. It is easy and quick to drain water.

Other Key features

  • Easy to set up and carry.
  • Large dog pool measuring 12” deep and 50 “in diameter.
  • Has fordable panels that are easy to pop up and carry away.
  • Designed using high-quality durable material that can withstand strong playful dogs.
  • Helps to keep your dog cool during summer.
  • Best durable pool for dogs available in the market.

Kopeks outdoor dog swimming pool

Kopeks outdoor dog swimming pool
Click this image to check price

This is not only a dog pool but also a toddler pool. If you live near the ocean or you are on vacation, you don’t have to risk your small kid’s life by letting them get inside the ocean. There are strong waves which they cannot put up. Instead, purchase this Kopeks outdoor dog swimming pool and carry to the beach.

Put it near the ocean and unfold it. Make sure you also carry collapsible gallons that you can use to fetch the water from the ocean. You will only take very few trips to fill this dog pool and it will be ready in eight minutes.

Once it is full, your kids and dogs can enjoy playing inside the water as you swim also in the ocean. You will have no worries because your kids will be safe. Once the kids are done playing, you just need to open the draining plug and in seconds all the water will be out then you will fold it and carry it away.

Here are key features I love in Kopeks dog pool

  • It is so easy to bath your pooch using Kopeks pet pool.
  • Large dog pool measuring 63” diameter and 12” deep.
  • Setting up and taking down takes less time.
  • Made using heavy-duty industrial PVC material.

All for paws dog pool

All for paws dog pool
Click this image to check price

All for paws can be shortened to AFP who are leading pet products manufactures based in China. This company has over 7 years’ experience serving customers globally. AFP Company makes efficient, reliable quality products that are sold at a reasonable price.

AFP has a team of creative designers and dedicated staff who their only mission is delivering quality products that every dog owner will love.

Key features we loved in all for the paws dog pool

  • Large dog pool measuring 63 inches in diameter.
  • Portable and easy to fill a pool that can be carried anywhere.
  • Made using long lasting strong PVC material.
  • The bottom is this pool is designed with an anti-slippery feature.
  • To fill this pool you do not need to inflate.
  • Easy to fold.


Intex mini frame pool

Intex mini frame pool
Click this image to check price

Thinking of buying a rectangular swimming pool and you are wondering which one is the right one for you. We got the best dog pool for you, which is an Intex rectangular frame pool. This is based on a true story from my friend who loves shepherd dogs.

During hot months in Colorado, my friend bought this pool for his is  German shepherd dogs so that the dogs could cool off and enjoy the summer.

My friend really loves the pool so far and he has not encountered any problem until now. He wanted a cheap dog pool that can be stored easily when not in use especially in winter without taking much space in the garage.

Another key guiding factor that my friend had in mind is a heavy-duty dog pool that is capable of tolerating tough dog nails. Inflatable dog pool option was not in his mind. After doing a quick search online, he came across an Intex dog pool, which is rectangular and fell in love with the design.

My friend has realized that the pool is very strong and is capable of sitting on it without being squished. Apart from acting like a dog pool, he also uses it as a bathtub for washing his pets.

When I visited my friend during one summer, I was keen to note some of the features that made my friend purchase this pool. Below is the list.

Key features

  • 12 inches deep therefore small dogs like pugs can have a difficult time getting out.
  • Can hold 89 gallons of water.
  • Dog age above 3 years.
  • Setting up is easy.
  • Easy to drain the water.

Petsfit Portable Outdoor Pool

Petsfit Portable Outdoor Pool
Click this image to check price

Everyone loves his/her pets and we treat them as family members. We want the best for them and Petsfit company believes in this concept. One of the products that customers love is Petsfit dog swimming pool, which has no harm to your dogs, cats, and toddlers. The reason is that it is made using high-quality durable material therefore capable of withstanding big dogs with strong nails.

Most of the customers who have purchased Petsfit foldable dog pool have positively reviewed this product as easy to set up because it can pop up. Once the dogs are done playing, you can drain the water and fold it for easier transport.

Why we love Petsfit dog pool

  • Measures 41 inches in diameter and 12 inches in height.
  • No inflation
  • Applications include dog bath, indoor and outdoor pool, and fishpond and toddlers bath.
  • Easy to use.
  • Easy to drain.
  • Large enough for all dog size.
  • Inside made using waterproof nylon that does not allow leaks.
  • On the sides are heavy-coated wireframes, which prevent collapsing when water is full.

Zacro dog pool

Zacro dog pool
Click this image to check price

Hot weather greatly affects dogs and cats because they have difficulty respiring. You may wonder why dogs stick out their tongues during the hot summer. It is a way of cooling their body by respiring more. Buying your dog a large fordable pet pool can be a good idea because your pets can bathe and play in the pool to cool their body.

Zacro foldable dog pool is one of the best large pools, which can be used by large dogs to comfortably swim during summer. This pool has been reviewed positively as an easy to set up and fold for storage.

The inner side of the pool lining is made using good quality material that does not leak. You can drain the pool by opening the drainage hole.

This is not only a dog pool but also great kids pool for a 3-year-old and the price is worth it. Below are key features that make Zacro stand out from the rest pools.

Key features

  • Interior has a non-slip pattern, which prevents kids and pets from breaking their legs.
  • Made using strong PVC material, which is 0.5cm thick.
  • Does not collapse, foldable and easy to store.
  • Big water spout for drainage.
  • Non-slip bottom.

Fuloon swimming pool

Fuloon swimming pool
Click this image to check price

Fuloon portable dog pool is for dog owners looking for a multipurpose pool that can be used by small kids and pets. This pool comes in different sizes and you can choose the size depending on how big is your dog or kids.

Some dog owners who buy dog pools always have two questions in their minds i.e. will the pool fold back once the water is drained or will the pool stand up when it is full of water. If you purchase the Fuloon dog pool, you will not experience these problems.

Most customers have positively reviewed this product. Some of the key features that I have noted most customers love are-

  • This pool is made using strong PVC material that is resistant to tear and slipping.
  • Non-slip bottom.
  • Non-collapsible walls.
  • Easy to drain water.
  • Foldable and easy to store.

Expawlorer dog swimming pool

Expawlorer dog swimming pool
Click this image to check price

Summer days can be tough for your dogs. While you enjoy swimming in the pool with your family, your dog will be so lonely feeling hot if there is no way he can cool off. Do not let your dog have miserable summer seasons shedding of their fur, make sure you purchase Expawlorer dog pool.

One feature we found out in Expawlorer dog pool is the ability to withstand large dog breeds with strong nails because it is made using strong high-quality PVC material. The bottom is durable and heavy-duty therefore; you will not experience punctures once the pets start playing inside the pool.

If you have dogs that love to chew, they are likely to damage the pool walls. It is a good idea if you can add some chew toys like Mozart to keep the dogs more entertained.

Key features

  • Large for accommodating big dogs. The pool measures  12 inches deep and 63 inches in diameter.
  • Made using waterproof tough material.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Cannot collapse when full of water.

Reasons why you should purchase a swimming pool for dogs

There are several reasons why you should buy your dog a swimming pool. Most dog owners start running around looking for dog swimming pools only during summer when their pets need a way to cool the pet body.

Dog swimming pools can be very useful in various ways. For example, you can use the pool as a bathing tub for your dog. You can add water and then the right shampoo . Once everything has been added in the water, wrestle your dog inside the pool if your dog hates water. Once inside the pool, you can take very little time to wash your dog.

During dog swimming time, the pool can act as a good way to bond your pet with your kids. They can both get inside the pool and have a good time playing. It is also important to note that swimming is a good way of exercising your dog’s especially breeds like pugs, which are sensitive to obesity.

Frequently asked questions

Is it OK for dogs to go in the pool?

Is It OK For Dogs To Go In The Pool?
Dog jumping inside a water pool Photo by Murilo Viviani on Unsplash

Can dogs swim in chlorine pools? This is one of the questions that dog owners ask themselves when they want to swim with their dogs in the pool.

Actually, it is fun watching your dog plunge in the pool however; there are health risks associated with this. In a normal human being swimming pool, the chlorine levels are very high. Even though they are safe for human beings, they pose a great danger to dogs because they have sensitive nose, ears, and eyes.

If you have to swim with your dog in the pool containing chlorine, it is important to ensure the chlorine levels are checked and safe for the dog.

Can a dog drown in a pool?

Just like human beings, also dogs can drown. We may think they are great swimmers and they cannot drown but that not the case. If a dog panics while swimming because of heavy currents the dog is likely to drown.

Several remedies can prevent the dog from drowning. For example, you can purchase dog life jackets, which he can wear while swimming. You should also closely monitor your dog when he is swimming.


It is my hope this article about the best indoor swimming pool for dogs will help you in making the right decision for the pool that you will buy for your dog. Always have in mind the key guiding factors. Our top pick comparing with others is  Jasonwell foldable dog pool.


  • Its the most reviewed dog pool.
  • It is affordable.
  • Portable
  • Durable 
  • Made using environment friendly material.



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