How to train a dog with a shock collar to come |A Beginner’s Guide

Shock collar lessons are essential for any dog owner, particularly because the call training establishes trust. A good and dependable response to your call will enable you to engage in adventure with the pet. It allows both to navigate through environments filled with people, other pets, traffic, and wildlife. This article is a definitive guide, highlighting the steps on how to train a dog with a shock collar to come.

Steps on how to train a dog with a shock collar to come

Step 1# Fit the Shock Collar Properly

shock collar training
Fitting shock collar

Prior to starting this training, ensure you find the kind of shock collar that fits the dog properly. Familiarize the dog with the collar to avoid frightening it because this is the first and most essential training step. Fit the collar gently after treating the dog properly, using its most favorite meal. Put the collar on and off severally to desensitize the dog, such that it concentrates on the training.

Step 2# Train the Dog its Name

This is important for new pets because they can barely respond to the owner’s call unless they know their name. Refer to the dog using its name multiple times and reward it whenever it looks at you. Over time, the dog will associate the name with a reward, before learning to respond voluntarily.

Step 3# how to train a dog with a shock collar to come: The Basic Training Call

Learning how to train a dog with a shock collar to come should begin with the understanding that the shock is a minor jolt. It is meant for correctional purposes, and not a punishment for the dog. Any time that the dog approaches you, therefore, call it by the name and mention the term ‘come.’ In case it changes direction along the way, apply the shock to send a correctional message to the dog. Check out some of the best dog training collars that you can buy.

Step 4# Introduce Distractions

Transition the practice environment into areas where there are potential distractions for the dog, including food and play toys. Mention the name and add the word ‘come’ in this altered environment. As the dog races towards you, it will come across potential distractions that will prompt it to either stop or change direction. Once this happens, apply the shock. The dog will eventually learn to respond to this call. Reward any successful execution of this exercise to reinforce the behavior.


In summary, it is relatively easy to use this guide on how to train a dog with a shock collar to come whenever it is a new puppy compared to older dogs. Nonetheless, with the right strategy, you will succeed with older dogs as well. For better results, find a properly fitting shock and only use it as a deterrent, and not a punishment.


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