Best dog clippers for professional groomers and dog owners 2020 review

Best Dog Clippers
Detailed review of Best professional dog Clippers available in market

If you are looking for best dog clippers, most probably you own a pouch that needs professional dog grooming services, which can be expensive depending on where you leave. Purchasing your own pet clippers can save you a lot of time and money because you will be able to groom your friend at home.

Other reasons that make dog owners to purchase dog hair clippers is because some dogs do not enjoy going to the parlor to have their fur trimmed. They love being trimmed at their own comfort. However, purchasing the best dog clippers is not a walk in the park. You should put into consideration several factors so that you can easily determine which clippers are the best.F or example, clippers have the following features:-

  • Different types of blades.
  • Rotations they make per minute.
  • Heat dissipation
  • Quiet and noisy ones.
  • Cordless and corded.

In addition, some clippers are designed purposely for a certain dog breed e.g. poodles, Yorkies, Shih Tzu and dogs with matted hair. In this article, we will review the top best pet clippers available in the market.

Table of top rated Dog hair Clippers

Preview Name Key Features Check Prize
Andis dog clippers Andis dog clippers Has 2 speed detachable blades
Its cool and quite when running
Easy to remove and clean the blades
Heavy duty cord for movement around the animal
Has shatter proof housing
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Oster professional dog clippers Oster professional dog clippers More rotations per minute
Wider blade for faster clipping
Has powerful heavy duty motor that is 2 speed
best dog grooming clippers for dogs,cats and horses
Has A5 blade that is detachable,easy to change
Package comes with blade oil,clipper grease,brush for cleaning,replacement carbon brushes and CryogenX blade
Check Prize on Amazon
wahl clippers Wahl dog clippers with Bravura Lithium batteries Comes with powerful lithium ion battery
Has 5 in 1 blade
Light weight cordless clipper
Lithium battery can last for 90 minutes
Takes 60 min to fully charge the battery
Package contains hardbook,6 plastic combs,cleaning brush,blade oil,charger stand and charger,storage case

Check Prize on Amazon
Andis Excel Pro-Animal 5-Speed  clipper Andis Excel Pro-Animal 5-Speed clipper Has rotary motor for all animal grooming
Variable 5 speed motor
Anti-slip grip housing
10% faster than AGC Super 2-Speed.
Comes with ceramic size 10 blade
Easy to remove blade
Ceramic blade that last long and cools fast
Check Prize on Amazon
PetTech Professional quiet dog clippers Cordless clipper
Low noise
Best for cats and dogs
Low vibration
Adjustable blades
Safe,comfortable and easy to use clipper.
Life time replacement guarantee
Check Prize on Amazon
oneisall Dog Shaver Clippers oneisall Dog Shaver Clippers Has built in LI-on Battery
Safe and sharp blades that are easy to clean
Low vibration and noise
Check Prize on Amazon

What to look for when buying dog grooming clippers

Picking the right dog clippers or pet clippers is not an easy task, its overwhelming one because there are hundreds of choices to choose from, However, there are unique and excellent features to look for when buying dog clippers. Below is the breakdown of the features.

Cordless vs Corded Clippers

Understanding different advantages and disadvantages of cordless and corded clippers, can enable pick the right one depending on your needs?

Cordless dog clippers

Below are advantages of using cordless clippers:-

  • You do not have to be stuck on the wall while grooming your pooch i.e. it’s mobile because it uses batteries.
  • It’s lightweight therefore easy to use and does not tire you.

You should take note of the battery life used by the clipper. Thick dog hair consumes a lot of power when compared with light fur.

Most commonly used batteries are NI-cad and Lithium batteries. Ni-cad batteries use the old technology, they drain charge fast and they are cheaper whereas Lithium batteries are can last for several hours and charge very first.

Corded hair clippers

Corded dog hair clippers are suitable for professional pet groomers because you do not have to worry about batteries. If your dog has matted and thick hair, purchasing corded clippers will be a good idea because you require more power.

One disadvantage of corded clippers is space. They need extra space to maneuver because of the cord hanging from the bottom.

Condition of the blades

To trim your dog hair properly and for both of you to enjoy the grooming experience, purchase hair clippers that have sharp and durable blades. Sharp blades mean neat and faster grooming experience whereas blunt blades will slow the whole process until your dog will become restless.

Sharp and durable blades are made of either ceramic, stainless steel or the two combined. Adding chrome to a stainless steel blade make the blade rust resistant.

Motor Sound

If your dog gets nervous because of sounds, purchasing clippers that have a loud motor will be the worst mistake can make. The motor will scare the dog and it will be difficult to complete the grooming session.

Multi-speed motor

If you own different types of dog breeds and you groom all of them, go for a clipper that has a multi-speed motor because different dog fur will require different speed. For example, a short-haired dog will need slow speed whereas dogs with thick fur will require more speed.

Light clipper models.

Heavy dog clipper will strain your hand while grooming your dog especially if you own a large dog like a mastiff. Once you get tired, you can accidentally injure your dog or the trimming will not be fine. Go for clippers that are both powerful and lightweight.

Motor rotations per minute (RPM)

Rotations per minutes mean the number of rotation the motor makes every single minute. For you to be able to cut through thick, coarse and matted dog hair, you will require a pet clipper with a motor that is making several rotations per minute. Slow moving motors can tangle the dog fur causing pain on the dog.

Accessories included in the clipper package

Picking dog clippers with other accessories like cleaning brush, Dog shampoo, cleaning oils, and combs can save you a lot of money and time purchasing new ones. Why should you purchase while you can get a free one once you purchase pet clippers.

Dog Hair clippers detailed review by category

Best dog clippers for Yorkies

Yorkies are single coated dogs and their fur resembles that of a human hair. This hair can be long and silky. These types of dogs are considered non-shedding, therefore, they require trimming just like human beings. Our pick for best dog clippers for Yorkies is Andis dog Clippers.

Andis dog clippers

Andis dog clippers
 Click this image to check the price

Dog grooming pros who love high speed, durability and clippers that can stand all coats love Andis dog clippers.  Some of the reasons why Andis is the best professional dog clippers is because it is quiet when operating. You can groom pets that are very sensitive to noise. The clipper has a locking switch, which ensures the clipper cannot be turned off accidentally.

A quick look at this product in Amazon, this clipper has over 600 positive customer reviews. There is also a wide range of colors that you can choose.

Other Andis dog clippers features

  • Has round barrel for a wider grip.
  • Its housing is break resistant.
  • The blades are detachable and compatible with all blades i.e. Ceramic Edge, Show Edge or Ultra Edge blades.
  • The cord is 14 feet and heavy for easier movement around the animal.
  • Best for all dog coats.
  • Has a two-speed rotary motor.

Best dog clippers for poodles

Poodles do not shed nor do they have a double coat that most breeds have. They have a single, dense coat of hair that is curled. The hair grows until some fall out but it fallbacks inside the poodle coat, therefore, poodles do not shed like other dog breeds. The best dog clippers for poodles is Oster a5 clipper.

Oster a5 clipper

Oster a5 clipper
Click this image to check the price

Oster Company makes efficient and fast pet grooming clippers. For example, Oster Turbo A5 has a heavy-duty motor cannot be stuck even in the densest and thick pet coat. This clipper motor delivers 4,000 strokes per minute, therefore, capable of tangling any dog coat not only poodles.

Oster clippers are top rated grooming clippers. With over 1700 customer reviews and 4 stars rating in Amazon.

Other Oster A5 clipper key features

  • Wider blade for faster trimming.
  • Heavy-duty -two-speed motor i.e. 3000 and 4000 SPM.
  • Ideal for clipping dogs, cats and horses coat.
  • Has detachable blades system.
  • Package contains blade oil, clipper grease, cleaning brush, and Cryogen blade.

Best dog clippers for Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu is a little dog that has a short muzzle and large eyes, which are dark. They have a double coat, which is soft, and long, Therefore, Shih Tzu c need to be trimmed using top-rated professional dog grooming clippers. Our pick for best dog clippers for Shih Tzu is Wahl dog clippers with Bravura Lithium batteries

Wahl hair clippers

Wahl hair clippers
Click this image to check the price

Wahl Bravura clipper combines both power and durability. Its uses Lithium ION batteries that are the best in terms of charging and retaining power. The clipper also has 5 in 1 blade, it’s lightweight and cordless.

It is capable of running for 90 minutes with the full operation until the battery charge is depleted completely. It will take you only 60 minutes to recharge the battery.

According to Amazon data, this product has 4.3 out of 5 stars rating and over 500 positive customer reviews.

Other Key Wahl clippers   features

  • Ideal for grooming cats, dogs, pigs and horses.
  • Uses a lithium ion battery.
  • Lightweight
  • Ergonomic design, therefore, comfortable on your hand.
  • One-year warranty.

Best dog clippers for matted hair

Trimming matter hair can be very painful because the hair has been tangled into knots.Matted hair can cause discomfort in dogs or even cats, therefore, it is important to find the best dog clippers for matted hair. Our pick is Andis Excel Pro-Animal 5-Speed Clipper.

Andis Excel Pro-Animal 5-Speed Clipper

Andis Excel Pro-Animal 5-Speed clipper
Click this image to check the price

This clipper has a variable 5-speed motor, which is perfect for grooming all animals. It is ergonomically designed for comfort. The blades are detachable which makes changing and cleaning easy.

Here are key Features

  • Blade is ceramic and runs cooler.
  • Anti-slip housing.
  • Variable 5-speed trimming.
  • Perfect for tough coats.

Best quiet dog clippers

Quiet dog clippers are perfect for pets that are sensitive to noise. Below is a detailed review of the ideal quiet dog clipper.

PetTech Professional quiet dog clippers

PetTech Professional quiet dog clippers
Click this image to check the price

PetTech grooming Kit allows you to groom your dog at home with a quiet clipper. The clipper is cordless, therefore; you can trim your dog coat anywhere any time you want. According to Amazon data at the time of writing this post, this product has over 900 customer reviews and 4.2 stars out 5 rating.

Key Features

  • Low noise clippers.
  • Perfect for medium thin coats.
  • Comes with multiple blades.
  • Lifetime replacement guarantee.

Best cheap dog clippers

Are you tight on budget but you still need to groom your pet? Grab Oneisall Dog Shaver Clippers, it is   the best cheap dog clipper available in the market

Oneisall Dog Shaver Clippers

Oneisall Dog Shaver Clippers
Click this image to check the price

According to Amazon, this product goes for $29.99.It’s a quiet clipper that produces about 50db. Your pet will be at ease during the grooming process.

Here are key features

  • Has built-in ION battery, which is rechargeable.
  • Safe and sharp
  • Easy to clean because it has detachable blades.
  • Low vibration.
  • Cordless


Dog breed, clippers type either cordless or corded, should determine your choice for dog hair clippers. We hope our review will help you make the right choice. Do not forget to share.

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