Best dog training collar for german shepherd

In this article, we will look at some of the best dog training collar for german shepherd. Remote trainers are also known as e-collars, shock collars, and remote trainers. This article focuses on finding the right e-collar for one dog breed called German shepherd. It is very important to understand German shepherd temperament and body size before we can even review training collars that you can buy.

German shepherds are large size dog breeds with a well-built body compared with other small dog breeds like French bulldogs, Shih Tzu or pugs. They are known to be the best guards while still being a lovely pet that children can play with.

List of best German shepherd training collar 

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Garmin gps dog collar review Garmin gps dog collar Best GPS collar Check Price on Amazon
Petrainer Shock Collar review Petrainer Shock Collar best shock collar under $100 Check Price on Amazon
petronics shock collar reviews Petronics training collar Best under $50 shock collar Check Price on Amazon
Petsafe stay & play wireless fence review Petsafe stay & play wireless fence Best wireless dog fence Check Price on Amazon
Dogrook bark collar review Dogrook bark collar Best bark collar Check Price on Amazon

Brief Facts About German Shepherds

Adult female or male German shepherd can weigh between 75-95 lbs. and they can live for 10-12 years. GSD dogs can be over-guarding and aggressive. To prevent them from becoming aggressive and overprotective you should start training them at an early stage when they are still puppies. Training them on how to socialize and obey commands can help in making them good home pets.

To ensure you are successful in training you need to have the best German shepherd training collar with you. You may be wondering what these training collars will do or how they will help you. According to Wikipedia , Training collars also known shock collars, E-collars, zap collars or electric collars are devices for training dogs. They normally deliver humane electric shocks of variable intensity on the neck in order to communicate with dogs to either deter bad behavior or make them obey commands. Using training collars for German shepherds you will have total control of his/her movement and you can be able to teach them what is right. It is important to note that some training cannot be achieved with the use of the only leash. Most professional dog trainers recommend the use of E-collars because they are very effective. In case you may want to understand how shock collars came into use, read ecollar history


Different types of training collars

We can group dog training collars into four main categories i.e.

  • Regular collars.
  • E-collars also known as Shock collars or remote trainers.
  • No Bark collars
  • Containment systems.
  • Remote locating  GPS collars

Regular collars

These are simple collars that can further be grouped into flat, martingale and head collar. They are normally made of leather and they are useful when you want to attach a dog identity or leash. It has recommended that when training dogs using shock collar you do not attach a leash on it but you should purchase a regular collar for attaching a leash.

Remote trainers

They are electronic devices that consist of a remote and receiver. The receiver is a collar that you put on the dog neck. When the remote is activated, humane electric shocks are delivered on the dog neck depending on the intensity that has been set.

These remote trainers or ecollars are useful when reinforcing already learned commands like sit, stay or come. In addition, you can curb unwanted behaviors in dogs like chasing people, ground digging and jumping on people.

What the shock does on the dog is to grab is attention and enable you to communicate easily since you cannot do it verbally. Combining shock collars and sounds like shouting you can effectively train your pet.

No Bark collars

No bark collars are special types of training collars that are worn by a dog that has a tendency of barking excessively. These collars are capable of detecting when a dog barks because very have microphones or vocal cords vibration detectors.

There are different types of no-bark collars. These are-

  • Spray-These are no-bark collars that produce a spray of air or citronella when the dog barks deterring or interrupting them.
  • Shock –No bark shock collars deliver an electric shock when the dog barks.
  • Ultrasonic-These are no-bark collars that emit a sound when dog barks hence interrupting them.

GPS Enabled collars

GPS collars are types of dog training collars that have the capability of indicating the location of your pet on the remote LCD screen. Fitted with maps you can be able to trace your dog or even your fellow hunters who get lost in the forest while hunting.

Wireless pet containment systems

Containing a dog in a specified area can be a hard task. With the help of a wireless pet containment system, you can restrict your dog in a circular field. If the dog goes behold the specified boundary, they get an electric shock on their neck. One advantage of these systems is that they are easy to install. It is also important to note that wireless containment systems are not very effective and they are suitable for use at home and not in public places.

Choosing the best shock collar for german shepherd

If you love your German shepherd,   you will always want to buy the best product for him/her. Training collars are of various types with different functionalities and capabilities. Below are a few factors that you can consider when purchasing the best shock collar for GSD.

Type of usage

Before you can walk into any pet store or browse online store to order a dog-training collar, you should be aware of how you intend to use the collar. If you don’t really understand what you need you can end up purchasing no-bark collar instead of boundary shock collar or wireless dog fence. No bark collars cannot be used to train dog commands nor can training shock collars can bed used in containment systems.

Easy to use

Shock collars have features that make them easy to use. For example, Rheostat dial-up makes it easy to change the stimulation level. E-collars that have visible LCD screen and buttons that are dedicated for performing various functions are also easy to use and you cannot shock the dog unintentionally.

Remote training range

The training range of a shock collar is the maximum distance between the collar receiver and the remote. This distance can depend on the area where you are training. For example, when training on high grounds that is hilly the collar receive may not receive remote signals when the distance is increased. You need a more powerful training collar if you want to train your dog hunting. To train your dog in the backyard and not in hilly terrain, a shock collar with remote training of 330 yards can work perfectly for you.

Number of dogs you intend to train

Different training collars have varying capabilities. Some are expandable while others are not expandable. If you own two or more dogs, purchasing shock collar that is expandable can save you a lot of money because you will only need to add a collar receiver when you add more dogs.


If your dog loves outdoor activities like swimming and hunting even when it is raining you will need to purchase a waterproof shock collar. With a waterproof training collar, you will not worry when your dog gets inside a swamp or gets out when it is raining.

It is also important to note that remotes that come with these collars are also water-resistant and they can be submerged fully in water.

Stimulation levels

Modern remote trainers are not like the old ones, which did not have a way to vary stimulation intensity. Depending on how your dog responds to shock stimulation, you can vary from low setting to high, therefore; you cannot hurt your dog.

Training modes

Shock collars have different training modes. These are shock, beep, light, and vibration. Professional dog trainers do not recommend the use of the only shock. Some dogs can respond when you use only beep or vibration.

Good training collars for german shepherds should have different training because you do not know which one will be more effective. Shock should be the last resort when you have tried all other training modes.

Best e collar for german shepherd

We are now going to review in detail top shock collar for german shepherd that you can rely on and they will never fail you.

Dogtra fieldmaster training collar

Dogtra fieldmaster training collar review
Click this image to check price

Dogtra fieldmaster is one of the most popular training collars produced by Dogtra Company. A collar that stands out among the others is this one. The fact that it has high output it is suitable for all kind of training like k-9, hunting and sporting.

For the most aggressive dogs, you can vary the power range to increase stimulation while you can decrease for small dogs that respond easily. The system can stand any harsh training conditions because it is waterproof.

Other Key features

  • It has an LCD screen that allows you to check the stimulation level.
  • Receiver collar and remote are rechargeables and replaceable batteries
  • Three different stimulation modes i.e. nick pager and continuous vibration.
  • Stimulation levels between 0-127.
  • Training range up to ½-mile range.
  • Battery indicator with 3 bars.

Package contents

  • Remote
  • Collar receiver
  • Test light
  • Training manual
  • Charger an splitter cable
  • Carrying bag

Petrainer Shock Collar

Petrainer Shock Collar review
Click this image to check price

Looking for a cheap and effective shock training collar german shepherd, Petrainer collar is the right one for you. This collar will not break your bank. Even though this shock collar costs less than $50, it seems it is one of the best and we can support this with massive reviews on amazon.

Petrainer dog training collar is for dog owners who love taking walks around the park or playing with their pets in the yard. Using this shock collar, you can correct your pet obedience with ease without having to rely much on the leash. Built with a new dog owner or starter dog trainer in mind, it is the right e collar for german shepherd dog.

Key features in Petrainer collar and remote

  • Shock and vibration stimulation between 0 and 100.
  • A simple interface that is easy to understand this means you will spend more time correcting your German dog behavior and not learning how this shock collar works.
  • Remote training range up to 330 yards.
  • It has a power-saving mode for saving your battery charge.
  • Memory function meaning it can return to a previous training state.
  • Perfect for all dog size i.e. it has adjustable collar size.
  • It has three training modes i.e. static, vibration and tone.
  • Types of training you can accomplish with this shock collar are obedience, hunting, jumping, digging and aggressiveness.
  • Both receiver and remote are waterproof and they are rechargeable.
  • Contact points are skin-friendly because they are made of soft silicone.

Petronics training collar

petronics shock collar reviews
Click this image to check price

Petronics shock collar PDR is one dog-training device that is easy to use and very effective in training. This training device has four different types of training modes i.e.  Shock, vibration, beep, and light. It’s the best dog training collar under 100.

With Petronics dog collar, you can be able to solve various dog problems like chewing, biting, digging and barking. You can effectively walk your dog off-leash using this waterproof dog training collar. When you purchase this collar, it comes with a 5-year replacement guarantee. It also has a money-back guarantee for customers who are not satisfied with the device. Below are other key features.

Key features

  • Variable stimulation levels between 0 and 100.
  • E-collar training range up to 330 yards.
  • Perfect for correcting dog bad behavior.
  • Remote and receiver easily synchronize with strong signal stability.
  • Perfect for all dog sizes i.e. large dogs like German shepherds and small breeds like pugs.
  • One remote has the capability of controlling up to two dogs.
  • Contact points are made of soft silicone that protects dog skin from being damaged.
  • Collar receiver is waterproof meaning your dog can enjoy water sports like swimming and you will not be worried when training in wetlands.

Package contents

  • One remote.
  • One Receiver.
  • Nylon belt.
  • Charging cable.
  • Charger
  • Bulb for testing
  • Petronics dog collar manual.
  • Three different size contact points for various types of dog coats.

Dogtra EDGE Long Range  training collar

dogtra edge rt review
Click this image to check price

 This is the top best dog training collar for german shepherd in this review. Dogtra edge rt is a training collar designed for both owners and professional trainers who want a device that is easy to use durable, expandable and customizable.

The remote is ergonomically designed to fit the palm of one hand and you can operate it single-handed. With Rheostat dial, you can vary the stimulation level easily. Actually, the Dogtra edge is the best long-range dog training collar that is capable of training up to four dogs at the same time. Apart from hunting, you can use this e-collar in k-9 training, etc.

Other Key features

  • Long training range up to 1-mile.
  • Fully waterproof remote and receiver.
  • It comes with rapid charging batteries i.e. 2 hours charging time.
  • LCD screen for checking correction level.
  • Ergonomically designed remote and receiver.
  • Has tracking mode with in-built in beacon and LED light.
  • Different training mode i.e. Nick, pager and constant stimulation.
  • Zero to 127 stimulation levels in Rheostat dial.
  • An expandable system capable of training up to 4 dogs.
  • Perfect for all dog sizes.

Now that we have reviewed the top best shock collar for german shepherd it’s now time to review other types of german collars that are helpful in training.

Best bark collar for german shepherd

German shepherds are large breeds of dogs. If you want to purchase a bark collar for German shepherd you need to search for bark collar for large dogs.

Dogrook bark collar

dogrook bark collar review
Click this image to check price

German Shepherds need to have the best bark collar and this is Dogrook. There are several reasons that made us pick this collar for review here. First, it has the most rating with over four thousand in amazon. Those people who highly recommend this no bark collar are over one hundred while those who say it stops barking are over eight hundred. Let now look at the key features that make this no bark collar the best.

Key Features

  • Two training modes for no barking i.e. beep and vibration.
  • Perfect for both small and large dogs.
  • The collar is 100% waterproof.
  • A humane dog training method that prevents dog barking.
  • This collar comes with two automatic barking collars

WWVVPET Spray Dog Training Collar

WWVVPET Spray Dog Training Collar review
Click this image to check price

This WWVVPET Spray Dog Training Collar is a no bark collar with two different training modes i.e.  Beep and spray. It does not use shock what most people consider to be inhumane. Reviews of this collar on amazon are positive with most people concluding that it is easy to use and it is well priced also costing less than $50.Below are the key features that you will like in WWVVPET citronella bark collar.

Key Features

  • Two training modes i.e. automatic anti-barking mode and remote-controlled mode. When you leave your dog at home wearing this collar you can be assured he/she will not bark.
  • It comes with rechargeable batteries that are built-in and takes 2 hours to charge.
  • The lithium-ion batteries can last for 7 days of serious training.
  • Fully waterproof collar.
  • The transmitter is expandable and can control up to two collars on different dogs.
  • Perfect for all dog breeds that are over eight lbs.
  • Citronella spray collar is safe, humane and effective in stopping dog barking.
  • Battery and spray content indicator.
  • Has on and off button for adjusting the level of sensitivity.
  • Training range up to 500ft.

Best gps dog collar for german shepherd

If you need a GPS dog collar you have two options. You can either purchase a  collar that has a remote and can be used to perform other dog training or purchase only a tracking collar that cannot be used in any other training.

I am going to review two collars that you can use to track your dog i.e.  Garmin GPS dog collar and Pet GPS Tracker for Dogs.

Garmin GPS dog collar

Garmin GPS dog collar review
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Garmin T5 GPS Dog Collar is a high sensitivity GPS receiver that has beacon lights. The beacon light can be activated using a remote. The light only works during the night and dog can be visible up to 100 yards. When you purchase this collar and with Garmin Alpha Remote, you can be able to train your dog obedience and hunting easily. This is the best GPS dog training collar.

Key Features

  • Waterproof and can be immersed in water up to 10 meters.
  • Straps for replacement are available in any store online or locally.
  • Very sensitive GPS tracker.
  • Comes preloaded with US maps.
  • Modes include LED beacon light, tone, vibration, and rescue mode.
  • The battery can last for 20-30 hours.
  • Touch screen display.

Petfon GPS Tracker for Dogs

Petfon GPS Tracker for Dogs
Click this image to check price

If you want to track your dog movement and have detailed reports in your hand, this is the right collar for you. Petfon GPS Tracker is capable of tracking dog or cat movements when taking a walk. However, you cannot use this tracker for indoor or remote tracking.


  • There is no monthly fee to use this tracker.
  • Works well in the wilderness or hilly grounds.
  • Uses GPS, Bluetooth, and wifi to get the location.
  • The device is easy to use and it is waterproof.
  • It is a long-distance tracker with standby mode.
  • Other features are geofence, custom voice, and alarm.

Best Wireless pet containment systems for German shepherd

German shepherd dogs need the freedom to play outside with toys or even with kids or other dogs. Playing will keep them fit and they can be able to resist some sicknesses. Your GSD can only have this freedom of playing even when you are indoors if you can afford to buy a wireless pet containment system. The most bought and used system is Pet Safe Stay & Play Wireless Fence for Dogs. So we are going ahead and review this wireless dog fence.

Petsafe stay & play wireless fence

Petsafe stay & play wireless fence review
Click this image to check price

For over 30 years now, Pet Safe US Company has been a leader in the making of pet products. One of their most sort after product is Petsafe stay & play wireless fence. Using this wireless dog fence, you can give your German shepherd a safe and secure place when he/she can play with toys. The system is easy to install and takes very little time. Below are the key features that make this system feature in our best dog training collar for german shepherd list.


  • You can cover a circular area range that is ¾ acres using this system.
  • Easy and hassle-free when setting because it is wireless therefore no wires required.
  • The system is portable therefore; you can carry it anywhere like when going camping or park visit.
  • The collar is waterproof.
  • Adjustable collar straps can fit any dog size i.e. between 6 and 28 inches.
  • The battery lasts long up to 3 weeks.
  • You can add more pets in the boundary with extra collars.
  • Battery indicators for warning you when charge depletes.

Package content

  • Remote.
  • Power adaptor.
  • Water-resistant collar.
  • Charger.
  • Training flags.
  • Testing light.
  • Contact points for both long and short dog coats.
  • Training manual.
  • Warranty

Trips on training German shepherd with shock collar

Now that we have reviewed and recommended training collars for gsd we had on our list, it is our hope you will find one model suitable for you depending on your budget. Once you have purchased the training collar you will want to begin training and this is where most dog owners get it wrong. Below are some shock collar training tips that can help you if you are a  beginner trainer.

  1. Begin obedience and behavior change training without shock collar

Before you can even begin training your dog using a shock collar its better first to try other humane and less threatening methods. Most professional dog trainers recommend shock collars as the last resort method you should try bad behavior.

It is also important to note that shock collars have also different corrective training methods like beep, vibration, and different shock stimulation levels. A good pet owner will begin training using beep and vibration. If the dog does not respond, you can now go ahead and introduce static stimulation using the lowest setting.

  1. Start training using the lowest stimulation level

If it is impossible to avoid the use of shock on your german dog, start with the lowest level of stimulation. Some can respond to low stimulation, therefore, no need of using a high static level.

In case you start using, high stimulation level your dog will get used to the stimulation and it will no longer be effective in training.

  1. Beware aware that high shock stimulation does not equate more understanding

This is a very common myth, especially among beginner dog trainers. The belief that the more they shock their dog they more they are likely to learn fast.

Shock collars should be reinforced with other training techniques like rewards. Think of a scenario where you are a student. Your teacher gives you an exam about a unit you have not already learned. If you fail, you are beaten. You are likely to become hungry and even drop out of school because you cannot withstand the beating anymore. This is cruelty.

This applies to also dogs. They need first to learn the commands before you can even begin using shock collars. The rule is, teach your dog basic commands first. If there is less behavior change start using beep and vibration. Then you can proceed to the lowest stimulation level and increase with time.

  1. Use shock collar when it is necessary

Not all mistakes that equate to shocking your german shepherd. Most dog owners believe that the fact that their dog has a shock collar on their neck can be shocked at any time for even slight mistakes.

You need to understand when it is necessary to use the shock collar and when not to use it. In addition, it is very important to use shock at the right time. For example, you should shock your dog when he/she is doing bad behavior so that they can know what they are doing is bad.

Safety precautions when using remote dog training collars

Shock collars are electronic devices therefore observing safety precautions is important to ensure your dog is safe while training. Wrong use of shock collars will have no positive effects on behavior change and incorrect use of the same will only add discomfort in your german shepherd. Below is a list of safety precautions you should take seriously when you purchase the best e collar for GSD.

  • Once you purchase the e-collar, wear it on your dog neck for one week before you can begin training. Allow your dog to get used to the new device on his/her neck.
  • Do not attach a leash to shock collar. You should only attach a leash to collar meant for leash training.
  • When not training, do not leave the shock collar on the dog neck. Your dog should only have regular collars for identity or for attaching the leash.
  • Configure shock to the lowest stimulation level. Do not begin training with a high shock stimulation level. Begin training using the lowest intensity level and gradually increase it with time depending on how your german shepherd responds.
  • Introduce treats as part of shock collar training. Always reward your german shepherd with the best treat when he/she obeys commands.
  • In case your German shepherd becomes aggressive while training using shock collar avoid it and use other aversive training methods.

Frequently asked questions

Below are some of the frequently asked questions about German shepherd shock collar training.

Are shock collars bad for german shepherds?

The answer is yes and No. Shock collars when used in the correct way, they can help you in training your GSD to obey commands and also curbing bad behavior like digging and jumping on people. However, if you wrongly use them they can affect your relationship.

In order to understand if shock collars are bad or good for german shepherds, let look at the pros and cons of using these training devices.

Shock collars pros

  • Stimulation levels are adjustable therefore; you can train different dogs with variable sensitivity levels.
  • Effective in curbing bad behaviors According to many pet owners it only takes very few shocks to curb dog-unwanted behavior.
  • The devices can work while you are away. For example, this applies to no-bark collars. If your dog has bad behavior of barking when you are not around and your neighbors keep complaining, purchasing dog no-bark collars can help you. The bark collars have the ability to detect when your dog barks and they can either spray them or shock them depending on your choice of bark collar.
  • They are cheaper alternatives. It is very costly to hire a professional dog trainer than purchasing shock collars. One good thing about shock collars is that there are various types with different feature and depending on your budget; you can always get the best dog training collar for German shepherds.

Shock collars cons

  • The shock is inhumane and most pet owners cannot stand causing pain on their pets. It is considered as a negative reinforcement and most trainers considering positive reinforcement.
  • Shock can cause anxiety and fear in dogs. Because of regularly shocking your dog, they can begin fearing certain objects or they can even become afraid of you.
  • Unintentionally correction. This can happen especially with bark collars, which can pick sound from other dogs and deliver shock on your dog. This can confuse them and make them more uncomfortable.

Do shock collars work on german shepherds?

Shock collars can work on any dog breed not only german shepherds. They can be useful when reinforcing already learned commands like sit, go, come, etc. and correcting or curbing bad behavior like jumping, digging and chewing household items.

According to Humane Society, “Shock collars use electric current passing through metal contact points on the collar to give your dog a signal. This electric signal can range from a mild tickling sensation to a painful shock.

This means you can grab your German shepherd attention using shock commands and it is more effective than when shouting at them. You can stop bad behavior easily from a distance using shock collars.

What size collar for german shepherd puppy

Your German shepherd puppy collar size can depend greatly on the breeding and growth of the puppy. However, you should get a collar that is longer than 11 inches and adjustable. Some puppies will start using 9 inches collar, therefore, purchasing puppy collar that is 2 or 3 inches longer will last longer.

If you have the puppy at home, you can measure the neck or ask the breeder so that you buy a collar that will be able to adjust the size as he/she grows bigger.


It is our hope this article has highlighted you on the best dog training collar for German shepherd. It is not arguable that German shepherd is a very popular dog breed used as working dogs. They can be trained easily all you require is the best training tools. Grab your favorite ecollar so that you can begin training.

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