Best French Bulldog Toys to keep him busy

Best French Bulldog Toys
Here is a list of top best Best French Bulldog Toys

French Bulldogs commonly know as Frenchies are loyal and fun-loving dogs, therefore, buying the best French bulldog toys is very important because it will keep them busy and entertained. Bulldogs make the best companion for human beings especially small children and people living alone (singles).

Their physical appearance makes them unique when compared with other dog breeds like Siberian husky etc. They also have a short coat that should be cleaned using Shampoo often depending on the activities he does.

French toys are not only used for entertainment, For example,  chew toys for French bulldogs are very important for bulldogs in the brat stage or during the teething stage which happen between 4 months and 6 months.

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Preview Product Rating Prize
Treat Ball Interactive Food Dispensing Dog Toy Best Interactive French Bulldog toys Check Prize on Amazon
Foxtail Fetch Ball for Dog Best throwable French bulldog toys Check Prize on Amazon
Mozart Dog Chew Toys Best French bulldog chew toys Check Prize on Amazon
Wickedbone Automatic & Interactive dog toys Best Interactive high tech dog toy for 2019 Check Prize on Amazon

In this article, I will sample 10 Best French bulldog toys but before that let look at types of French bulldog toys and how they are used.

Types of French bulldog toys:

  • Interactives-These are toys, which your bulldog can play alone with them without the help of another dog or person.
  • Throwables-Are kind of toys that are perfect for playing fetch or tossing with your bulldog.
  • Chewables-These are toys which are great tools for bulldogs in the brat stage.
  • Comfort toys-They are big toys that dogs can sleep over them in the house. These toys are perfect for anxious dogs because it calms them.

Top 10 toys for french bulldogs

Treat Ball Interactive Food Dispensing Dog Toy

Treat Ball Interactive Food Dispensing Dog Toy

Check Prize on Amazon

Treat Ball promotes Healthy French Bulldog lifestyle, active feeding, and exercise they require. You can add your dog favorite snack, which will be slowly dispensed as the dog roll the ball.

Why we love Treat Ball 

  • Comes in different sizes, therefore, best toys for French bulldog puppies.
  • Helps dog to exercises.
  • Boosts dog mental stimulation through playing.
  • The treats that are dispensed by the treat ball helps in establishing a cordial relationship between the dog and owner.
  • You are able to adjust feeding levels difficult.

Foxtail Fetch Ball for Dogs

Check Prize on Amazon

Foxtail is a very old brand that was started back in 1992 by a high school teacher. Many dog owners use Foxtails with their active French bulldogs. It can be stacked in a pocket and pulled out, swing it and throw. It will sprint up to 50 yards range.

What we love about Foxtail 

  • Easy to throw and flies very far up to the 50-yard range, therefore, your pup is in for great exercise and fun.
  • The ball is durable, made using a tough rubber. Even if it is not a good chew toy for bulldogs, it is the best fetch toy French bulldogs.
  •  Made using Innovative design. You do not need to throw this ball like a baseball. It is easy and fun when using Foxtail. For sure, it is the best fetch toy in the market.
  • Foxtail is an old brand. It has been in the market for the past 25 years and has been bought a million times.

Mozart Dog Chew Toys

Check Prize on Amazon

Mozart dog chews toys is a set of ropes that are made using natural cotton. They are perfect for French bulldog puppies in the teething stage because they massage, clean, remove soft tartar and prevent gum disease.

Reasons why you should buy Mozart Dog Chew toys

  • Mozart chews toys help in reducing dog anxiety. Dogs, which love to chew, can destroy furniture, shoes, socks etc. in the house. Purchasing indestructible dog toys for chewers will help to preserve your valuables in the house. Mozart toys top among the best toys for aggressive dogs.
  • This toy pack comprises of Duckworth dog toy and you know that all dogs love duck stuffed puppy chew toys. They are one of the best French bulldog stuffed toys.
  • Mozart dog toys is a set that caters for all dogs’ types’ .i.e. rope toys for aggressive chewers, big toys for big French bulldogs, chew toys for large bulldogs, dog duck toy, French bulldogs tug toys etc.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed or money back.
  • Made using high-quality materials, which is durable and safe.
  • Mozart dog toys can be cleaned; therefore, they are the best washable dog toys.

Wickedbone Automatic & Interactive dog toys

Check Prize on Amazon

Why Wickedbone is the Best Interactive high tech dog toy

  • Wickedbone is a fully interactive system that is very intelligent. It can react to different dog actions by use of an emotional built-in system. For example, when your dog runs away, Wickdbone will run after him and when a dog chases it away, it runs.
  • Wickdbone can be controlled using an App by pairing it using Bluetooth. Using the app, you can be able to play different indoor and outdoor modes.
  • It has long lasting battery life.
  • Made of Polycarbonate, it is safe, strong and soft for all dog sizes, therefore, it is also safe for you and your dog.
  • Easy to clean. It has removable tires that can be cleaned or replaced in case they are worn out.
  • It comes with three tires with different colors; therefore, it is customizable depending on your favorite color.
  • Made for both dogs and cats. It is the best interactive dog toy.

ZippyPaws Woodland Friends Burrow

Check Prize on Amazon

ZippyPaws doubles both as a toy for large dogs and a den for playing hide and seek. This huge toy is perfect for dogs that love to dig.

You can play with your pup a challenging game where you put hedgehogs into the den and your pup will go inside the den to dig them out. This toy keeps your French bulldog busy, happy and engaged in the game. If you have two or three puppies, they can play hide and seek game, hiding inside the super huge toy.

 ZippyPaws Dog Toy key Features

  • ZippyPaws is made using a soft fabric that cannot hurt teething French bulldog puppies.
  • Perfect for small, large and medium dogs.
  • Materials that make Zippypaws is hard picked from the best quality.

Automatic Playball Ball Launcher & Thrower for Dog

Check Prize on Amazon

Automatic  Playball Ball launcher and thrower for dogs is the ultimate toy you need to have a happy French bulldog. It is perfect for indoor and outdoor activities. For outdoor activities, you will have to purchase batteries but for indoor activities, you can use a power adapter.

Playball has three different levels of launching power for each selectable mode. Active mode can be checked by looking at the LED indicator. It is easy to use and you can train your French bulldog how to enjoy this toy. Inside the package is user manual that guides you on how to use the ball.

Key Features

  • It is easy to use. Comes with three balls that are thrown to different distances. The dog fetches the ball and brings them back into the hole so that they can be relaunched again.
  • Best for small dogs because the balls are small.
  • Perfect for outdoor and indoor activities.
  • The balls are saliva resist; therefore, they cannot jam the machine.
  • Once your bulldog is familiar with this toy, you do not need to be around; he/she can play alone and have fun.

BarkBox Starter Kit Assortment Dog

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BarkBox is the box you should purchase if you love your dog. Inside the box, are two toys, 2 bags that contain natural treats and chewable. Perfect for surprising your lovely friend.

Key Features

  • Grains treats are all-natural and made in the USA.
  • Perfect for dogs with 20-40 lbs.
  • The box has two plush toys, natural treats and one chewable making it best toys for French bulldog puppies in teething stage.

Petper Dog Flying Disc

Check Prize on Amazon

Key Features

  •  Petper dog flying disc uses TPR which is safe, durable and non-toxic material.
  •  It is big in size (9-inch diameter), perfect for large and medium-sized dogs.
  •  Variety of colors to choose i.e. blue, pink, dark blue and Yellow.
  • Uses flight design, which makes it capable of flying high than the others.
  • Perfect for water activities like dock diving training etc.
  • Petper is not for dogs that love to chew, therefore, your dog needs supervision when playing with this fly Frisbee.

Allstar Innovations Wobble Giggle Ball

Check Prize on Amazon

Wobble Giggle Dog Toy is one of the best interactive toys for all dog breeds. When the dog push, pick or shaken this ball, it makes funny noises.

Key Features

  • For all dog sizes and ages.
  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor games.
  • Keeps your dog playful, jovial, fit and healthy.
  • It has six clutch pockets, which allow the dog easily to pick the ball.
  • The ball has tubes inside which make noise when shaken or rolled.

StarMark Bob-A-Lot Interactive Dog Toy

Check Prize on Amazon

Key Features

  • StarMark Bob-A-lot dog toy feeds and makes your dog exercise at the same time.
  • Can fit up to 3 cups of food.
  • Bottom and top opening area able to accommodate all types of dog food and makes it possible to regulate food dispensing difficult level.
  • It has an anti-slip bottom, which makes it wobble. Wobbling movement entices the dog to play.

Related Questions

Here are questions related to Best french bulldog toys topic.

What treats are good for French bulldogs?

What treats are good for French bulldogs?

Apart from toys to keep French Bulldogs entertained and busy, they need treats, which they can chew. Chewing is common for French bulldogs puppies in the teething stage. Being a dog owner who loves his canine friend, you should have the best treats and chews for French Bulldogs in the house.

Here are some of the treats or chews that will make a happy French bulldog.

  • JicamaMexican yam, which belongs to the class bean. It is so sweet and perfect treat delicacy for your dog occasionally.
  • Salami though it’s not recommended to feed your French Bulldogs with a lot of salami pieces. Just a small slice once In a while can act as a perfect treat.
  • Milk Bones.
  • Royal Canine Treats.
  • Gravy bones etc.

Do French bulldogs chew?

If you are asking yourself this question most probably, you have never owned a French bulldog before. French bulldogs are the best chewers. Puppies between the ages of 4 months and 6 months are in the teething stage where they will chew anything they come across in the house, therefore, its recommended to buy treats and toys for both puppies and big bulldogs.

What are good chew toys for bulldog?

Before I share the link of the best bulldog chew toys, let me first look into some of the factors to consider when choosing good chew toys for French bulldogs.

What Qualities should good Frenchie chew toys have?

  • It should be soft on puppies’ teeth to avoid gum damage while chewing.
  • It should have a certain angular shape to fit in the bulldog mouth properly.
  • Made using non-toxic water resistant rubber.
  • In addition, it has to be bite resistant’s i.e. it does not tear who dog bites it.

If you are looking forward to purchasing a good chew toy for your French bulldog or English bulldogs, I recommend you buy Bibolin Dog Toothbrush and Chew toys.

The reason why I recommend this chew toy is that it can serve several purposes. Apart from acting as a chew toy, it can help in cleaning your dogteeth’s and gums. In addition, it has all the above characteristics of the best bulldog chew toys.


For your bulldog to have a healthy life and see the best of him, he needs to have good food, a shelter where he can relax after a hectic day of training and other accessories he needs in his daily life.

Picking the Best French bulldog toys is very important because it is the beginning of having a healthy and happy Frenchie. It is my hope this article helps you.

Do not forget to share this article and leave a comment below of your experience with Frenchie’s.

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