Can dogs eat jicama ?

Can dogs eat jicama ?

Can dogs eat jicama? That a common question among dog owners. In this article, we will look into details all about Jicama i.e. how to eat jicama, its health benefits and answer the big question is jicama good for dogs.

First, let start by defining what is Jicama.

What is Jicama

Jicama, scientifically known as Pachyrhizus Erosus, is a Mexican Yam. It belongs to the bean family. Jicama other names include Mexican potatoes or Mexican turnip.

Can dogs eat jicama?

Can dogs eat jicama? The answer is yes; however, dogs can eat not all parts of jicama. Some Jicama parts are very toxic if consumed while other parts are safe and edible.

Just like humans, some dogs may be allergic to certain foods. If your dog is allergic to Jicama, below symptoms you will detect.

  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Skin problems

It is also important that you should consult a vet officer before feeding your dog with Jicama. New dog food variety should be introduced to the dog slowly and not gradually.

Gauge your dog reaction after feeding on jicama. If the canine did not like the food or caused above symptoms, don’t prepare it again but in case your dog like the food, prepare a large quantity next time but don’t go over excess or replace jicama with regular dog’s food.

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How to prepare jicama for dogs

Dogs can feed on raw jicama even though most dogs like it when cooked because it is soft and can be chewed easily.

The edible part of jicama is root. You should slice it the root into pieces that the dog can swallow. Above ground, jicama parts and seeds are unsafe for the dog or even human consumption. You have to be vigilant when preparing jicama so that you do not add poisonous parts.

Is jicama good for dogs?

Yes, Jicama is very good for dogs. There are several health benefits of eating jicama in both humans and dogs. For example

  • Jicama has a low amount of calories and fats making it a perfect meal for your dog.
  • The high fiber content in jicama makes it best for a healthy dog stomach.
  • Vitamin C, Potassium and Iron help to keep the dog immune system strong.
  • Jicama also has Inulin, which is prebiotic, and help dog to digest its food.

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Jicama is very nutritious but should be consumed in moderation. Always remember only the bulb is safe for consumption. Leaves, stem, seed, and skin are very unsafe. All dog breeds like French bulldogs can feed on jicama. Treat your dog with this sweet food after training with the collar

In case your dog consumes the toxic parts, consult a vet.

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