Can dogs eat salami?

Can dogs eat salami?

Can dog eat salami? Is salami bad for dogs? Every dog owners who want to feed their dogs with salami asks these questions because they want the best for their canine friend. Before I go into details about can dogs eat salami? And what to do if my dog ate salami? Let first look at what is salami.

What is salami?

According to Wikipedia, Salami(Salame in singular) is a type of sausage that is cured. Its main ingredient is beef or pork meat that is fermented and air-dried.

It is originally from Italy. Other additional ingredients used to make Salami include-

  • Garlic.
  • Salt.
  • Vinegar.
  • Several herbs.
  • Wine and minced fat.

The reason why salami is popular among European peasants it is because it can be stored up to 40 days, therefore, supplementing fresh meat supply that may not be available all the times.

Can dogs eat salami?

I hope my answer will not disappoint you. Can dogs eat salami? The answer is Maybe Not. I would not recommend feeding your dog with salami because it contains a high amount of sodium and fat, which are unsafe for both dogs and human beings. In addition, Salami contains garlic powder, which is toxic to your dogs. In summary, Salim is bad for dogs.

What are the health risks of feeding dogs with salami?

If your dog ate salami in large quantities, it may lead to salt poisoning because one salami slice can contain up to 214mg of sodium and 26% fat. Excess fat in dogs can be to obesity all dog breeds especially French bulldogs which have huge anatomy.

Symptoms of salt poisoning in dogs

Salt poisoning in dogs because of eating cured salami has the following symptoms:-

  • Dog abdominal pain.
  • Increased rate of urination.
  • Vomiting.
  • Increased water uptake.
  • Diarrhea.

 What difference between cured and uncured salami?

You can differentiate between cured and uncured salami by just looking at the texture. Salami is cured to add some flavor in them and increase the number of days they can stay in the shelf before they are bought and consumed.

Curing prevents the growth of bacteria, therefore, all salami is cured using either natural resources or chemical preservatives. Uncured salami is the one that had undergone a natural curing process. In conclusion, we can answer this question –Can dogs eat uncured salami? Yes, but in small quantities because uncured salami even though it has less salt, it contains too much fat.

What nutritional value of salami slices in dogs?

Salami adds no nutritional value in not only dogs but also humans. Three slices of cured salami once eaten by dogs or human beings yield the following:-

  • 150 calories from fats, which is not good for dogs.
  • 570 mg of sodium above recommended daily intake.

A quick comparison between cured and uncured Salami

  • Cured Salami contains salt and nitrates whereas uncured has not nitrates or salt.
  • Uncured Salami has short life whereas cured Salami can stay for long in the shelf.
  • Both have the same tastes.
  • Cured Salami is pinker in color.


What to do if my dog ate salami

if my dog ate salami
Dog climbing table to feed on snacks

If your dog ate a lot of salami he/she may suffer above-mentioned symptoms, which may require you to consult a vet, however, if your dog ate just one piece of salami, he may not vomit but he will have stomach upset or diarrhea, which you can fix by adding some canned pumpkin in his favorite food like Jicama. Make sure also, he takes a lot of water because he will be thirsty and allow him to pee so make sure you have best indoor dog potty in the house.
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Another type of salami

Cotto salami

Are you wondering what Cotto salami is and what makes it different from other salami? You are in the right place.

Cotto is an Italian word, which means cooking. Therefore, Salame Cotto or Cotto salami is a type of salami prepared in Piedmont Italy region. The preparation process is what makes it different from other types of salami, which are hard salami and Genoa salami.

Cotto salami is cooked or smoked after or before it undergoes curing process to add some flavor. Kindly note that Cotto salami is raw and should be cooked.

Can dogs eat cotto salami?

Cotto salami contains the same amount of sodium and fat is contained in hard or genoa salami. Therefore, Can dogs eat Cotto salami? The answer is no.


You should not feed on salami nor should you give it to your dogs. Components in salami if taken in excess can lead to dog death.

It is important to remember that the dog digestive system is not well developed; therefore, they cannot digest most foods that can be consumed by human beings.

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