Can dogs eat watermelon? Are they safe or unsafe for dogs?

Can dogs eat watermelon? Are they safe or unsafe for dogs?

On a hot summer day, you will find many people eating watermelons because they are perfect refreshment and keeps your body hydrated. Those who own dogs get tempted to feed them with watermelon, therefore, they become curious and look for the answer to the question can dogs eat watermelon?

The answer is YES. Just like human beings, dogs can eat watermelon but you should have some precautions because watermelon rind and seeds can cause problems in your dog digestive system.

Watermelon nutritional value

Seedless watermelon is packed with low calories and nutrients like Vitamins A, B6 and C, and potassium. According to watermelon board, the fruit is made up of 92% water and only 50 calories a cup. Below are great facts about watermelons.

  • Watermelon is scientifically known as Citrullus Lanatus related to plant family with cucumbers, pumpkins, and squash.
  • Watermelons take 3 months to mature completely.
  • Seedless watermelons were developed 50 years ago.

What are the health benefits of feeding your dogs with watermelon

Watermelons have health benefits in both human beings and dogs. For example-

  • Watermelons help in repairing worn-out tissue.
  • Vitamin B6 helps to maintain immune system.
  • Watermelons are cholesterol free, fat-free and sodium free.
  • They can aid recovery from exercise because of antioxidants and hydration.
  • Watermelon has 92% of water which supports hydration.
  • Watermelon vitamin A is important for healthy skin and eyes.
  • Helps in preventing heart diseases.

Related Questions

Can dogs eat watermelon rind?

Do not feed your dog with watermelon rind. Always remove the rind and cut watermelon into small pieces to prevent your dog from being choked.

If your dog feeds on watermelon rind, it will have stomach upset but if consumed in a small amount, they have no effect.

Can dogs eat watermelon seeds?

Watermelon seeds can cause a dog’s intestine blockage. Always make sure you remove all the seeds before chopping watermelon into small pieces and feeding your dog.


Can dogs have watermelon? Yes. After doing research on can dogs eat watermelon it is very clear that watermelon is of great importance to both dog and human. They are perfect snacks on a hot summer day or after sweating a lot during a puppy training session.

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