Does Seresto kill ticks? And why it’s the best tick collar for dogs

Does Seresto kill ticks? And why it’s the best tick collar for dogs

Does seresto kill ticks? What kind of ticks does Seresto collar kill? Every dog owner asks this question before buying the best tick collar for dogs, which is seresto tick collar.

In this article, I will go into details about the seresto collar for dogs and answers several seresto collar faq (frequently asked questions). Let first get started.

Seresto collar is an effective item for protecting your dog from ticks and fleas that bite and suck dog blood, hence transmitting disease and infections. Once you put seresto collar on your dog neck, all ticks and fleas fall off and die before they can reach your dog skin and bite.

Does Seresto kill ticks?

Does Seresto kill ticks? The answer is yes. Seresto collar dog is made up of two ingredients, which are very active. The ingredients include-

  • Imidacloprid ingredient kills adult and larval fleas.
  • Flumethrin repels and kills ticks in different stages of their development life cycle.

Why Seresto collar is best tick collar for dogs

  • Effective for up to 8 months.
  • Seresto collar kills and repels ticks and fleas before biting the dog or cat.
  • It is waterproof and it is submersible into the water.
  • The collar is odour- free.
  • It is simple, easy to use and keeps your pouch protected from ticks and fleas.

How does seresto collar work?

Seresto collar looks like any other type of dog collar but there is a lot it can do when put on the dog neck. The collar when put into use it releases Imidacloprid and Flumethrin onto your pouch coat and skin-building a protective layer that cannot be seen. This layer kills and repels ticks and fleas that come near your dog.

Where to buy a seresto dog collar

You can buy seresto dog collar online in several stores, However, I recommend purchasing it from Amazon because they are affordable and timely delivery.

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Other Seresto collar faq

Is seresto safe for dogs?

Seresto is safe for all kinds of pets not only dog. The two main active seresto ingredients releases in very little amount that also have no effect on the environment. It is also safe for use with young dogs aged 8 weeks.

How long do Seresto collars really last?

Seresto collar kills and protects your dog effectively for 8 months. Even on it last days, it kills at least 90% of the parasites.

If we compare Seresto collar vs store bought flea collars, Seresto is the best flea collar because it is effective and last longs. Other Store flea collars only last for 3 months and become less effective as time goes.

How fast does seresto collar work?

After starting to use seresto, all existing fleas and ticks on the dog are killed in 24 hours’ time. Fleas that want to attack your pet die within 2 hours and 48 hours for ticks.

Is Seresto waterproof?

Yes. Seresto collars are waterproof just like any other dog collars for either training or fashion. In case you’re looking forward to buying shock collars, read my detailed about SportDog collars

What the difference between Seresto collar and Shock collars in the market?

  • Most collars are for dog training whereas Seresto collar is for protecting the dog from fleas.
  • Shock collars require electric source whereas Seresto does not require power.

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