Exotic female dog names  and meanings

Exotic female dog names and meanings

Are you looking for a new name for your female dog? Do you want something that is unique, mundane and interesting for both you and the puppy? Consider going exotic. Look for the exotic female dog names can be hectic and you can go on ‘Wilde Gansjagd‘ meaning wild goose chase in English.

We have made it easy for you to name your female dog. We have sampled some of the top best exotic female dog names and their meanings.

Before we dive in female dog names, let first learn Dog naming tips.

How to pick cute exotic female dog names

There are no rules for naming your new puppy, but below are some of the dog naming tips that you should look into.

  • Keep the dog name as simple as possible. Let the name be 2 or 3 syllables and end with a strong consonant. A short name will make your communication with the dog easy.
  • Ensure the dog name does not sound close to any commands. For example, if you name your dog as ‘kit’, that may sound to the dog as ‘sit’ command. To avoid confusing during dog training, don’t use such words as dog names.
  • Keep the name pleasant. Don’t use names that you will be ashamed to call out your dog in public. Using positive names for your dog will also help in bonding, building a strong relationship with your dog.

Exotic female dog names and meanings.

Exotic female dog names can be a character inspired by movies, historical books, etc. You can also name your dog after foreign foods, popular foreigners or great rulers like Fidel-Cuban president, etc. Below is a sample of popular female dog names.

Top  120 Spanish female dog names and meanings

Spanish female dog names
Top 20 best spanish female dog names

Spanish female dog names sound funny and they are great for dog owners who want to be unique.

Why use Spanish dog names?

Spanish is a language which originated from  Spain. Currently, it has millions of native speakers in America and Spain. It’s the  2nd largest spoken language.

  1. Alejandra-Means perfect. She is Alejandra-She is the best.
  2. Alicia-means she is amazing, sweet, sexy, caring etc.
  3. Alma-means she is hilarious likes people and cute.
  4. Anita-means she is intelligent and honest. She makes a good friend.
  5. Beatriz-Means she is classy, cute and makes people happy.
  6. Bebe-Spectacular, amazing and she sticks around when things are rough. She is the best thing in your life.
  7. Belinda-She is strong, a fighter and also a lover.
  8. Bella-She is crazy, amazing, funny and cute.
  9. Blanca-She likes making merry and loves to smile.
  10. Bonita-She is a free soul, intelligent and caring.
  11. Brisa-This word means breeze in Spanish. She is sexy and attracts everyone.
  12. Carina-She is cute, amazingly funny and loyal.
  13. Carissa-She is smart and loves outdoor activities. She is warm when around people.
  14. Carlotta-She is funny and sarcastic.
  15. Carmen-She is cheerful.
  16. Catalina-She will do anything to make you happy.
  17. Charo -1970’s flamenco musician.
  18. Chica-She is hot, sexy and you’re proud of knowing her.
  19. Chiquita-She is petite/small.
  20. Cielo-She is pretty and crazy.
  21. Consuela-Cartoon actress.
  22. Cimaora
  23. Corazon-meaning heart in Spanish.
  24. Cornelia-She is social and intelligent.
  25. Cristina-She is funny and hilarious.
  26. Dahlia-She is both kind and funny.
  27. Damita-Means she is little noble.
  28. Delora-Means near seashore.
  29. Delores-She is savvy and sexy.
  30. Drina –She got a sense of humor.
  31. Eldora-She likes art.
  32. Elena-She is honest and supportive. Can rely on her.
  33. Elsa-She is there during hand times. She gives hope.
  34. Emelda-cute and amazing but keeps her secrets.
  35. Esmeralda-She likes to laugh and fun to be around her.
  36. Esperanza -She loves people easily
  37. Estrella-She is attractive and not afraid of expressing her feelings.
  38. Eva-She is amazing and trustworthy.
  39. Felicia-She gets all the attention.
  40. Fernanda-She is cute and faithful.
  41. Flor-She is sexy and shy.
  42. Frederica-Shy and hardworking.
  43. Frida-She pretends to be okay despite going through a lot.
  44. Fuensanta-
  45. Gabriela-She makes you laugh a lot. She is intelligent.
  46. Giselle-She is kind and loves to joke around with friends.
  47. Graciela-Talented and fun to be around.Amazing.
  48. Hada-She is sexy.
  49. Idola-
  50. Inez-Means pure.
  51. Inocencia
  52. Isabela-Shy at first but turns funny in the long run.
  53. Jacinta-She is innocent and pure.
  54. Jade-She is strong enough to face the world.
  55. Juana-She got no dull moments. She loves fun.
  56. Julia-She is there to offer support in time of needs.
  57. Justina-Intellectual and principled.
  58. Lalo-Nickname for Eduardo.
  59. Lareina-
  60. Lela-She is charming.
  61. Letitia-she is full of joy.
  62. Lita-cute, bold and brilliant.
  63. Lola-She is good looking and got a great personality.
  64. Loretta-bad girl, powerful.
  65. Lucia-Got stunning appearance and cares about others.
  66. Lucinda-She is funny and cute. Fall in love easily.
  67. Luisa-She is loving.
  68. Luna-Shy and cute. Always there to help you.
  69. Lupe-Kickass who loves to have fun and party.
  70. Luz-She is always nice unless you hurt her.
  71. Macaria-Always nice unless pushed to the wall, she reacts.
  72. Madrona-
  73. Magdalena-She plays hard to get and rarely trusts people or fall in love.
  74. Marcela-Kind and generous.Abit lazy but hardworking.
  75. Marcia-Loyal, Intelligent and hilarious.
  76. Margarita-She got an amazing heart. She has been hurt but does not like to show it.
  77. Maria-She is a good listener. Can give good advice. Easily trusts people.
  78. Marina-She is cute and smiley.
  79. Marta-Adorable, loving and caring.
  80. Melia-She is hot and sexy.
  81. Melosa-
  82. Mercedes-Amazing lady.
  83. Mona-She is full of love. Sensitive and get easily hurt.
  84. Mora-Means your girlfriend.Comes from Morena which means dark skinned lady.
  85. Natalia-She got nice hair with an amazing smile.
  86. Nelia-Mature, sexy and sociable.
  87. Neva-Independent, loyal and loving.
  88. Nieve-She got a blinding smile.
  89. Nina-She is hot funny and adorable.
  90. Nita-She cares about people. Sensitive and adorable.
  91. Olinda-She is sexy and loves to party.
  92. Paloma-Humble sweet person who loves to smile.
  93. Patia-Unique, simple and awesome.
  94. Perdita-Kind but holds a grudge.
  95. Presencia-
  96. Querida-Means darling in spanish.
  97. Reina-She is a queen.
  98. Ria-She is good luck and never lets you go.
  99. Rima-Caring, loving and beautiful.
  100. Risa-Loves to laugh and party.
  101. Rita-hot, sexy and beautiful.
  102. Roberta-Keeps secrets and love all people around them.
  103. Rocio-charming, friendly and got a great personality.
  104. Rosa-She beautiful amazing.
  105. Rosalinda-Nice, sweet and very cute. makes the best friend.
  106. Rosita-She loving.
  107. Sancha-freak in bed and does naughty things that a wife cannot do.
  108. Sancia-She is an amazing friend who you can trust.
  109. Santana-She is perfect and amazing. Hard to find such a lady.
  110. Savannah-She is kind and sweet. Quite during first days but get crazy when she knows you well.
  111. Senalda-Beautiful, amazing and intelligent.
  112. Sierra-She love good vibes and thinks she is ugly yet she is cute.
  113. Soledad-Loves people and she is social.
  114. Sonora-She is a very loud and cute girl.
  115. Tasia-Cool, pretty funny girl.
  116. Teresa-Caring person with a tough personality.
  117. Tia-She is a beautiful and best friend.
  118. Tierra-cute and got a promising future.
  119. Valencia-curvy, beautiful and playful.
  120. Ventura-Means are very sexy.
  121. Vida-Pretty and cute.

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Top 50 German female dog names and meanings

German female dog names
Top 20 German female dog names and meanings

Below are top 50 popular German female dog names that you can give your German shepherd. They are exotic dog names that are unique. Pick one and give your dog a new exotic name.

  1. Ada—sexy, wife material, noble, lovable and kind.
  2. Annika—hilarious, graceful and full of life.
  3. Aubrey—talented, noble and beautiful.
  4. Beate—big-hearted, happy and smiles a lot.
  5. Berta—intelligent, flirty and gorgeous.
  6. Britta—reliable, Strong and steady.
  7. Dagmar—smart, funny famous and sexy.
  8. Elsa—amazing and big-hearted.
  9. Fräulein—hungry blonde.
  10. Frauke—fake and cannot be trusted.
  11. Frieda-Means peaceful, funny and cheeky.
  12. Gretchen/Greta—pearl
  13. Gerda-protected and darkest.
  14. Heidi -Cute, funny and energetic.
  15. Helga-vibrant and very determined.
  16. Hulda-Unique and hard to understand.
  17. Ida-cute and careless.
  18. Irmalinda-soft, tender, gentle
  19. Kaja-alive, loving and witty.
  20. Katrin-great beauty
  21. Leona-best friend and sister.
  22. Liebe-love
  23. Liesel-hot and stunning.
  24. Lorelei-alluring, adorable and cute.
  25. Lotti-pretty and funny lady.
  26. Matilda-blonde, small, hilarious and intelligent.
  27. Mareike—Amazing and hilarious.
  28. Milla—smart and cute.
  29. Nia-honest and outgoing.
  30. Nadja—hot and beautiful girl.
  31. Norberta—blonde.
  32. Petra—strong and some you can really on.
  33. Raina—courageous.
  34. Romey—cute and gorgeous.
  35. Sigrid—loyal and cute.
  36. Sascha—cute and lights up a room.Funny.
  37. Schatzie—sweetheart, loving.
  38. Sonje—German girl name. Means wisdom.
  39. Trudi—strong spear warrior.Awesome person.
  40. Tilli—lovely and jumpy.
  41. Ula—lovely and kind person.
  42. Ulrika —wolf ruler
  43. Vala—super sexy.
  44. Vera—curvy and intelligent.
  45. Wilhelmina—crazy and funny person to hang out with.
  46. Winola—funny and hilarious friend.
  47. Winifred—cute and shy friend.
  48. Zelda
  49. Zenzi

 Top 50 Japanese female  dog names and meanings

 Japanese female dog names
Top 50 Japanese female dog names and meanings

Japanese female dog names are unique, funny and perfect for dog owners who want to remain unique in the park when you call your dog name. Below are some of the top best Japanese female dog names with their meanings.P ick one and name your new puppy.

  1. Akira –crazy but loving.
  2. Kiko –  cute and adorable.
  3. Kimi – sweet, loving and caring.
  4. Chieko –  Japanese actress and singer.
  5. Chika –  Amazing personality.
  6. Chiyo –  hot and talented.
  7. Yuina – flirts with anyone. Kinky and a slutty.
  8. Yuka – wonderful and smiley.
  9. Chiyoko –  elegant and amazing.
  10. Tomiko –  fun and energetic.Hilarious.
  11. Tomomi
  12. Ceiko
  13. Emi –  amazing and caring.
  14. Emiko –  sweet and lovable.
  15. Eri –  Japanese feminine given name.
  16. Hanako –  caring and lovable.
  17. Haru –  funny and crazy.
  18. Akemi –  Beautiful.
  19. Akiko –  gorgeous and beautiful both inside and out.
  20. Haruko –  obsessed with power.
  21. Haruna –  tall and firm.
  22. Hideko –  shy and sweet.
  23. Aiko –  kind-hearted and gorgeous.
  24. Airi –she is nice
  25. Hikari –  light and true love
  26. Hina –  cute and hilarious
  27. Hiro –  generous and amazing.
  28. Hiroko –  generous and big-hearted.
  29. Hiromi – cute, hilarious, generous
  30. Hisako –  loves life.
  31. Mana –  means love
  32. Manami –  loving, caring and  beautiful
  33. Masa –  just /true, caring and trustworthy.
  34. Hitomi – popular songwriter in Japan.
  35. Hoshiko –  celebrity
  36. Mao –  evil china ruler.
  37. Mariko – sexy, half Asian, adorable.
  38. Hotaru – introvert.
  39. Izumi –  Japan pornstar.
  40. Kamiko – cute girl and clumsy.
  41. Katsumi –  victorious and cute
  42. Kazuko –  loves peace.
  43. Kazumi – cute and loves peace.
  44. Keiko – blessed and respects people.
  45. Miwa –  cute and amazing.
  46. Miyako –  beautiful, born in the night.
  47. Miyu – beautiful, cute and gentle
  48. Kimiko –  beautiful inside and out.
  49. Kiyomi –  pure beauty, loving and caring.
  50. Kumiko – adoring, loves people and caring.

Top 15 Mexican female dog names and meanings

Below is a list of top 15 Mexican female dog names. These names are unique and they are the best for your puppy.

  1. Gitana-She is beautiful.
  2. Maria- cute and loves life.
  3. Juana-Fun loving and hilarious.
  4. Verónica-Kinky and naughty.
  5. Leticia-cute and sexy
  6. Gabriela-intelligent and cute
  7. Josefina-got brown eyes, cute latina princess.
  8. Rosa-beautiful and amazing.
  9. Francisca-hot and gorgeous.Got brown eyes.
  10. Yolanda-sweet and kind.
  11. Adriana-Amazing and adorable.
  12. Silvia-cute woman.
  13. Gloria-look cute.
  14. Araceli-stunning and breathtaking.
  15. Luisa-sweet and loving.

Top 20 Italian female dog names and meanings

Italy is an amazing country that is rich in culture. Their food is amazing. Its one of the best tourist destination.Below some of the top popular Italian female dog names that you can explore when naming your new puppy.

  1. Rosario-Cute, young and attractive.
  2. Sofia-cute and strong-minded.
  3. Giulia-sweet and amazing.
  4. Giorgia-very talented.
  5. Martina-sweet, funny and comforting.
  6. Chiara-gorgeous and beautiful.
  7. Francesca-funny and cute.
  8. Alessia-great sense of humor.
  9. Giada-amazing and cute.
  10. Ginevra-intelligent and great.
  11. Ludovica-hot, crazy and smart.
  12. Carlotta-cute and amazing
  13. Margherita-lover and a good friend.
  14. Federica-lovely and funny.
  15. Bellissa-cute and charming.
  16. Antonia-adorable and amazing girl.
  17. Caprice-cute and clever.
  18. Giovanna-shy and introvert.
  19. Stella-got a big smile.
  20. Aria-Annoying and pretty.

Top 20 British female dog names and meanings

British female dog names
Top 20 British dog names and meanings

Below are top 20 British dog names that you can name your new puppy. These names are popular among the British Isles and Ireland dog breeds like Terriers, Spaniels, retrievers etc. Explore them and pick one for your new puppy.

  1. Bree-bold and courageous
  2. Alma-All fine.
  3. Fiona  -Pure
  4. Bowden –committed.
  5. Keira Meaning: got black hair.
  6. Neala Meaning: victor.
  7. Briann Meaning: Bold
  8. Moira Meaning: Angry and bitter.
  9. Meryl Meaning: Loyal and good friend
  10. Kerry Meaning: Attractive.
  11. Bridget Meaning: Loves life.
  12. Quinn Meaning: Witty.
  13. Rhiannon Meaning: Nice and caring.
  14. Winnie Meaning: Amazing and hard worker.
  15. Nell Meaning: Caring.
  16. Iona Meaning: Amazing person.
  17. Maeve Meaning: Creative and funny.
  18. Ethne Meaning: Good friend and amazing loyal one.
  19. Delia Meaning: Pretty good.
  20. Diva Meaning: Fierce.

Top 20 French female dog names and meanings

If you’re looking for an unusual dog name for your dog, you should consider picking a French dog name. French dog names are sophisticated, unique and stylish. They can be used to name all dog breeds i.e French bulldogs, Siberian husky and pugs   Below is a list of top best French female dog names and their meanings.

  1. Adelaide-loyal.
  2. Adrienne-smart and funny.
  3. Adieu-goodbye.
  4. Agathe-love to have fun.
  5. Agnès-dumb girl.
  6. Aimée – a friend, loyal.
  7. Alair – jovial and playful.
  8. Amélie -hot girl and perfect one.
  9. Anaïs-french lady.
  10. Anastasie-warm hearted, loving.
  11. Angeline-shy short girl.
  12. Antoinette-sweet, kind and gorgeous.
  13. Audrey-noble and full of energy.
  14. Aurélie-
  15. Babette-great personality and loves herself.
  16. Babou
  17. Bearnaise-elegant.
  18. Éclair – pastry
  19. Edith-smart and got a bitchy attitude.
  20. Élise-cute and hilarious.

Top 20 Greek female dog names and meanings

Greek female dog names are perfect if you’re associated with great greek heritage. There are several ideas that can help you give for example, Naming your puppy using popular locations, great personalities etc.

Below are the top best greek female dog names.

  1. Eleni (Helen) –nice and amazing.
  2. Aiketerine (Catherine) – caring, friendly and innocent
  3. Baslikike / Vasiliki – courageous, good leader
  4. Sofia – educated and intelligent.
  5. Aggeliki (Angelica) – crazy and loving.
  6. Georgia – farmer, cute and girl from the south.
  7. Anastasia – gorgeous, reborn and loving.
  8. Evangelia / Evangeline – spreads the good news
  9. Demetra – goddess of great harvest
  10. Eirene / Irene –brings peace.
  11. Anna – Name was given to a king. Wise person.
  12. Panagiota – Someone holly.
  13. Ioanna (Joanna) – God-given gift.
  14. Kefalonia-Largest Greek Island.
  15. Konstantina (Constance) – pretty and modest
  16. Despoina – big hearted lady.
  17. Calliope – wise
  18. Alexandra – strong and patient.
  19. Kyriake – means Lord.
  20. Paraskevi – the day of preparation.

Top  20 Scottish female  dog names and meanings

Scottish female  dog names
Top  20 Scottish female  dog names and meanings

If you’re looking for Scottish female dog names, you have plenty of ideas. Scotland is a country with a lot of history. Better know for whiskey and golf. Below is a list of top Scottish female dog names their meanings.

  1. Cait-Nice, clever and great friend.
  2. Caitlan-Intelligent and gorgeous.
  3. Adair-crazy and smart.
  4. Davina-cute and pretty.
  5. Deidra-Smart and talented.
  6. Nora-young and strong.
  7. Paisley-got stunning eyes and amazing personality.
  8. Aileen-cute, adorable and unique.
  9. Ainsley-freaky and amazing.
  10. Alice-caring and smiley girl.
  11. Bretta-funny.
  12. Cassidy-Quite.
  13. Teagan-attractive.
  14. Tyra-attractive and intelligent.
  15. Whitney-fine and cute.
  16. Cora-Caring and loyal.
  17. Cori-pretty and cute.
  18. Crichton-attractive and cool.
  19. Crissie-pretty and stupid.
  20. Dacey-caring and straightforward.

Top 20 Irish female dog names and meanings

Irish female dog names are unique. Instead of naming your dog with the traditional old names, consider picking Irish dog name to celebrate Irish great culture and heritage.

  1. Kira – cute and elegant.
  2. Erin – amazing listener. Loves to laugh.
  3. Sheena – Kind and modest.Willing to help.
  4. Rosalyn –funny and unique.
  5. Aoife –funny and kind-hearted.
  6. Orla – shy and crazy.
  7. Lia – smart and very talented.
  8. Muriel – hot with a great sense of style.
  9. Glenda – cute and sexy girl.
  10. Breana – strong, good friend and cute.
  11. Cadie – cute, sweet and charming.
  12. Shanna – cute kind young lady.
  13. Sybil – gorgeous amazing lady.
  14. Sinead – cute both inside and out.
  15. Bidelia – strong and relaxed.
  16. Eimear –amazing.
  17. Ciara – sexy and pretty.
  18. Clodagh – amazing, great sense of humor.
  19. Deirdre – sorrowful
  20. Eileen – hardworking and sexy lady.

Cute girl dog names 

Here is the list 10  cute girl dog names that are popular among all dog breeds.

  1. A.J.
  2. Adele
  3. Auggie
  4. Bambi
  5. Bell (Belle)
  6. Bunny
  7. Cece(CICI).
  8. Cleo.
  9. ELF
  10. Fifi
  11. ENID.
  12. Java.
  13. Lila
  14. Lois.
  15. Mia.
  16. Nikita.
  17. Pippa.
  18. Pookie.
  19. Peggy
  20. Squat.

Unique female dog names

Unique female dog names are names that are not popular and few people rarely give use the names. If you live in a place where there are several dogs in the neighborhood, picking unusual dog names will help you to remain unique and authentic if you’re from a different culture.

List of 20 Unique female dog names

  1. Nala.
  2. Coco.
  3. Lulu.
  4. Opal.
  5. Lulu
  6. Shadow
  7. Sierra
  8. Katie.
  9. Sage.
  10. Raven

If still, you cannot find a perfect name for your dog, try using Dog name generator and find perfect exotic female dog names for your puppy.



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