How much exercise does a dog need everyday

How much exercise does a dog need everyday

Wondering how much exercise does a dog need everyday? Do you doubt that the amount of exercise you are offering your dog pet is too little or too much? You just need to learn the quantity of exercise that is enough for your pet and do the necessary adjustment. The required amount of exercise for a dog varies depending on the age of the dog, breed, its general body size and the kind of exercise adopted.

Dog exercise needs by breed

 German shepherd

A German shepherd is a highly active breed that needs to be kept busy to ensure its physical and mental health. German shepherd will need not less than one hour of physical exercise and not more than two hours. At the lower end German shepherd will need 20 to 30 minutes of tedious exercises such as running, jumping and Frisbee and 30 minutes of walk around the compound or the neighborhood. The dog should also receive daily mental training for at least 30 minutes. This mostly involves obedience sessions.

Pit Bull

Pit Bull needs both mental and physical exercise daily for not less than 30 minutes and not more than one hour. The physical exercises should include walking and a few minutes of tedious exercise.

Golden retriever

Golden Retriever is a sporting breed with high energy. It thus requires a lot of exercises to prevent it from being destructive. A mature Golden retriever should have a minimum of 45 minutes daily and up to two hours of exercises daily on a higher notch. The exercise time should increase at early adulthood and reduce steadily as the dog ages.

Labrador Retriever

Labradors Retriever is a working breed that is engaged in tasks requiring high level of energy and hence it requires more exercises. A mature Labrador will need a minimum of one hour exercise daily and about two hours of exercise on upper limit on daily basis. This includes tedious exercises involving jumping, running and swimming and daily walk.

How much exercise does a puppy need?

A puppy requires low level of exercise, mostly walking for a few minutes.   I newly born puppy should exercise for only five minutes in its first month. The exercise time should be increased by five minutes in every new month, until the puppy is around 6 months onwards, where exercise time should be set at minimum of around 30 minutes and a maximum of around 1 hour.  All puppies should be exercises in the same way in the first months of their development, irrespective of their breed.  

How much exercise does a senior dog need?

As a dog ages, it loses the energy to exercises for a lengthy period of time on daily basis. Although a senior dog can exercise for not more than 40 minutes in a day, that time may need to be split into short exercises period of not more than 20 minutes. This means, a senior dog can be exercise for 15 to 20 minutes in the morning and in the evening. Find out Best Senior Dog Food

How much exercise does a small dog need

Dogs need for exercise vary with the dog size. Small dogs are basically less active unlike their counterpart large size dogs.  They thus need shorter periods of exercises even in their adulthood, compared to large size breed. The most optimal time for daily exercise for small dogs is between 20 and 30 minutes.

Best way to exercise your dog

Best Way To Exercise Your Dog
walking and running a dog


This involves walking around the neighborhood for 5 to 30 minutes depending on the dog age. It is suitable for all dogs, but acts as the main exercise for puppies. This exercise should take place when the weather is favorable. A dog can be walked during cold weather but with proper dressing to avoid health issues due to extreme weather.

Jogging or running

This is a more tedious exercise than a walk. You need to identify a track suitable for the dog and to set a jogging pace for the dog and you. This exercise can involve all kinds of dogs though the pace should be watched based on the dog’s age and breed. A high pace should be set for high energy breeds and vice versa.


You need to stand a few feet in front of the dog and toss the Frisbee gently in the air and instruct the dog to catch. Appreciate your dog if he/she manages to catch the Frisbee. This exercise is highly suitable for breeds with high energy.


You can combine jumping exercise  with running where the running truck involves jumping over reasonable heights. The exercise is highly suitable for high energy breeds.


Swimming is a light exercise suitable for all dogs, especially small sized dogs. Ensure the water is of reasonable temperature before embarking on this exercise. You can fancy the activity by bringing a floating object for the dog try to catch while swimming.


Exercise is highly valued in ensuring the dog good physical and mental health. However, exercise can only be valuable to a dog if given in the right dosage based on the dog’s breed and age.  It is therefore important to identify what is suitable for your dog and develop an exercise schedule based on this information. 


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