How to cut tile-using wet saw

How to cut tile-using wet saw

If you want to work on your kitchen or bathroom floors by adding tiles on them, you will have to cut some tiles so that they can be able to fit in the corners. There are different ways of cutting tiles. You can use tile nippers to break the unwanted tile parts or carbide pencil, which marks and scores the tile.

For someone who has many tiles to work on for example contractors working on big projects, cutting tiles using manual methods can be tiresome. You can use a wet saw, which is capable of cutting many tiles, and it is more accurate.

These types of saws are quite expensive and finding the best tile saw will cost you several bucks. However, if you cannot afford to buy a new wet saw you can rent one and once you are done with tiling job you can return it and pay the owner. However, I discourage people from renting saws if you do not know the time you will use to complete cutting the tiling work. Now that you have, a wet saw here is a detailed guide on how you can cut a tile using a wet saw.

Cutting tiles using a wet saw


  1. Check water reservoir

Before you can begin using the wet saw, first you need to check the water level in the reservoir. You need to open the hatch and check the water level if it is below the required amount. The good thing is the tank has a line indicator, which will show you when the water level is below the required amount.

Some wet saws have good design i.e. they have the water tank underneath the wet saw table, therefore, you can easily check the water level.

  1. Mark the tile using washable maker

You may think of using carbide pencil to mark the tile but these types of pencils score the tile and they can affect tile cutting. Washable maker is the best tool you can use to mark the tile. Using a ruler or any other straight edge mark a straight line that is precise. Once you are done to cut the tile, you can easily wipe the ink using water.

  1. For accurate cuts set the saw guiding plates

Every wet saw has guide plates that are perpendicular to the saw blade and they can be adjusted. The main work of guide plates is to hold tiles steadily as you work on them. Ensure the tile rests near the guide plate.

For wet saws that do not have guide plates; you will have to set the position of the blade manually.

  1. Place the tile on the saw table

To cut a tile, you have to ensure it is positioned in a way you can cut it. To remove some parts of the vertical edge, position it in a horizontal way and vice versa.

  1. Move tile closer to the wet saw blade

Using little pressure moves the sliding table towards the saw blade. Leave the cutting work to the saw blade. You should the tile steadily so that it does not move.

  • You should not use a lot of pressure because you can break the saw. Use less force.
  • Be on the look for the saw blade as it moves. You do not have to be injured because you can even lose your hand or finger if you are not careful when operating the wet saw.
  1. Switch off the tile saw the power 

Once you are done cutting the tile, switch off the tile power source and let it cool for about 5-10 seconds before you can remove the tile and this is because the saw blade is in great motion. Wait until it stops before you can remove the tile.

  1. The last step is to make sure you have unplugged any corded electricity to the saw.


Wet saws are some of the advanced tile cutting tools. They are always precise and accurate when it comes to tile cutting. Homeowners who want to work on small tiling jobs at home or contractors working on big projects can use them. However, you need to follow certain rules and procedures to use wet saws in order to avoid accidents. It is my hope this article has detailed every step you should take to cut tiles using a wet saw.







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