Irish dog names -Top 300+ awesome female and male dogs names

Irish dog names -Top 300+ awesome female and male dogs names

Are you searching for an exotic dog name for your new puppy? Going for  Irish dog names will be perfect for you. Irish dog names are unique, fun and awesome. But why use Irish dog names while there are other exotic females and male dog names?

Why pick  Irish dog names?


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Ireland is a green country rich in culture. Therefore, there are several funny Irish dog names inspired by culture. Your new puppy name can be inspired by the following:-

  • Irish celebration holidays.
  • Beer brands.
  • Popular towns and cities in Ireland.
  • Irish traditions.
  • Famous Irish people.
  • Culture or Gaelic Dog Names

You don’t have to come from Ireland or have British Isle breeds to use cute Irish dog names. You can name any dog breed provided the name won’t sound like a command to the dog. Therefore, making puppy training manually or with e-collars hard.

In this article, we have compiled top Irish female dog names, Irish male dog names, cute Irish dog names, unique Irish dog names, Irish culture dog names, location and drinks Irish dog names.

Top best female Irish dog names and meanings

  • Alma -Uplifting spirit.Always happy.
  • Aideen-Irish girl name meaning: jealousy.
  • Bree -Means strong.
  • Bowden -Can refer to several things, even though in our case here means Messenger.
  • Colleen-A Irish girl name meaning intimidating,but a special and unique girl.
  • Claddagh– Irish design which shows loyalty, true friendship.
  • Dorren -A person who is warm-hearted.
  • Darcy-Cute in and out.A person who is loved by many people.
  • Darby -A caring friend.
  • Deirdre-A cute Irish name with an amazing history behind it.
  • Eileen-An Irish name which means hard working, go-getter and open minded.
  • Emerald-A sweet and caring girl who is shy.
  • Enya -A brilliant and multitalented girl.
  • Ethne -Good friend.
  • Eveleen -beautiful, smart and cool girl.
  • Eve -Amazing strong girl who helps you pick up from hard moments of life.
  • Fiona– Irish name which means: Easygoing girl, shy and laid back.
  • Gillian -Feminine version of male Julian.
  • Iona -Type of Scottish dove.
  • Keelin -A slim and gorgeous lady.
  • Keely -Looking cute.
  • Keira– Got black hair, looking good.
  • Kerry-A loyal and trustworthy lady.
  • Maeve-A creative cute girl.
  • Maire -Irish name which is a version of Mary
  • Maureen -Irish name -Gaelic version of Mary.
  • Meara-Amazing loving girl.
  • Moira -Loving, loyal and caring girl.

Cute Irish female  dog names

cute irish dog names
Hey. Do I look cute? I deserve cute Irish dog name.

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  • Nainsi -Gracious.The Gaelic version of Nancy,
  • Neala -Victor, a champion.
  • Noreen-Irish word.A version of Nora.
  • Peggy -Short form of Margaret which means pearl.
  • Quinn– A wise and intelligent person.
  • Riona-Loving, caring and friendly.
  • Rosin– Means little Rose.
  • Roiso
  • Siobhan-Irish Gaelic version of name Joan. (Gaelic Version of Joan)
  • Tara
  • Winnie -Amazing girl who loves deeply.

Top best male Irish dog names and meanings

  • Aghy -Irish baby name meaning a friend of roses.
  • Aidan -Means fiery.
  • Angus-Irish baby boy name meaning one choice.
  • Anlon -Gaelic Irish name meaning champion or a victor.
  • Brady -A good friend.
  • Brendan -Awesome, great and an amazing guy.A good friend.
  • Brody-A independent person who is strong and ambitious.
  • Carbry-Means Charioteer. Therefore, it’s a name given to boys and girls.
  • Carrick-Means a Carraig which is a  rock.
  • Cedric-Supercool person.
  • Clancy -Unique Irish baby boy name.Means a red-haired soldier’s
  • Conall /Connell- means mighty.
  • Covey– Irish boys name which means  Hound of the Plains
  • Cowan -An Irish male name which means a valley in a hill.
  • Cullen -Irish name meaning something holly.
  • Declan -Means: Full of Goodness.
  • Dermot-A boy name meaning a free man.
  • Donnelly-Male descendant.
  • Eamon-Means guardian.

Cute Irish male  dog names

  • Eloy-A Irish boy name which can be used as a male dog name meaning  Red-Haired Youth.
  • Evan -Means: little Swift One.
  • Fergus-Scottish or an Irish baby boy name which means angry one.
  • Finley -A Gaelic personal name which means hero or warrior.
  • Finn -Irish origin baby boy name meaning fair.
  • Finnegan -Comes from an Irish name Fionnagáin or Fionnagán which means fair-haired.
  • Finnian -Means little fair one. Borrowed from Irish.
  • Galen -Comes from the Gaelic origin. Means calm.
  • Gerard -Courageous.The one who carries a spear.
  • Grady-Means: illustrious.
  • Griffin -Bad and Dangerous person.
  • Ian -Its a Gaelic name for John.
  • Keiran– Means: Black-haired.
  • Kelly-Means: intelligent.
  • Leary -Gaelic name which means: calves keeper.
  • Liam -Means a strong protector.
  • Lorcan -Irish male given name which means crazy one or fierce one.
  • Maguire -Means son of the brown haired one.
  • Mannix -Boys name which means a monk.
  • Nolan-Means: A proud boy.
  • Norris – Scottish name which means a person living in the north.
  • Paddy – Name was given to the pet. Translated from  Name of Patrick.
  • Quinn -Great knowledge.
  • Riley -Clearing.
  • Rogan -Means red-haired.
  • Ronan -Means little seal.
  • Sean -Means gift from God.
  • Sorley -Person who loves to travel in summer.
  • Tiernan -Means Lord, master.

unique Irish dog names

There are several unique Irish dog names which you can choose from. Irish cities and locations, popular drinks and popular icons inspire some of the dog names.

Irish dog  names  inspired by  cities and towns

  • Blarney-Its a small town in  County Cork, Ireland.
  • Burren- Popular region on County Clare that has cliffs, caves, and fossils.
  • Cavan-County in Ireland.
  • Cashel-A small town located in south Ireland.
  • Cork- The largest city in the Ireland south.
  • Dublin-Capital city of Ireland.
  • Donegal- An amazing historic city in North Ireland.
  • Ennis-Clare county town.
  • Fingal-Count in Ireland.
  • Galway-Harbour city in Ireland. Located in West Coast.
  • Kerry-County in the south west of Ireland.
  • Kilkenny- Small town located in southeast Ireland.
  • Tyrone-Among 32 counties of Ireland.
  • Wexford-Town located in southeast Ireland.

Irish dog names inspired by   popular drinks

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  • Bailey-Irish whiskey manufactured in Diageo.
  • Guinness-Originated from the brewery of Arthur Guinness-Dublin.
  • Shandy-Irish drink that mixes both beer and soft drink.
  • Whiskey-Irish fermented grain mash drink.

Gaelic Dog Names

Dogs are very important creatures in Irish Gaelic culture. They are normally used to represent courage and boldness in the society. The name of a dog in the Gaelic language is ‘madra’.Below are some of the best Gaelic dog names.

  • Aislinn -A baby girl name.
  • Bran
  • Dermot
  • Felan
  • Keeva-Meaning: gentle.
  • Rogan -Means red-haired.
  • Saoirse
  • Seamus
  • Selkie -Name for a black dog.
  • Sullivan

There are also other Gaelic dog names that can make a good name for your puppy.


From the above collection of unique, cute and Gaelic Irish dog names, we hope you find the one that suits well your new puppy.

Choosing a name for your puppy before starting any training either obedience training or gun dog training is very important. The puppy will get used to the name during training.

You can give a new name to a dog after buying or adopting him because it will mean a new life. Don’t also forget to grab the best dog beds before he arrives. Let him have his own comfortable place.


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