Merrick vs Orijen :Comparison between Orijen dog food vs Merrick dog food

Merrick vs Orijen :Comparison between Orijen dog food vs Merrick dog food

Here is a detailed article on Merrick vs Orijen, which are top best dog food brands that dominate the market. Before we decided which the best between Merrick dog food vs Orijen it is important we look into some of the factors that can help us pick the best dog food between these two big brands.

Factors to look into when comparing best dog food brands

  • Learn about the brand history and company behind the product.
  • Nutritional value of the dog food.
  • Dog food recalls.
  • The dog food price.
  • Available pet food coupons.

With the above key guiding factors, let go into details and compare Merrick vs Orijen.

The Ultimate Comparison: Merrick vs Orijen.

Merrick Dog food -Company behind the brand.

Ever feed your dog with Merrick treats or food, most probably, you must have asked yourself, where is Merrick dog food made? is the company behind Merrick treats and food for both cats and dogs. Garth Merrick, his wife Susie, his 4 children and dog he loved in his Texas ranch, founded the company in 1988.

The company main goal was to produce pet food that had to be the best recipe for dog food. Their first product on the market was Flossie, which got many orders rolling in. The success of the first product made Merrick set sights higher.

Merrick went ahead to make the best dog food with high protein, no preservatives, top-quality ingredients and all-natural. Merrick has over 200 wholesome recipes.

Orijen Dog food-Company behind the brand

Champion Petfoods is the company behind ACANA and Orijen dog foods. The company has different kitchens around the globe. For example, all Acana and Origen dog foods in Canada, Europe and some parts of Asia are made in North Star kitchen located in Morinville Alberta.

Acana and Origen foods consumed by dogs in USA, South and Central America are made in Auburn Kentucky.

Champion Petfoods do not make any other foods apart from Origen and Acana dog foods.

Merrick dog food nutritional

Merrick dog food is well crafted to deliver all nutrients to the dog. This dog food uses real deboned meat, sweet potatoes, blueberries, peas etc.

High level of protein, omega 6 and 3 ensure dogs have good-looking skin and coat. Glucosamine and chondroitin help to maintain hip and joint function.

Orijen dog food nutritional

Orijen provides calories from protein and fats. Carbohydrates also provide a small number of calories that are perfect for a puppy diet.

Merrick dog food recall

Just like other dog foods, Merrick has had several foods recalls. The recent one happened May 2018 where some Merrick beef dog treats were recalled because they were believed to have high beef thyroid hormone.

Other recalls happened after FDA did routine tests and found salmonella in some pet’s treats. Below is a full list of Merrick pet food recalls.

May 2018-Merrick pet treats recalled because they contained high beef thyroid hormone.

August 2011– Merrick pet treats had Salmonella.  FDA report dated Aug. 8, 2011

January 2011– Merrick pet treats had Salmonella announced FDA report dated Jan. 28, 2011.

July/August 2010-Salmonella found in the dog food FDA reports dated July 2, Aug. 3 and Aug. 16, 2010.

Orijen dog food recall

Orijen has had one recall of cat food, which happened in November 2008. Cause: mandatory gamma irradiation. The food affected was on in Australia. Cats that had consumed the food some fell sick. The recall was done through company alert from Nov 22, 2008.

Merrick dog food price.

All Merrick treats and food are available in most online retail sites. I recommend you check price in Amazon. They have all varieties of Merrick dog food.

Orijen dog food price.

Orijen products consist of eight dry foods each for specific dog age and size. Use below links to check.

Merrick dog food coupons

Check if Amazon is giving a discount for All Merrick Items . Make sure you check these coupons on their official website.


Orijen dog food coupons.

Keep in touch checking new Orijen dog foods coupons here every month.


Merrick and Orijen are some of the top dog food brands that you should make sure your puppy, french bulldogs have a taste of them. They will keep your canine friend strong and lively.

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