What the best training collar for Shih Tzu

training collar for Shih Tzu
Shock collars for Shih Tzu guide: Image Maker canva.com

In this guide, we will look at some of the best training collar for Shih Tzu. Training collars are also known as e-collars, shock collars,  electronic dog collars or remote training collars. They are called remote because you can control your dog remotely using a handheld device.

Apart from training collars or remote trainers, there are two other types of shock collars. These are:-

  • Pet containment system-These are systems that are used to contain a dog around a specified perimeter without having to install a physical fence. They consist of a neck collar and in-ground wire installation. Example of such a system is SportDOG In-Ground Dog Fence System
  • Bark collars-Some dogs when left alone can bark excessively hence disturbing even your neighbors. The only way of curbing this behavior is by having a bark collar, which is a device that is capable of detecting sound or vibration to deliver either shock or citronella spray. There are three types of no bark collars.
    • No-bark shock collars.
    • Spray collars 
    • Sonic collars

Back to our topic today. Generally, Shih Tzu is a small breed just like pugs and French bulldogs. A full-grown adult Shih Tzu weighs between 9-16 pounds. When purchasing Shih Tzu collar you have to consider their neck size so that you buy the right collar size that will fit their neck without snagging.

Training collar image Features Check Price
LCD Screen Display
0-100 vibration and shock levels
4 Different training modes
Remote training range up to 300meters
Two metal prongs for long and short haired dogs
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0-99 vibration and static shock levels.
Remote training range up to 800 meters.
power and memory save modes that are automatic.
Capable of training up to 3 dogs
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Training modes i.e. sound ,vibration, shock and light.
Remote with LED flashlight.
Remote training range up to 800 meters
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How to choose the right shock collar  

Apart from the dog size, you should put into consideration some other factors. For example:-

  • Determining the e-collar use-There are several uses of dog shock collars. They can be used for basic dog training, upland and wetland hunting, professional activities or even advanced dog training. Some collars for example ones with GPS capability are suited for hunting activities.
  • Dog temperament-Some dogs are more stubborn than others. If you are buying an ecollar for a stubborn dog you better chose the ones with “S” label otherwise for regular dogs you can buy any collar provided it fits well on the neck.
  • Training modes-E-collars have different training modes. Most common used training modes are static stimulation, tone or beep and vibration. Some dogs do not require shock stimulation because they can respond to just beep, therefore, it is important to choose a shock collar with all training modes so that you can use with different dog breeds.
  • Stimulation levels –Each training option should have different stimulation levels. For example, professional dog trainers recommend using the smallest shock stimulation level when beginning the training and increase in case the dog does not respond.
  • Remote training range-For yard training collars, you can pick one with at least 500-yard capability however if you are going to use the collar for hunting activities you have to pick a collar with a wide training range.
  • Type of batteries the remote uses-If the batteries are replaceable you have to make sure they are readily available in-store otherwise you can buy one with rechargeable batteries.
  • The number of dogs the system can train-It is important to take into consideration the number of dogs a remote training collar can support with add on collars. The bigger the number the better because at one time you may decide to have more dogs, of course, they are lovely creatures.
  • Is the system Waterproof –A good collar should be waterproof. There are different scenarios where the dog can submerge ecollar in water. For example, while training in the yard, it can start training. A dog can also get inside its swimming pool while still wearing the collar.
  • Does the ecollar has both long and short contact points-Long contacts points are suitable for hairy dogs like Shih Tzu whereas short contacts points are for dogs with a short coat like huskies. If the shock collar has both contact points it means you can train different dogs using the same by just changing the contact points.
  • How long does the battery charge last-This is very important especially for professional dog trainers who spend the whole day training.
  • Is there a warranty on the shock collar?-These are electronic devices and some may come fault. It is the responsibility of the company to replace the device.
  • Customer service-You can understand if the company offers good customer service by checking reviews and getting to know what other customers are saying. Does the customer care solve complains fast?
  • Are there extra features-Some collars come with extra features like LED lights which act as a safety feature to make your dog visible at night.

Best shock collar for Shih Tzu

Here are some of the top-rated training collar for tsitzu.

Garmin Delta XC Bundle

Garmin Delta XC Bundle review picture
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With proven Tri-Tronics technology, this is the only way to control your dog with ease. Once you purchase Garmin delta XC remote training collar you will have two contact points i.e. long and short. You will choose the correct size depending on your dog coat.

Garmin Delta XC has stimulation levels that are improved and this e-collar is suitable for field or home training. There are different versions of Garmin collars you can choose from i.e. Delta XC, Sport XC suitable for sporting activities and Upland XC suitable for hunting in the upland.

Key features

  • The LCD display is easy to read.
  • Three Handled button controllers that are intuitive.
  • Tone and vibration stimulation levels up to 18.
  • One short and one long contacts points that are replaceable.
  • Capable of training up to three dogs.
  • Training range up to ½ mile.
  • Comes with rechargeable long-lasting lithium-ion batteries.

Package contains

  • Garmin Delta XC Bundle i.e. collar and remote.
  • Garmin Delta XC charger.
  • Two contacts point i.e. long and short.
  • Manual

How to use Garmin Delta XC

Once the collar is shipped to you, first open the box and read carefully the Garmin delta XC manual before you can start working with the device.

Have the dog wear the collar for one week before you can start the training. If your dog needs short or long contacts points, you can choose what is best for him. Also, make sure you fully charge the lithium-ion batteries in order to check if Garmin delta XC charger is working properly.

Understand all the safety features and functionalities of each button. Take note of stimulation levels and make sure you set the lowest level. Sometimes these devices do not work as required, for example, they can fail to pair. This is how you troubleshoot.

Garmin Delta XC troubleshooting

Garmin delta system has two main devices i.e. handheld remote and neck collar. The two come paired and ready to be used in dog training. If they fail to work, below are steps you can take to troubleshoot.

  1. Ensure both handheld remote and neck collar are fully charged.
  2. Power both devices.
  3. On the LED display screen, select TVM training mode.
  4. Press on the Top training key.
  5. Take time and wait for the light in the neck collar to turn solid or wait to hear admit tone on the collar.
  6. In case, the collar is not responding press on the collar selection key.
  7. Repeat step 6 until you make sure you have attempted all three-collar options.
  8. If they completely fail to pair, you can refer to owner’s manual that details more on how to pair collar and remote.

Otherwise, if the collar has a light or tone response you should know they two devices are paired and working properly.

Dogtra 200c

dogtra 200c reviews
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This is the most reliable dog-training collar perfectly made for changing and modifying dog behavior. Dogtra 200c training collar is suitable for obedience training, detection and it is a reliable waterproof system capable of training in the rain.

Dogtra 200c cannot be used to train stubborn dogs but can be useful when training dogs with mild and medium temperaments. Collar sensitivity can be adjusted using Rheostat dial and switch between dogs easily.

Other extra features in this collar include-

  • Pager vibration for sending non-stimulating vibration to capture dog attention.
  • You can positively reinforce dog already learned commands using PetsTek training clicker and dog treats.

Key Features

  • Training range up to ½ mile.
  • Variable stimulation levels up to 100 adjustable levels.
  • Compact receiver perfect for all dog sizes i.e. small, large and medium.
  • Three  training modes
  • Medium and low stimulation level for training sensitive small dogs like Shih Tzu.
  • Waterproof collar receiver and remote.
  • Lithium polymer batteries that take only 2 hours to charge.
  • Contact points are enhanced for a different dog coat.
  • Perfect for a dog with a neck size between 6-24 inches.
  • Their USA customer service is readily available to help you.

Package Contains

  • Dogtra 200c charger
  • Two collar receivers.
  • Collar transmitter.
  • Two splitter cables.
  • PetsTEK Training Clicker.
  • Dogtra 200c manual 

Petspy p620

Petspy p620 dog training shock collar review
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If you are a professional dog trainer or pet owner, who is amateur to training dog, Petspy p620 is the right collar for correcting dog behavior and instilling good etiquette. The collar is easy to use and once you purchase it will take you very few days and you will be perfect in dog training. The company behind Petspy training collar believe that dog training is not only about canine it is also about teaching the owner how the dog thinks and by doing so you can do better in training.

Key Features

  • Three different training modes i.e. Electric Shock, Vibration and Beep trainer
  • Stimulation adjustable levels up to 16.
  • Rechargeable receiver and remote.
  • 100% waterproof.
  • Buttons are easy to distinguish therefore easy to operate.
  • Capable of training dog up to 650 yards.
  • All breed size between 10 and 140 lbs.
  • Perfect for correcting dog barking, leash pulling and jumping on strangers.
  • Dual quick charging adapter with split cables.
  • Made using premium quality material and it is comfortable on the dog neck.
  • Comes with free dog training eBook.
  • Lifetime replacement warranty.

Pet resolve dog training collar

Pet resolve dog training collar
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Pet resolve is the company behind some of the best dog training collars available in the market. Their products are high quality and they have awesome customer support that is always ready to respond to all your queries 24/7.

Very few companies are able to keep their promise but that has been easy for Pet Resolve. The prices are fair and any customer can afford Pet resolve dog training collar.

Key Features

  • Waterproof collar, therefore, you will have peace of mind if your dog love to swim.
  • Has a long-lasting Lion battery.
  • Takes only 2 hours to charge.
  • Has a 2-year warranty.
  • Comes with a free e-book.
  • Good customer service.
  • Money-back guarantee.


Reviewed above are some of the best collar for Shih Tzu puppy and adult training. I hope you will be able to pick the right one depending on your budget. However, I cannot end this post without answering some of the question dog owners ask about Shih Tzu training, etc.

What the right Shih Tzu collar size

What the right Shih Tzu collar size
Shih Tzu Puppy running:Image source https://unsplash.com

Dog training collars come in variable sizes and they are capable of adjusting to fit different dog sizes however, there are some collars that are custom made to fit small dogs like Shih Tzu and pugs.

In addition to that collars have details that specify the dog size. For example, you should look for collars that are rated for dogs weighing 8lbs and more and the neck size should be between 6 inches and 28 inches.

If you are looking for a Shih Tzu puppy collar you should have in mind he will grow bigger with time. A fully-grown Shih Tzu weighs between 9 -16 lbs. and neck size around 12 inches. For adult shih Tzu, make sure you measure his neck size before purchasing the collar.

Are shock collars humane or safe for use with dogs?

There is a lot of controversy behind the use of dog shock collars. Many studies have been done checking on the effectiveness of shock collars. According to americanveterinarian.com wrong use of shock collars can increase fear in dog, aggression and even helplessness, therefore, if you are going to use remote electronic collars you need to make sure you are using it correctly.

Shock collars can be humane and safe if you do the following:-

  • Make sure you get advice from a professional vet before buying an e-collar.
  • Before operating, an E-collar makes sure you read the manual and training guide so that you can understand the safety features in the device.
  • Wear the collar on the dog neck for at least one week before you can begin training your pet.
  • Do research on different ways of training your dog’s safely and effectively. There are different commands that can be reinforced using remote collars however you should make sure you have introduced your dog to the commands first.
  • Most companies put dog safety as their first priority. They may be expensive but safer to use. Established companies like Sport dog, Dogtra and Garmin make the best dog shock collars that are safe for all pet sizes.
  • Keenly monitor how your dog responds to the use of shock. If your dog becomes aggressive, take off the collar and find other ways of training. Remote electronic collars are not suitable for training dogs that turn out to be aggressive otherwise they can injure you.

How to train a Shih Tzu puppy to sit

When you bring your Shih Tzu puppy home, the first command to train him/her should be “sit”. It very easy and you do not need any magic and you do not have to be a professional dog trainer.

Training sit command can be done in different scenarios for at least 2 or 3 minutes for a repeated number of days until he gets familiar with the command. For example, you can train “sit” command:-

  • During the mealtime.
  • When attaching a leash.
  • During grooming time like brushing and nail clipping.
  • Other times of day while taking a walk etc.


  1. Stand in front of him holding his favorite food treat on the thumb. Make sure your hand is above his head otherwise he can bite your hand.
  2. Move the treat over his head to make sure the dog can smell the treat. He will automatically point his head up and his backside will touch the floor. Once he is in that position, looking happy and with an exciting voice, say “Good, Sit” and then offer him the treat.
  3. If he does not sit down, you can push the leash upwards and make sure his back touches the floor. Release the leash and again an exciting voice, say, “Good, Sit”.
  4. Once he sits, wait for a few seconds before you reward him. Never reward him if he does not sit.
  5. Next step is pairing the sit command with hand signal pointing to the floor. Always make sure you reward him when he does what is right.

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