Dog weight vest guide: How to pick the right one

Weighted Dog Vest
Weighted Dog Vest: How To Pick The Right one

Are you looking for a weighted dog vest? You are in the right place. In this article, we will review weight vest for dogs available in the market.

You may have seen a dog wearing a piece of cloth and think it is for attaching a leash but it could be a dog weighted vest. Weight vest for dogs has two main uses. They can be used to build dog muscles and burn dog excess calories especially if the dog is overweight.

Another use of dog weight vest is to tire the dog so that when you arrive home it remains calm. It is important also to note that dog vest cannot be used with dogs that are under 2 years old. This is because the additional weight on a younger dog can lead to joint and muscle problems.

Large breed dogs like pit-bull and Rottweilers are the ones that mostly use weighted shirts for dogs; however, it is recommendable to use with other dog breeds to build their muscles and make them strong.

Here is a quick preview of best weight vest for dogs

Preview Name Key Features Check Prize
Xdog vest Fitness Vest for Dogs
Help in building dog muscles
Combat dog obesity and anxiety
Help to improve dog health and exercise
Light weight and breathable dog vest
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Leerburg  Weighted Dog Vest Leerburg Weighted Dog Vest Designed with dog safety in mind
Double stitched with cordura denier fabric
Made for bulding dog muscles
Perfect for burning excess fat in dominant and aggressive dogs
Check Prize on Amazon
One tigris tactical dog vest One tigris tactical dog vest Comes with detachable pouches for carrying extra gear
Interior is mesh for comfort and ventilation
Metallic leash clip for effective dog control
Check Prize on Amazon
ICEFANG Tactical Dog Vest ICEFANG Tactical Dog Vest Water Resistant Coating
Soft padded ventilate mesh
Soft padded ventilate mesh
100% Nylon Webbing,thread

Check Prize on Amazon
Ruffwear Approach Dog Backpack Ruffwear Approach Dog Backpack Efficient load carrying
Comfortable and durable
Comfortable handle offer balance and load dispersion
Has non-slip straps
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Canine Weighted Dog Vest Canine Weighted Dog Vest Weight dog vest for building strength
Help to lower dog anxiety
Complete waterproof and machine washable
Check Prize on Amazon

What to look for in a weighted dog vest?

Just like Dog Training Collars, you have to be careful when buying a weighted dog collar. Keep the following in mind before making a purchase.

  • Your Dog size-Make sure you get a vest that is adjustable and can be resized to fit your dog. You can first measure your dog with a tape measure to get your dog actual size. Ensure the vest fits and does not strain the dog.
  • Weights for dogs-Buy enough dog weights that will challenge him. The weights should be 10-20% of the dog total body weight.
  • Padding material-A good weight vest for dog should be made of a material that is padded so that the vest can be comfortable on your dog. A well-padded vest will protect your dog from injuries during training.
  • Evenly distributed multiple pockets-Look for a vest that has multiple pockets so that you can add more weight whenever there is a need. The pockets have to be evenly distributed to ensure the weight does not concentrate in one area of dog body hence causing injuries.

Dog weight vest detailed review

Xdog vest

Xdog vest
Click this image to check the price

The Xdog weight vest is a fitness dog vest that can help in improving dog health. Using this vest, you achieve the goal of having a physically fit dog because it increases dog performance when exercising.

In addition, Xdog vest can help in calming and reducing anxiety in different situations encountered by the dog. In case you are looking for the best dog weight vest, I would recommend you pick Xdog vest because it made for all dog breeds e.g. Rottweilers, pit bulls, Labradors, German Shepherds, etc.

Why Xdog is best pitbull weight vest

  • They have safe and comfortable weight bags that you can fill with sand, unlike other weight vests that use metal bar weights.
  • Made using a material that is lightweight, durable and breathable.
  • The vest is waterproof meaning you can exercise in any weather condition.
  • Weights properly placed to avoid spine injuries.
  • Suitable for all dog breeds.
  • Comfortable fit the dog and remains in place during the training.

Leerburg Weighted Dog Vest

Leerburg Weighted Dog Vest
Click this image to check the price

The Leerburg dog vest designers had two goals in their mind i.e. build muscle and make dog stronger through exercise. Another goal is to ensure excess energy in aggressive dogs is burnt.

These dog vests are made using heavy fabric. The underside of the vest, upper back and shoulder are lined with faux sheepskin, which makes it comfortable.

What makes Leerburg dog vest stand out from the rest

  • The vest has individual pockets where you can add 1-pound weight.
  • A number of pockets in each vest varies; you can pick a vest with 10  pockets, which can take 10 weights for stronger big dogs. Others have eight pockets. It is recommendable to introduce the vest to the dog without any weights.
  • This vest was designed with dog safety in mind.

Onetigris dog vest

Onetigris dog vest
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 The Onetigris tactical dog vest is for pet owners who love to take their dogs out for walks. If you always have to carry dog treats and water, One Tigris dog vest makes it easy for you and your dog.

The vest has detachable pouches. You can add dog food and other treats inside these pouches hence adding some weight on the vest while still making your walk comfortable since your hands are free.

Inside the vest, it has a soft material that cannot hurt your dog fur. This vest is the best for outdoor activities like jogging, running, hunting and hiking.

Why you should choose One Tigris dog vest

  • Easy to get on and off the dog.
  • Made using 1000D nylon.
  • Has three detectable pouches for carrying dog treats.
  • Interior has a mesh, therefore, it’s more comfortable and well ventilated.
  • Has metal leash clip and handle for effective control of the dog.

ICEFANG Tactical Dog Vest

ICEFANG Tactical Dog Vest
Click this image to check the price

 To meet customer needs, Icefang works closely with pet owners, dog trainers, and lovers. All their new products are tested by customers first before production begin. It is because of this reason why ICEFANG Tactical Dog Vest is one of the best dog weights for pit bulls. One year ago before my pit-bull (Brutus) died, I bought this vest and it was perfect for walking and jogging with him.

Key Features

  • Made using 1050D nylon.
  • The outer coat is water-resistant.
  • Has soft padded ventilated mesh.
  • Durable handle that is large enough therefore easy to grab harness while walking the dog.
  • Custom-fit, hence, it does not rub dog fur.

Ruffwear Approach Dog Backpack

Ruffwear Approach Dog Backpack
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The Approach Pack is for pet owners who love to travel with their dogs. The vest has saddlebag, which can be used to carry essentials needed during a hiking trip. It is made using durable, lightweight material, which is padded to make it comfortable on the dog back.

It also comes with an integrated harness that has reflective trim, which allows you to monitor your dog movement in a foggy or dusty environment. In addition, Ruffwear backpack also has non-slip straps that are easy to adjust and secure. The pads also disperse the load making it easy and comfortable for the dog to lift.

Canine weight vest

Picture of dog wearing Canine weight vest
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This is one of the heaviest and effective weighted dog vest available on the market. It’s twice heavy more than any other vests. The sandbags are 2lbs. The weights are included in the vests, unlike other vests where you have to buy metal pellets to make the vests heavy.

Canine Vest Features:

  • To build maximum strength, the weight is distributed evenly in front and back of the legs.
  • Weights in the outside pockets do not touch the dog body to ensure the dog has coordinated and balanced movement.
  • Has a padded strap for comfort on the dog torso.
  • Helps in improving dog health and strength.

Importance of dog weights vest

 Dog Weights Vest
Dog in front of a house

Weight lifting in the gym does not only build muscles but is a great form of exercise and is also a way of relieving stress. The same applies to dogs. Below are the benefits of using a weighted jacket for dogs

Helps to calm extra active dogs.

If you are having a hard time keeping up with your active dog, which keeps, dragging you while taking a walk, adding extra weight on this back will help to slow him. The weight will also make him exercise and build muscles.

Help to calm anxious dogs

Does your dog get anxious in situations that he should not be? For example, jumping when he/she sees a visitor? Adding some extra weight on his back can help in keeping him calm in any situation that makes him anxious.

Increases dog exercise

If your canine friend is obese, consider buying a weight vest. Running your dog while wearing a weight vest can help in burning excess fat and get back him on a healthy track again. According to, exercise is fun to dogs even though to human beings it is not fun, therefore, dogs can exercise more using weight vests and they can like it.


Correcting dog bad behavior

Dog aggression, destruction, and other unwanted behaviors go hand in hand and can be corrected by exercising to make him get tired Adding a weight vest ensure you push the dog to its threshold and he will not portray any unwanted behavior.

Improves the functioning of dog cardiovascular system

In case you do not takes your dog out for walks on a daily basis, using weight vests can help strain his cardiovascular muscles for even a short walk. Therefore, your dog will have enough exercise despite taking fewer walks.

How to make a dog weight vest

If you want to make your own dog weight vest, watch below video and follow the steps.

Where can I buy a weight vest for dogs

Wondering where to buy weight vest for dogs? Above reviewed vests are available online and you can purchase them from Amazon. They will ship the product on time and it will come with a money-back guarantee and warranty if you purchase from an authorized dealer.

How much weight should I put in my dog backpack?

Wondering how much weight you should add in a weighted backpack for dogs. Before even you can think of adding weight in the backpack for dogs, first determine the dog weight. Then get the correct weight of the weight vest without anything inside. A dog with health problems, cannot take more weight in the vest. They can just use the weight, which the vest has. For young dogs which look more energetic and vibrant, they can possibly take 10% to 12 % of their body weight.

It is important to seek veterinarian advice who can examine your dog health and advice you depending on your dog breed, energy level, and fitness. Always have a scale that you can use to verify the weight your dog is caring.


Dog weight vests are not made to harm or injure your canine friend but to improve their health and well being. Correct use of weighted vests to help in keeping your dog physically fit especially those that don’t get enough exercise on a daily basis. Always consult a pet officer before starting to use a homemade dog weight vest because they can be not up to the required standard.


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