Wired vs Wireless dog fence: Which type is the best for your dog?

Wired vs Wireless dog fence
Wired vs Wireless dog fence : Which type is the best for your dog?

Wired vs Wireless dog fence: Which type is the best for your dog? .This is the question every dog owner asks whenever he or she wants to confine the best four-legged friend in a safe place. For people living in the city where yards and parks are shared, using a leash is the only option; however, this is different for people who have their own yards. You can consider using a wooden or chain fence.

In case you have some vegetables or want to restrict your dog from accessing some areas of the yard, you will have to partition the dog area using either a wired or wireless dog fence.

Today you can spend a few dollars to purchase the best wireless dog fence, unlike olden days when people used to build walls.

Mostly widely used dog fences are wireless pet fence and wired in-ground or underground dog fences. To make the right decision, you need to compare between the two. Below is detailed comparison wireless vs wired dog fence systems.

Wired vs Wireless dog fence

Types of collars

Wireless fence collars     

  • They are heavier than wired collars.
  • Have two pairs of contact points for long and shorthaired dogs.
  • The collars have different stimulation levels up to five.
  • Different training modes.

Wired fence collars

  • Wired fence collars are lighter.
  • They come with one pair of contact points.
  • No variable static shock stimulation levels.

Purchasing cost

Quality wireless fence such as extreme dog fence or Pet Safe Wireless dog fence will cost you not less than $200.In case you will need to contain more dogs in the system, you will be required to purchase more collars. You will also spend more on buying batteries.

Wired fences will you almost the same amount but you will not incur more cost of purchasing extra dog collars or replaceable lithium batteries. Therefore, between the two-wired vs wireless dog fence In terms of purchasing cost, a wired fence is cheaper.

Installation cost and ease

Wireless dog fences are easy to install and require no cost. They are DIY and you set them anywhere even in a public park or a yard. This is not the same for wired dog fences. If you will prefer burying the wired fence in the ground so that it does not damage, you will incur an extra cost of paying people to dig the trenches. The cost will vary depending on the place where you live.


If you are looking for a dog fence that is portable and can be carried anywhere, wireless dog fences are the best. They are light and you can carry them inside your bag. Consider purchasing wired fence if you have a permanent resident with your own backyard.

Maintenance cost

Maintaining a wireless fence system is cheaper. If the collar or receiver has problems, repairing is a few dollars. In addition, some of the best dog training collars come with a 1-year warranty and 24/7 customer service support. I always recommend my readers to buy Sport Dog collars because they are versatile and easy to use them for puppy training or gun dog training.

A small problem with a wired dog fence may require you to dig the whole wire and replace it with a new one because tracing the place with a problem can be hard.

Signal strength

Signal strength and interference can be a problem when it comes to using wireless dog fence. Several wireless fences in the same surrounding can interfere with each other because their frequency will overlap. Error margin in a wireless fence system is 0.5 to 2 for a 200-diameter area.

Wired pet fence error margin for the whole boundary is around 0.25%. There is no signal interference if you install wired underground dog fences.

Containment area

Pet owners, who have no knowledge about wireless pet fence, search for rectangle wireless dog fence or wireless dog fence rectangular yard when they want to make a purchase. What they do not know is that most wireless fence systems cover a circular area up to 250 feet depending on the mode. However, you can cover more area and create any shape using extra transmitters. For example, if you are using Pet safe wireless fence systems, you can combine two or more transmitters.

Wired in-ground pet fence or wired underground pet fence can cover a large area and can be made to take the shape of your yard or land. The wired dog fence is best for covering a large area. Therefore, comparing wired vs wireless dog fence in terms of the area contained, wired pet fence is the best for large yards.

Featured top best dog fence reviews

wooden dog fence
Dog peeping through a wooden fence: Credits  Janko Felic: Pexels.com

It will be unfair if I do not review at least one of the best wireless fence for dogs and one best-wired fence for dogs.

Best wireless dog fence

We considered a dog fence that has GPS when we choose the best wireless dog fence. Gps capability makes it possible to track your dog location in the containment area. Below is our pick for the best GPS wireless dog fence.

Editor's pick for Best GPS Wireless Dog Fence.

Dog Expedition Patrol GPS System 

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Dog Expedition Patrol GPS System   Key Features

  • This is the perfect for dog owners who want to track their dog location in a containment system.
  • It is a portable system and 100 % wireless.
  • The fence operating range is up to 800-yards.
  • The best for use at the camp, home, park or trips to any place.
  • The Dog Expedition Patrol GPS system also has abilities for remote training your dog.
  • It’s the best GPS wireless dog fence because it gives a piece of mind and your dog is free to roam.

Best wired dog fence

Editor's pick for Best-wired Dog fence

Sport DOG In-Ground Fence System

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Key Features in SportDog In-ground dog fence

  • It has different levels of shock stimulation up to four.
  • Two training modes i.e. tone and vibration.
  • It can cover up to 1 1/3 acres including wire and flags.
  • The fence system is expandable up to 100 acres.
  • The collar receiver is 100% water-resistant.
  • You can include any number of dogs if you buy extra collar receivers.
  • It has Anti-linger feature.

Related Questions

Here are questions related to wired vs wireless dog fence topic.

How effective are wireless dog fences?

Every pet owner who loves his pooch must ask this very important question before buying a wireless dog fence. Statistics show that wireless dog fences are 70% effective. Some people argue that invisible electric dog fences have visible effects on the dog. It makes the dog more aggressive because of the shock.

In addition, an electric wireless dog fence does not prevent other animals from invading the containment area. They cannot be used to confine dogs that are less than 6 months. The transmitter also does not have lightning protection Therefore it risky to operate on a rainy season.

Despite their drawbacks, a wireless dog fence has its advantages. First, they are portable and easy to set up.

In conclusion, how effective wireless dog fence can depend on how you will be using the system. Depending on your needs, a wireless fence can be effective or ineffective

What is the best wireless dog fence?

There are several types of wireless dog fences. Depending on your needs and budget, there are several options for you; therefore, you have to a checklist to pick the best wireless dog fence. For example,

Choosing best wireless dog fence guiding factors

  • The number of transmitters supported.
  • Wireless dog fence range.
  • Correction levels.
  • Training options.
  • The number of dogs the system can contain.

Do wireless dog fences work on hills?

The answer is yes.

Wireless dog fences can work in any type of terrain. All you need to do is just adjust the transmitter position and the system will work fine.


Your choice between wired vs wireless dog fence should be factor driven. Pick the system that best suits your needs. Also remember your dog safety and comfort is paramount, that the reason why we take time to review best dog products. Here are some other review posts.

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